Halloween Fun!


On Sunday, we’re not just celebrating Halloween – we’re also celebrating Axel’s third birthday a day early by throwing an at-home carnival complete with popcorn, tattoos (temporary), and free kisses (from Jonas).  This week has been a flury of preparation, making the carnival games, collecting things for favors, and putting finishing touches on Halloween costumes.

Axel chose to be an astronaut, or a spaceman, or a spacenaut.  Whatever you call it, it’s someone who goes into space and goes to the moon, and eats lots of snacks while in the spaceship.


Jonas decided to be a train engineer.  I’d decided he was going to wear Axel’s old lion costume, but Jonas’ love for stuffed animals is apparently restricted to stuffed animals that aren’t on his own head.  He did not like the fuzzy lion costume, so we rapidly changed to train engineer, AKA toddler who hates hates wearing striped overalls.



The hat lasted sixty seconds.

We gave the costume a test run on Friday and visited Trick or Treat Street at the local Children’s Museum, with Axel’s best buddy Mateo.  


 This is what it looks like when two kids figure out that “Trick or Treat” means getting candy.

For party favors, I melted crayons and poured them into candy molds. 


 Now, I’m off to make cupcakes and felt fish.  

Happy Halloween!

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