Helping Every Family Have A Good Thanksgiving in 2013

Scary Mommy Nation

I’ve been flipping through lots of food magazines this past week … Bon Appetit, Saveur, and Food, to name a few. Their November and December issues are my favorite of the year, crammed as they always are with pie recipes and 101 different ways to use yams.

Each Thanksgiving in our house we stick with old stand-bys, like Camellia Grill‘s famous pecan pie (recipe here), which I’ve been eating since I was a child.  We also try to add one or two new things to the menu to mix it up a little.

I can’t think of a time when I had to worry whether I’d be able to get a turkey or provide food for my family for Thanksgiving. It’s hard to imagine what it must be like to watch everyone else get ready for the big holiday, to see cans of cranberry sauce piled high in the bins at the front of each grocery store or watch all the heartwarming ads on TV of families gathered around golden brown turkeys at dining tables and know that you can’t afford to be part of it.

Jill Smokler, who blogs at Scary Mommy, worries about the moms who are standing on the outside looking in. She kept hearing from readers who weren’t sure they’d be able to feed their families at all, much less be able to buy special items for a Thanksgiving meal. Smokler decided to do something about it so she started the Scary Mommy Thanksgiving Project, encouraging her enormous audience to donate money to supply dinners for their fellow Scary Mommies who were struggling. In the past two years, the Scary Mommy Thanksgiving Project has helped more than 600 families have a good Thanksgiving.

In 2013 Smokler is hoping to be able to support even more families. It’s easy to join in and supply a dinner for those in need. Just visit the Scary Mommy Thanksgiving Project donation page on Paypal and give what you can.  To support a whole family, donate $50. If you can’t give $50, give what you can and your donation will be paired up with others to meet the $50 amount needed for each family. One hundred percent of your donation will go to those in need.