Welcome to my home.

Our very imperfect house

I’m a homebody at heart.

Oh, sure, I love traveling and trips to nearby towns, but at the end of the day, the thing I want most is to putter around my own home with my family and friends. And I love the process of making a house a home. Some of my earliest memories involve curling up with an issue of Better Homes & Gardens and poring over the projects and photos.

But I have found that often home living magazines – and even some house blogs – can have a way of making us “regular” people feel dissatisfied with our own surroundings. They’re inspiring, sure, but often so…unattainable. What about those of us who want a beautiful kitchen but don’t have fifty grand to spend? And what if our appliances don’t even match (cough-me-cough)? What if we aren’t master DIY-ers or crafty enough to sew our own slipcovers? What if we’re an unexpected inheritance away from gleaming hardwood floors and need to learn to deal with the fraying, stained carpet with some creativity and a big dose of contentment? What if we’re less interested in the perfect organizing system and more concerned with finding one that works for us, or care less about making a gourmet meal and more about a meal our families will actually eat?

A glimpse of our decidedly un-designer kitchen.

On my blog The Happiest Mom (and in my book by the same name) I write about finding contentment and satisfaction as a mom, both by making small, practical changes that help our lives run more smoothly, and by embracing big attitude adjustments. This blog, At Home with The Happiest Mom, will be an extension of that philosophy, but all focused on home: the place where we live most of our lives. Some days I might be blogging about organizing a closet, and the next day, about cultivating gratitude for that drippy sink. Along the way I’m going to be sharing my home with you – the clean, the messy, and the hopelessly dated – and hopefully inspire you to share your “good enough” home with all of us, too.

If it has anything to do with home – cleaning it, decorating it, renovating it, or even enjoying it! – you may find it here. Sometimes with pretty pictures or cool project ideas to inspire. But always with a big dose of reality and perspective. You can create a beautiful, happy home no matter where you bought your sofa or whether your fridge is stainless or avocado. The feeling, the functionality, and the people are what really matter…(though sometimes a little bit of paint might help.)

Can’t wait to talk all about “home” with you.