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Serge Bielanko spent nearly 15 years living in a van and cheap motel rooms as a guitarist/songwriter in a rock-n-roll band called Marah, before turning to marriage, parenthood, and writing. For the past several years, he has written about the humorous side of being a dad and a husband on his personal blog, Thunder Pie. In addition to writing daily for Babble Dad and Babble Voices (He Said/She Said), his writing has appeared in places like Esquire magazine and The Huffington Post. Nowadays, this 41-year-old dude spends way too much time working on his first book in his garage in central Pennsylvania, where he chases trout, drinks beer, and lives with his wife, the writer, Monica Bielanko, and their two kids, Violet and Henry.

Quitting Facebook Will Ruin Your Life

I was away from Facebook just a matter of hours, all told, but I felt like a part of me had died. You can laugh at that if you want to, I don’t give a crap. I’m pathetic and I know it. But so is the rest of the world, buddy.


Here Comes the Son: The Bielanko Family Home Birth Live Blog

We’re just going to write about a family getting ready to meet a little boy somewhere in between all of these beat-up bookshelves and frying pans, somewhere amid all of these plastic dinosaurs that live on our floors. We’re just going to take a stab at telling one of the coolest stories we will probably ever get to tell.


Why I Wasn’t Ready for a Modern Marriage

Are you one of those people investing a slew of time into making your own marriage work, and thrive? Because, I have to say, that sure hasn’t been me.

pink heart lined paper

SCHMOOPY! 7 of the Worst Love Letters & Notes Ever Written

Just about every woman dreams about being on the receiving end of an epic love letter. The kind of stuff that can make a gal weak in the knees, word creations that let her know she is the one and only in her guy’s life. I suppose a guy enjoys a well-crafted missive from that MORE »

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