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Yesterday marked  the eighth day of the federal government shutdown. A shutdown that will not end until the leaders of the House, the Senate and the Obama Administration can come to some kind of agreement on the budget, raising the debt ceiling and the Affordable Care Act. On the one hand, I am shocked that this didn’t happen sooner. This Congress and this administration aren’t exactly known for working together hand-in-hand. You will never see John Boehner and Barack Obama singing ‘Kumbaya’ around a fire. On the other hand, now that it is happening I am convinced that it will not end during my lifetime.

Despite my cynicism I do know that it will end. It HAS to end. This shutdown cannot go on forever and this inability for adults to have a conversation and compromise will have to come to an end sometime soon. I’ve followed Congress for years. I find C-SPAN to be a source of entertainment and while the House Rules Committee has brought on a few chuckles this is serious and tragic. The severity of the shutdown/debt ceiling fight is palpable and permeating throughout the country.

Which is probably why we’ve all gotten a little punchy. The ‘we’ I am referring to are the others like me; the nerds who follow politics closely and read polls and can identify Hal Rogers. Trust me when I say that I am not the only one who watches vote count and follows whip lists of members who would be willing to vote on a “clean” Continuing Resolution.

This pent-up frustration has led to eyerolls and arguing but yesterday it led to the #HipsterCongress hashtag on Twitter. I often say that my favorite thing about Twitter is the sense of being all in this together. I get joy (and sometimes deep sighs) when I can see immediate reactions to an event or, in the case of a trending silly hashtag, I feel like I’m not the only one who needs to find the funny in the absurd. Below are a few of my favorite tweets from yesterday. Enjoy.

  • @JohnDabkovich 1 of 10

    A hipster congress probably would crowd fund the government and crowd source legislation via Reddit.

  • @JesseBerney 2 of 10

    Next up, legislation on the many ways one can tie said scarf.

  • @AKMcQuade 3 of 10

    And on Thursdays they wear skinny skinny jeans.

  • @SavannahGuthrie 4 of 10

    I love that NBC's Savannah Guthrie got into it. Sometimes it's better to laugh than cry.

  • @ShawnFleek 5 of 10

    Locally sourced, too.

  • @SaraLang 6 of 10

    The grains were purchased at the farmer's market.

  • @FlyoverJoel 7 of 10


  • @SnogVlog 8 of 10

    This is actually really sad: Six states have had to close their Head Start programs due to lack of funding. A billionaire couple has donated $10 million to help support this critical education program.

  • @HenryKraemer 9 of 10

    Hipster Congress is trying to find itself. It doesn't need your pressure.

  • @HilaryKwiatek 10 of 10

    And finally, my favorite. All of this. Yes.

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