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Heather Spohr is a writer and philanthropist who writes at the blog The Spohrs Are Multiplying. She is a top fundraiser for the March of Dimes and the President and Co-Founder of Friends Of Maddie, a charitable organization that supports the families of critically ill babies in Neonatal Intensive Care Units. She has spoken at numerous conferences, on CNN, and before members of Congress.


What My 4-Year-Old Loves About Baseball

Today is opening day of the baseball season, which is pretty much a national holiday in my house. Baseball was one of the first things my husband Mike and I bonded over when we met, even though I’m a lifelong Los Angeles Dodgers fan and he’s a lifelong fan of their arch rival, The San MORE »

graduate spencer

The Cost Of College

I was recently talking to a friend who is sending her daughter to college in the fall, and I was shocked to learn it’s going to cost her and her husband 70k per year. Now, granted, her child will be going to a terrific (albeit traditionally expensive school) in one of the costliest parts of MORE »

first aid

Emergency Preparedness

The Southern California area has seen a slew of earthquakes over the last two weeks. This is nothing new — there are literally dozens of earthquakes here every day, we just don’t feel them. These earthquakes have been stronger than usual, resulting in some broken glass and water mains, and lots of jangled nerves. No matter your MORE »


Fun Workouts To Get You Out Of Your Winter Rut

After hibernating through the winter, when spring arrives I’m reminded it’s time to start getting active. I get bored at the gym fast, so I like to mix things up – otherwise I’d never exercise! Here are a few workouts I plan on trying this spring. SoulCycle I have friends that swear by SoulCycle, and they MORE »

twirly girl

The Nickname Game

My daughter Annie has always been good at making new friends. She’ll march right up to new kids and say, “Hi, my name is Annabel, do you want to play with me?” What she is not so good at is asking for the other kids’ names. I’ve gone over it with her a million times, but MORE »

my daughter is

Unpredictable Predictive Text

Does anyone else have fun with predictive text? You know, when you are on and you start to type in a search word or phrase, and Google auto-populates popular search terms. I usually have a google chuckle or two out of the suggestions, but recently I found a few search terms where the popular MORE »


The Best Baseball Movies For Families

If you’re a baseball fan, you’ve probably had February 26th circled on your calendar since last November – Spring Training starts tomorrow! Our family makes an annual trip to Arizona to take in Spring Training games, and we’re all very excited to watch our favorite teams warm up for the start of another year. My MORE »


My Kid’s School Banned Cupcakes

My birthday is in the summer, so I never grew up celebrating it in school with my classmates. I used to be jealous of the kids that got a cupcake in class. As I got older I realized that while they got to wear a birthday crown, they also had to go to school on their MORE »


My Daughter, The Master Manipulator

My daughter Annabel absolutely adores her father. There’s nothing she wouldn’t do for him. The feeling is mutual — my husband would do anything to get a happy smile or giggle out of our girl. And lately … our daughter has started using it to her advantage. It seemed cute at first. At bedtime a MORE »

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