Has Your Period Changed Post-Childbirth?


I’m super excited to announce that Kristen Howerton and I have a new weekly video series called “Mama Said” here at Babble. Kristen and I met through blogging a few years ago, and our families have become good friends over the course of many, many playdates here in Southern California. One thing that has become a constant with us is our love of chatting/bitching/wondering about all things mothering and parenthood, and we thought maybe you’d like to join in. So, grab a snack! Or a beer. Beer is good.

Lady friends, what is UP with my post-childbirth menstrual cycle? The mood swings, the ovulation pain, the estrogen sensitivity, the cramps….it’s all insane, and completely different than before I had kids. And it seems I’m not the only one – tons of my friends are having the same issues, Kristen included. This week, we tackle the elusive menstrual cycle post-kiddos. Take a look.

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