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I’m always amazed at the ability of middle class American women to over analyze and over-parent. Raising happy kids is not brain surgery: less ‘Baby Bach’ training and more snuggling, less parental hovering  and more free time to play outside, less scheduled deadlines and more time to explore.

Of course, we can’t control everything with our  kids (darn it!)  and we can’t really ‘make’ anyone else happy. But we can provide an environment that is emotionally stable, model happiness in our own lives and give lots of opportunities to have fun and laugh.

The boys helped me choose this week’s funnies. The boys guarantee laughter, happiness and blowing snot out of at least one person’s nose.  Everyone from babies to moody teens will be forced to have fun despite themselves.:)

If you can’t laugh at a giant kangaroo knocking the snot out of this poor photographer, what can you laugh at together?
"Funny Pic" "Kangaroo hits man"

I love this dude.




















I feel so sorry for this dog. I must be a terrible person because I laughed until I cried. The husband and big boys found this hysterical. I’m just glad the little boys can’t read…>
"funny pics"





















That poor, poor dog. (shakes head)

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(That keeps the drunk octopus from being so fighty.)

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