Holiday Photos So Bad, They’re Good

The Secret to Holiday Photos So Bad They're Good
Holiday photos can be bad in a lot of ways; goofy facial expressions, twitchy smiles, a thumb in the frame, a hairdo that’s honestly a hairdon’t (or hairnever). These things just don’t come anywhere near cutting it though, if you want to win Gold in the crappy holiday photo Olympics!

Why would you want embarrassing moments of you looking terrible preserved in a photo? Oh please.

Did you miss the memo? BAD is the new GOOD. “Normal” photos that are “high-quality” and “pleasant to look at” are soooooo yesterday. Sheesh!

Plus, years from now, instead of gazing teary-eyed at old photos and whimpering about how great you once looked, instead you’ll feel like a bazillion bucks!

However, just like any art or skill, for some it comes easy. For so many others, getting wickedly bad holiday photos takes intense study and practice. To capture really terrible “family secret” holiday memories, worthy of both Internet ridicule and delight, have a look at these examples of people doing them so bad, they’re good.

nggallery id=19

  • Kaleidoscope 1 of 25
    It is not possible for the mind to fully process this photo. Credit:
  • Dressing Up 2 of 25
    Dressing Up
    At least he's warning us? That's gotta count for something. Right? Credit:
  • The Family Tree 3 of 25
    The Family Tree
    What you can't see (or smell) is that everyone is wearing over a hundred pine-scented car fresheners under their clothes for added effect. Credit:
  • Awkwardness Showdown 4 of 25
    Awkwardness Showdown
    Who's more uncomfortable taking this picture together? St. Nick or the Goth Squad? Credit:
  • Reindeer in the Headlights 5 of 25
    Reindeer in the Headlights
    Maybe these two couldn't have human kids. Credit:
  • Balloons 6 of 25
    'Tis the season to… wait…. WTF is it the season for again!?! Credit:
  • Big Foot 7 of 25
    Big Foot
    They found Big Foot. And killed him to upholster their couch. Credit:
  • Storytelling 8 of 25
    They say a picture is worth a thousand words. This one may need a gag order. Credit:
  • Ugly Winter Sweaters 9 of 25
    Ugly Winter Sweaters
    It's almost like a rainbow. If you took a rainbow and fed it to a troll and then let the digestive process work it's magic. Credit:
  • Holiday Creature 10 of 25
    Holiday Creature
    ...Not a creature was stirring except... for... um... a monkey? Credit:
  • Psycho Santa 11 of 25
    Psycho Santa
    Is it just me? Or does this Santa look like the dressed up mummy of Norman Bates?
  • Overachievers 12 of 25
    The kids' present this year was no pressure to win. But just for Christmas day. Credit:
  • Star Wars Trek 13 of 25
    Star Wars Trek
    "This photo is indeed illogical." -Spock Credit:
  • The Perfect Storm 14 of 25
    The Perfect Storm
    Synchronize eyelids in 3... 2... 1... Credit:
  • Thank you, thankyouverymuch 15 of 25
    Thank you, thankyouverymuch
    Elvis always adds a touch of class and sophistication to any occasion. Credit:
  • Great Idea 16 of 25
    Great Idea
    "If I lay down behind you, then it will look like I'm NAKED." -This Guy Credit:
  • Um 17 of 25
    Even the dog knows that this is somehow very wrong. Credit:
  • Gumpy Santa 18 of 25
    Gumpy Santa
    It's hard to tell if Santa needs a drink or needs to stop drinking. Credit:
  • Duelling Bellies 19 of 25
    Duelling Bellies
    He's simultaneously winning and losing. Credit:
  • The Perfect Pose 20 of 25
    The Perfect Pose
    Chiropractors cannot look at this photo for more than 2 seconds. Credit:
  • The Family That Soaks Together 21 of 25
    The Family That Soaks Together
    Coming to a theater near you! National Lampoon's Hot Tub Time Machine Family Vacation. Credit:
  • Rednecks 22 of 25
    They make horrible holiday photos look so effortless. Credit:
  • Evidence 23 of 25
    "I didn't do it. The box was warped." -This Kid Credit:
  • Nifty AND Thrifty 24 of 25
    Nifty AND Thrifty
    In tough economic times, any family with a needle and thread can simply raid the dumpster at a fabric or curtain store. Credit:
  • Booyah 25 of 25
    Bad holiday photo? NAILED IT!!! Credit:

So there! Whatever that was. There it was. Now you too are well on your way to amazingly bad holiday photos that can get stolen from your family albums, scanned and uploaded onto the Internet!

Happy Holidays!

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