Welcome To The Great Beauty Experiment!


Hello! And welcome to The Great Beauty Experiment!

What is this all about you may be wondering? Who is this Natalie person and does she have a degree in advanced cosmetics and beauty trends testing? Is she tall? Well. The answer to most of those questions is sadly no, but you can’t win them all, can you?

My name is Natalie and I’m just a girl. A girl’s girl. If a product promises me smoother skin, whiter teeth, brighter eyes, thicker hair, or can in some way help me fake it, I will buy it immediately. Hook, line and sinker. I’m somehow convinced, even after all this time, that the trick to unlocking my inner Gwyneth Paltrow is only one miracle product away. I’ll find it, I swear! Lotions and potions and treatments and regimens? I’m fascinated! But also, and rather contradictorily, I’m a bit of a minimalist. Or maybe I’m just lazy. But I really don’t care to spend a million years applying five layers of make up in the morning, and my hair routine has to come in at under ten minuets max and can’t involve a blow dryer ever or I’m out. Blow dryers stress me out. So I’m looking for the heavy hitters. I’m looking for the goods! I’m looking for the stuff that delivers. And I’m willing to try anything. So you don’t have to! Or so you can try it too and we can laugh about it together. You know, however.

So! Please accept this cordial invitation to come along with me on this great and grand and silly little beauty experiment. I’d love your ideas, your feedback, your opinions that are nicely and carefully worded because, you know, there are feelings on the line here… 😉 And if there are any products or ideas you’d like to see tested, PLEASE let a sister know. I am seriously, and in all honesty, down for just about anything. So long as it won’t give me cancer. We all have limits.

Past TGBE posts that are living elsewhere but should be included here for posterity: The Great Mascara Show Down, Would You Get A Facial (With Extractions?), and DIY Hair Extensions (sooooo fun, that one).

Future TGBE posts that I’m hard at work slaving away on (feel free to send inspiring thoughts and ideas!): In Which I Stop Washing My Hair (my scalp itches as I’m typing), The Best Of: BB Creams and Tinted Moisturizers, The Clarisonic Mia vs. the cheap-o Olay Brush (I have a verdict, I’m so excited about this one!), Perfume/Chemical Free Cosmetics for Sensitive Skin: Can It Be Done?, Bikini Waxes: Worse Than Childbirth? (um, no), Eyelash Growth Serums: Do They Work?, Would You Get: Lash Extensions?, How To Apply Fake Lashes Like A Rock Star, etc etc etc etc and etc. Seriously my bathroom is a mess these days.

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