Grow Up to Be a Power Ranger: Dreams and Cosplay

When tech and gaming writer Sm1tty Sm1t [sic], aka Josh Smith, took a photo of his son Kaleb on the first day of school he was only doing what every other parent on the Internet has done: capture a milestone of childhood and then share it with the world. It’s what we do. Little did he know the impact his photo would have or the depths of inspiration that the Internet would provide.

Sometimes the Internet surprises you.

First, some backstory: You have probably seen people that dress up in elaborate homemade costumes based on their favorite sci-fi and fantasy characters at your local Comic-Con. That’s called cosplay (from “costume play”). It’s a thing.

When Smith put his son’s photo on the popular sharing site Reddit it caught the eye of the cosplay community. Why? Take a look at the fine print on Kaleb’s photo (below). He wants to be a Power Ranger when he grows up. Now that’s a goal. When I was his age I wanted to be a stop sign, and that didn’t catch the eye of anybody.

The cosplay community noticed Kaleb’s dream, and they responded. What followed was downright inspirational.

  • Age 4: The Dreamer 1 of 16

    This is Kaleb, age 4, on his first day of school. He is dreaming big.

  • The Reader 2 of 16

    Keep reading and never give up!

    You've got to love the plug for literacy. It's great advice!

  • The Employer 3 of 16

    We'll hold a spot in the command center for you.

    Kaleb already has job offers.

  • The Self-Help Guru 4 of 16

    Always be yourself and never give up on your dreams!

    That's good advice for all of us.

  • The Focused One 5 of 16

    Never give up on your dreams!! Always be yourself, and never let anyone take your dreams from you!!

    This hits on some real truth. We all know a dream-killer. Don't let them get to you.

  • The Living Proof 6 of 16

    Look at me!? I'm a Power Ranger! Never thought I would ever be one but this shows that "DREAMS" come true! PLUS MORE!!!

    Look for examples of those that have reached their dreams and let them inspire you to reach your own!

  • The Get Up & Go Go 7 of 16

    The first rule of being a samurai is... Never give up!

    Rangers together, samurai forever!

    Giving up is for suckers.

  • The Back Watcher 8 of 16

    I hear from my friends, the Power Rangers, that you would like to join them when you grow up. Stay focused on your dreams, and the Kamen Riders will always have your back.

    A good friend is a great ally. And this helmet rules.

  • The Believer 9 of 16

    Nothing is impossible just so long as you never give up.

    That means everything is possible. It's all wide-open.

  • The Fashionista 10 of 16

    Don't give up on your dream! You can be anything you want to be!

    (Besides, Power Rangers have the coolest clothes!)

    Dress for success, kids!

  • The Prophet 11 of 16

    Hold onto your dreams and they will come true!

    May the odds be always in your favor.

  • The Marine 12 of 16

    When you work hard... Dreams Come True!!

    And there it is: Hard work. That's important, too.

  • The Poet 13 of 16

    Dream on little Dreamer
    This is how it all begins.

    Every dream has got to begin somewhere.

  • The Words to Live By 14 of 16

    Just remember, nothing is impossible.

    Study hard, respect your elders, love your family and friends, keep away from bad things and when you grow up, you will become the hero that you always wanted to be.

    Keep on dreaming and believing!

    Education, respect, love, good decisions... this is sound advice.

  • The Support Center 15 of 16

    Follow your dreams and don't let anyone stop your or tell you that you can't do something!

    Life is full of naysayers. Don't pay them any mind.

  • The Amazing Spider-Man 16 of 16

    So I hear you want to be a Power Ranger when you grow [up]. I think that is an AMAZING dream to have and I wish you the best of luck. Just remember that with great power, comes great responsibility! Maybe you and me can team up sometime? Stay in school and be kind to others!

    Your friend,

    Dude, that's freaking Spider-Man! Awesome.

Photos used by permission from Josh Smith

Article Posted 3 years Ago
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