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Katie Allison Granju is the married mother of five children, ranging in age from toddler to teenager. In addition to blogging for Babble Voices, she also publishes her own blog, Big Good Thing, and she works full time in digital media with a large cable network. When she isn't at work, blogging, or washing someone's socks, Katie enjoys working in her flower garden, riding her bike, and feeding the chickens she keeps in the backyard of her family's large and totally impractical, 113-year-old Victorian house.

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DELL GIVEAWAY: My 5 Favorite Mobile Apps of 2011

By Katie Allison Granju |

I am, as I have freely admitted before, totally dependent on my smartphone. It’s how I run my life – both at home and at work. If I had to give up every piece of technology I own but for one device, the smartphone would be the gadget I’d hang on to.

This post is #3 in a four-part series sponsored by Dell. Leave a comment for a chance to win a Dell Inspiron All in One 2320 Touch computer! Details at the end of the post.


Like everyone else who has become very dependent on smartphones, it’s the apps that go along with it that really make my smartphone the indispensible lifehack that it’s become for me. And as 2011 draws to a close, I thought I’d offer a round-up of my picks for the best apps of the year, as well as some background on why I love these particular ones so much. Not all of these were released in 2011, but this was the year that they became must-have tech helpers in my own life.

And here they are…

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DELL GIVEAWAY: My 5 Favorite Mobile Apps of 2011

WordPress Mobile App

As a busy blogger, the mobile app for WordPress has made my life HUGELY easier. I am now able to write many, if not most of my blog posts both here at Babble and also at my personal blog on my smartphone and my tablet. I can upload photos, type out text, hyperlink and publish blog posts while waiting in the pediatrician's office, while holding a napping baby, and in all kind of other places where blogging from my laptop would be unwieldy. The WordPress mobile app is a nifty option for bloggers that I highly recommend. It's available for iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry.

If you are a smartphone user yourself, I want to know what YOUR picks for best app or apps for 2011 are. Tell me which apps you can’t live without, and why I should give them a try in the comments below.




And now for a little excitement from our sponsor: Leave a comment on this blog post for a chance to win a Dell Inspiron All in One 2320 Touch computer! Your comment can be about anything you like, but I’d love to have you share your own recommendations for must-have smartphone and tablet apps

The giveaway will run until Friday, December 16, 2011, 11:59 p.m. EDT and is open to all U.S. residents. A winner will be chosen at random using from all eligible entries. Readers can also leave comments on posts by other Babble Voices writers participating in the December 2011 Dell Family Tech campaign.

One comment per person per post, please. The chosen winner must respond within 48 hours of notification to claim their prize. Good luck!

Good luck! – Katie

PS: Please note that the winner will be chosen AT RANDOM. It’s a random drawing that will include all commenters. I will not be selecting the winner myself. Just wanted to clarify that :-)




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Katie Allison Granju

Katie Allison Granju is the married mother of five children, ranging in age from toddler to teenager. In addition to blogging for Babble Voices, she also publishes her own blog, Big Good Thing. Katie also enjoys working in her flower garden, riding her bike, and feeding the chickens she keeps in the backyard of her family's large Victorian house. Read bio and latest posts → Read Katie Allison's latest posts →

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510 thoughts on “DELL GIVEAWAY: My 5 Favorite Mobile Apps of 2011

  1. [...] 132011   Post number three in my “Win a Dell Inspiron” for the holidays series is now live over at Babble.    Click on over to find out which five mobile apps I picked as my favorites for 2011, and leave a [...]

  2. Sharlene says:

    Angry Birds!! I’m hooked and so are my kids, I also like my ereader app. Those two apps make it so I am never without something do to!

  3. Crystal Pratt says:

    Well, I my phone is only semi-intelligent so I don’t have a lot of the cool stuff that most people do.

    I do enjoy Angry Birds, Weight Tracker, and Fill-in Philosopher

  4. kelsey says:

    Tetris. I’m obsessed. Sure I could live with out, but I don’t want to.

  5. mwells says:

    I love FlipBoard! And Stitchers automatically gets every new podcast, without having to synch your phone to your computer, so you always have the latest broadcast. I have to drive a lot and it’s great to listen while I go.

  6. afc says:

    my kids swim competitively, and i LOVE the app “swimlog”. i can easily keep track of their times & see their progress over the years.

  7. Emily says:

    I need to learn about apps myself. I have an iPad but I’m kind of tired of the apps that are on it. I really only use it to read my email and surf the web from bed. I also stream episodes of Monk on Netflix. I do like the art app I have for doodling, called ArtStudio.

  8. evsmarie says:

    Words with Friends. A wonderful waste of time!

  9. Sandy North says:

    i dont have a cell phone (gasp!) so i have to tell my favorites from things i see on other peoples phone….the flashlight one, thats it! i know i was amazed when my son used it!

  10. Cassie says:

    The Yelp app is so useful for finding places to go, especially if you’re in an unfamiliar city or neighborhood. I also appreciate the weight watchers app – makes tracking so much easier when away from home!

  11. Donna says:

    I love playing word game apps – Scramble, Wordpopper, Word Weaver, Chicktionary, Words with Friends.

  12. Heidi T says:

    I love Foursquare! And Angry Birds LOL!

  13. Natasha M says:

    I have a few apps that I like, but really the calendar is my most used feature to keep track of my kids’ schedules!

  14. Helen Albini says:

    I recently started using the Cozi app. I love it. I love having my calendar available everywhere I go and I like the color coding by person. Also REALLY like the journal feature that allows you to add a quick memory. Have a feeling I will really appreciate in the future when I look back at the year.

  15. Emily says:

    I don’t have a smart phone but it’s on my Christmas list, maybe if I’ve been good enough I can upgrade. My biggest reason for wanting one is the mobile apps that let you listen to you satellite radio subscriptions. I would love to be able to take my radio everywhere instead of driving around the block to listen to just a few more minutes of Cosmo Radio.

  16. MJ says:

    I love the Etsy and Pinterest apps. Both are great for leisurely browsing through fun stuff while up nursing the baby for the umpteenth time overnight!

  17. steph says:

    My phone is not so smart, but I do like Poynt when I travel.

  18. Lynn says:

    Akinator! What a fun and funny game. It’s difficult to stump it. To the uninitiated, it feels like it can read your mind.

  19. suburbancorrespondent says:

    Home Routines, Words With Friends, ZipList, EverNote

    Can’t live without them! They are the only things that stand between my disorganized slob of a self and total chaos.

  20. Sarah says:

    I am totally dependent on the simplest of apps- colornote. It is essentially post-it notes on my phone. I always have 2 running lists- things I need to buy and things I need to do. Additionally have I have a number of random notes or lists at any given time. I would die without it!

  21. Cara says:

    I don’t have a smartphone (sob!) — but do love Instagram.

  22. Stacy says:

    I love the Post Secert app. I spend way to much time reading it!

  23. Kim Q says:

    I am only a brand new smart phone owner, so I do not have any apps to recommend at this point, unless you count Angry Birds (I do NOT)! :o ) My daughter loves it.

  24. Jody says:

    Oh fun! Photography apps are my favorite. Instagram, hipstomatic and there is an app I use to brighten up each and every picture I take on my iPhone. It’s called PerfectlyClr. It seriously is the best app ever if you take a lot of pics like I do.

  25. Cheryl says:

    I love Google Maps, Kindle, Instagram, Stitcher Radio and Angry Birds.

  26. meghan says:

    Don’t yet have a smartphone (saving up for an iPhone!), but I would love that Christmas list app. I have a similar list on my computer in excel, but having it readily accessible on my phone would be even more helpful!

  27. Heather C. says:

    I’m a huge Pandora fan. I can hook my phone up to my Bose dock while I’m working or use it in the kitchen. Anywhere. I also love my Pedometer app, it magically makes a map of where I’m walking/running. Other than that I love that if my youngest, 7 yo boy, is especially antsy and we are out and about I can hand the phone to him and he can play games. He must have 47 free games on there right now.

  28. Charlotte Anne says:

    I LOVE words with friends and its a great way to learn new words while reconnecting with friends!

  29. Emily says:

    I love Gas Buddy. It has saved me 40 cents a gallon before!

  30. Suzanne says:

    My favorite will be the first I get when I have a smartphone. My old clamshell is about to bite the dust, and I need a new iphone, now!

  31. Claire F says:

    I love Ziplist and the Epicurious app. I can search for a meal by subject, or by ingredient. The recipes are rated and have comments, and it even makes a shopping list for you.

  32. vickie says:

    Brand new smart phone, not so smart owner, only have words with friends so far !!

  33. MemeGRL says:

    I’m addicted to Scrabble. Useful only as a stress reducer but who can’t use that?!

  34. Meg M. says:

    I love the app and other real estate apps. I window shop for our next house while I’m getting my kiddo to sleep.

  35. mbmom7 says:

    I don’t have a smart phone – if I did I’d probably use only Angry Birds (for my kids) or Pandora. Does texting count?

  36. Jenny says:

    I love Twitter and Pandora!

  37. Kerri says:

    I have an android and have never paid for an app. Nothing ever seemed worth it. Might be different if I switched to iPhone but I’m waiting for 4G. Either way, I’m with another commenter who said the flashlight app. I use it for 4am breastfeeding sessions so I can see what the heck I’m doing! I also love Pulse.

  38. Kara says:

    I have a smartphone, but I don’t use it very smartly….I hardly use any apps at all! But I am hoping Santa will bring me a new, fancy smartphone for Christmas so I can join the app-madness. My phone is so old and outdated that I don’t even know which current apps would be supported.

  39. Hilary T. says:

    Words With Friends! It keeps my mind sharp and connects me to friends I don’t get to see often. How wonderful is that?!

  40. Leslie says:

    Where’s My Car. It records the GPS coordinates of your parking space in case you forget, which I do…all of the time!

  41. S says:

    I live without mobile apps, am I weird?

  42. sharron says:

    Sadly, I don’t have a smartphone or iPad — can’t afford one right now — which is precisely why I could use a new computer!

  43. Caelan says:

    I recently took a trip to a new city and found the Yelp app to be super super helpful!

  44. Krystal says:

    Google Reader and The Find are my go to apps.

  45. Krystan says:

    None of these are new to you, or apply to you, but I love the BabyCenter app for tracking my pregnancy (I can’t remember anything these days, especially when someone asks me how far I am in my pregnancy!), and I am a regular user of the Facebook app, as well as Instagram and other photo apps. I didn’t know about the Super8 app, so thanks! I’ll be heading over to my phone now to search and download that one!

  46. Tracy says:

    Ummm, no smart phone, no tablet….no app recommendations :(

  47. LuAnne says:

    1)Kindle for Android
    2) Fast anatomy (great teaching game)
    3) Angry birds
    4) Soundhound

    LOVE these apps.

  48. Laura says:

    Hipstamatic, baby! And I’ve purchased all of the film packs as well. Love it!

  49. Amanda says:

    Don’t have a smartphone, so haven’t entered the world of apps. Maybe someday….

  50. Deborah says:

    I would love to have a smartphone. I had a blackberry knock-off once and loved it, but lost it down a storm drain after only two weeks.

  51. Kate says:

    It’s not an app, I guess, but a game…Sporcle. You can take hundreds of trivia quizzes on tons of different topics. It’s great for killing time in a waiting room situation.

  52. Hilary says:

    considering that i just today charged and activated my very first cell phone ever and it’s not a smart phone i have no idea what apps anyone should have! LOL but i feel certain that my teenager and almost teenager possibly even my kindergartener could tell you some good ones. i’m so hoping to be the winner, it’d make an extra special christmas gift to myself!!!

  53. Katie Allison Granju says:

    I have GOT to get that Find My Car app that Leslie suggests :-)

  54. Carla says:

    I don’t have a smart phone, but my iPad contains my life. My absolute favorite app is the Nook e-reader – easiest to use. I also have something called LockBox Pro that contains all the passwords, pins, and other delicate information that I can’t seem to remember on a daily basis – it’s an absolute lifesaver.

  55. Michelle says:

    Instagram & My Fitness Pal and Words With Friends!

  56. Lindsey Robinson says:

    Thanks so much for offering this great giveaway Katie!! :) :Fingers Crossed:

  57. Christine says:

    Great post! I love getting new ideas for apps. I will have to read through this tonight on my iPad and get a bunch. YOU got me hooked on Plastic Bullet. I love that one. The one I am using the most right now though, that I love to play is W.E.L.D.E.R. It is a one person word game that is a cross between Tetris and Scrabble. I can play it for HOURS. There are 12 levels and in the last 2-3 months since I have had it I have not gotten past level 8. It is NOT a game that you will fly through.

  58. Heather says:

    I don’t own a smart phone or tablet but my nine year old let’s me use his iPod sometimes to play angry birds.

  59. Teresa says:

    Because I work with breastfeeding mothers, the Lactmed app is on my phone and often very helpful (it allows me to look up medications and see if they are compatible with breastfeeding). And because I am vegan, the Happy Cow app is much appreciated – it shows me the vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants near my location.

  60. Jen D. says:

    I lovelovelove the free Weather Channel app available for my phone. Living in South Florida can be hazardous to your clothes and shoes if you aren’t aware of what weather is heading your way.

  61. Brenda S. says:

    I don’t get a lot of downtime or time to waste but when I do, one of the things I love to do is play Words with Friends! It is so relaxing and my competitive side gets to come out:) I love it when someone sends me that little notice requesting to play with me:) It’s something you can do in your spare (?) time so that’s nice. Now that I have seen your Christmas List app I am going to get it today! What a great idea.

  62. Jill VanTrease says:

    I am a sucker for the Facebook app. Perfect brain candy when you are waiting in the carpool line…

  63. Denette says:

    I do not have a smart phone but if I did Spotify would be my first app!

  64. angie hart says:

    well, my phone is a complete idiot. however, my kids play angry birds on a friend’s phone and absolutely love it. oh, i have checked out pinterest….love it! thanks for the opportunity to win this! our homeschooling could truly benefir from this!

  65. Clisby says:

    I don’t have a smartphone, so no apps! A Dell Inspiron would be nice, though.

  66. Christina M. says:

    Fruit Ninja is my destressor. I have it on my iPad and my Android phone. When I found out it was available for the XBox w/Kinect, I even plunked down the couple of bucks so I could play it in my living room. I kind of love it.

  67. WCC says:

    Besides the ones mentioned – PageOnce (financial/bills/etc), Bump (file sharing),Netflix, Passdroid (passwords), Shazam, TheRyman (cool app if you go there often for concerts), TuneIn Radio, and Color Flashlight

  68. Ms. Eaves says:

    I don’t have a smartphone, but I recently started using Spotify on my lappy. I love it!

  69. Kim says:

    I also feel completely dependent on my iPhone! Mostly the email, calendar, maps, and notes have made everything more convenient, but I’m also a fan of other apps: Words with Friends, iBooks, Kindle, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, and just a bunch of other fun games! It’s a blessing and a curse at the same time. ;-)

  70. Tina says:

    I don’t have a smart phone. ;(

  71. Kimo says: and Drew works there! Data share app and company.

  72. Julie says:

    I absolutely love words with friends, my brother who lives in south florida and i (in wv) play together and it makes the distance not seem so far when we are consistently engaged in a words with friends match. I also just discovered lemon which is a receipt tracking app, seems pretty cool, haven’t gotten to really play with it yet, but you can take a picture of your receipt and it tracks it digitally for you in case of returns, tracking what you spent, etc.

  73. Jenn says:

    Instagram & words with friends!

  74. Christine Sheets says:

    My son has fine motor difficulties. His frustration over his inability to wield a writing instrument was getting in the way of his learning. The app “123s ABCs Handwriting Fun” lets him trace numbers, letters and shapes w/ his finger. His confidence has increased SO MUCH! Now he’s transferring his learning to traditional pencil and paper. This app helped bridge a significant gap for us and I’m sooo grateful for this technology.

  75. Shane Rhyne says:

    Good choices. The WordPress app and Spotify app are two great ones, especially.

    I’ll leave off the WordPress and Spotify from my list since you’ve already mentioned them, so my five go-to apps on the Android are (in no particular order):

    1. Hootsuite – a must have for managing multiple social media accounts in Facebook and Twitter.

    2. Google+ – I love having access to Google+ through my phone. Although Facebook and Twitter have greatly upgraded their apps in the past week, Google+ has become my preferred network when accessing via mobile.

    3. IMDB – a favorite for personal use, the IMDB app has changed the way we watch TV at home. Inevitably, I’ll open it up during a show or movie to find out more about the cast or crew and learn about other projects that would likely interest me. It is also a great way to resolve husband/wife trivia debates.

    4. Navigation – Never get lost again. (Seriously, Katie, make note of that.) Navigation is native to the Android and makes use of Google Maps and your phone’s GPS settings to provide you with a talking GPS driving assistant to give you turn by turn directions to your destination. It can quickly reroute you if you miss your turn or decide to take an unplanned sidetrip to see the World’s Largest Ball of Yarn. With this app I have to wonder why people are paying actual money for a Garmin or Tom Tom device. In fact, I’m fairly certain smartphones will completely destroy that industry shortly.

    5. TuneIn Radio – I can listen to live local radio or surf around and find stations across the country or globe of possible interest. I have trouble getting reception to favorite local stations in my office, so I find it a great tool to have. Plus, when news of interest is breaking somewhere in the world, I can find a news-talk station in that area to tune in to as if I were a local resident. As a bonus, I can pick up some of the HD stations such as my local public radio’s second HD channel that I would not otherwise be able to hear without buying an expensive HD radio.

    Up and coming: Google Currents just debuted last week but it is quickly becoming a favorite and will likely be on my 2012 list. It is the Android answer to Flipbook and provides me with access to a variety of news outlets and blog feeds in an easy-to-read format. I subscribe to PBS, Salon, Fast Company, Business Insider, The Daily Beast, Forbes, Gawker, Boing Boing and many more through this app.

  76. Leslie says:

    I have all kinds of interesting apps loaded on my phone–many that I’ve found through your blog–but I really don’t find myself using them much. I text, I use the map, I look things up online, but the only apps that see daily use are Instagram, Facebook, Foursquare, and Words with Friends. I want the Christmas List for next year though!

  77. Mel says:

    This iPad app is going to be for sale starting on Thursday – it’s a classic book of haiku, and is totally gorgeous.

  78. Kate says:

    I love the app suggestions – especially “better christmas list”. I still stay organized via pen and paper and it sure is a pain :)

    Fingers crossed!

  79. Susan says:

    Instapaper, Reeder, Dropbox, GoodReader, 1Password and lately Evernote are my go-to apps these days.

  80. Claire R says:

    1. Evernote. Would be totally lost without it. Not only do I use it for shopping lists and to-do lists, I make notes when I hear about a book I want to read, a movie I want to see, a song I want to hear again…I am an addict.
    2. Gas Buddy.
    3. NPR app.
    4. Where. Very cool app that shows you restaurants, things to do, and special offers where you are. Great for road trips.
    5. Panera Bread App. We travel by car a lot. We don’t eat “fast food.” We NEED to know where the closest Panera Bread is. I know, I’m a nerd.
    6. Shazam. LOVE IT.

  81. spiney says:

    My phone is below average in intelligence, so my favorite app is the alarm clock that will wake me up in a bit from my work nap in time for my meeting at 3 PM.

  82. Buck Rogers says:

    I can only dream about being hip enough to have any ‘Mobile Apps’, as I don’t think the phone I have can do all that ‘App-Stuff’ any way. Reckon if I had the massively-cool ‘DELL’ laptop thang, then I’d be on my way to being cool-enough. Heres me praying for God’s own blessing on all of mankind that we survive through the next age and beyond, I pray especially for all my friends and our families. Love Always.

  83. Buck Rogers says:

    Oh Yeah I really dig the new Header Flic, you play the red wickedly.

  84. Meggin says:

    Although I don’t use it as much now that my daughter is older, I’d have been lost without the Total Baby app when she was a newborn.

  85. JennMan says:

    I just got an iphone and am only now learning about all the craze in apps and other tools that this cool phone has! So I will be checking out your recommendations! Thanks.

  86. MrsK says:

    1. Word with Friends / Scrabble – 2 similar apps so I am bundling them.

    2. Instagram – I just love this app. LOVE IT!

    3. Evernote – I have a book list, a movie list, my grocery and various other lists, and an entire book book of just recipes on Evernote.

    4. Bundling again here all my shopping apps: Etsy, Amazon, Target, eBay, Kroger (I can make a list and them match coupons to it!), PayPal to pay for all the stuff from my shopping apps.

    5. Flashlight. It comes in handy.

  87. LBH says:

    Words with Friends got me through 9mnths of breastfeeding and/or pumping at 3am.

  88. Glenneth says:

    Angry birds! Not a productivity app of course, but fun, fun, fun.

    For productivity: I like Remember the Milk and Evernote.

    I am just starting to use Instagram due to all of your fabulous pictures!

  89. Sheanati Holcomb says:

    Pinterest is awesome!! I also have an app for my bank that I LOVE!!

  90. Jeannie says:

    Love the Spotify App!

  91. Marianne says:

    I too am 100% dependent on all of my technology.

  92. kayla says:

    I use Shazam app way more than any others on my phone (a couple-years-old HTC)! Love, love, love it. Hear a song on the radio, start the app, Shazam listens and tells you the name of the song and the artist. It’s mostly rock music, but every now and again I try it on something classical I hear on public radio and it works. I also like Vignette (the Android version of Instagram) and Google Maps. I use Google Maps enough to make me want a GPS for my car. I don’t think I can get Words With Friends since I don’t have an iPhone, but I have the Scrabble app on my Nook e-reader and LOVE it.

  93. Vicki says:

    I must say…..I am an addict to Facebook. It’s a sad condition, but at least I know all the good dirt!!!

  94. Katie says:

    Gas Buddy. With a 12 passenger van that sucks gas, I use it faithfully.

  95. Heather says:

    Can I only name five?

    My top five:
    Angry Birds
    Collapse Chaos
    Regal Theatre (our local movie theatre)

    Why those? Angry birds makes me irrated and giggly, Collapse lets me organize and WIN and Domino’s and Regal are necessities!

    Kids top five:

    Toy Story 3 memory
    Farm Piano
    Talking Tom
    Little Metal Ball

    They won’t tell me why they’re the favorites but I know they are the most used when one of my youngers get the phone (9 and 3)

  96. Chanda says:

    My most used apps are:
    Words with Friends
    I LOVE Pinterest but it never seems to work.
    As you can see, my iPhone does not keep me productive. Quite the opposite actually!

  97. Lori - near Seattle says:

    Words with Friends is my most opened app right now. Completely addictive.

  98. Sara T. says:

    No smartphone, so no apps. But I know my husband loves his GasBuddy app for Blackberry.

  99. Sandy says:

    I have the Barnes and Noble Nook app on my iPhone. When I’m waiting in a line or somewhere else without my Nook, I can open the book I’m reading on my iPhone and it opens up where I left off. Love it!! :~)

  100. Sara says:

    Santa is supposed to be bringing me an iphone for Christmas. But when i can steal my husband’s Angry Birds wins over anything else every time!

  101. KC says:

    Solitaire. It helped me quit smoking this year! Something to occupy my hands.

  102. cathy S says:

    I love the Twitter app while waiting in lines. I also constantly check six e-mail addresses. The map feature is priceless

  103. Anne says:

    I just started using dropbox on my phone- super cool!

  104. Amy Worsham says:

    I have had my Android…. Motorola Electrify for a few short months. I will definitely be checking out your app recommendations. So far I am enjoying MyDailyBible and ColorNote apps…. because God knows how much I need organizing myself! Thanks for all you do Katie… and Merry Christmas to you and your adorable family.

  105. Sharon says:

    No smart phone so my favorite app is yet to be determined,

  106. shelley e says:

    Angry birds!!! I can’t stop playing!

  107. Kate roman says:

    Angry birds
    Jotnot – awesome for capturing business receipts
    Linked In
    Banking app

  108. Elizabeth Gene says:

    I am a Words With Friends fan! I also couldn’t get through the day without my Android Agenda Widget.

  109. Tina says:

    Google Navigator is Numero UNO! After that…games and Facebook. Life is Crime and Parallel Kingdom are my faves. PK is very time consuming though. It’s easy to lose track of time! Oh, and Pandora!! LOVE it!

  110. Anne Kessinger says:

    My favorite all time of course is Facebook, its so nice to keep up with family and friends on the go. Talking Tom is hilarious my 3 yr old loves it. I have had so many apps but needed space on phone so would delete and install new ones but these 2 have to be my favorite, oh yes almost forgot the “flashlight” is a great app almost as good as a regular flashlight. :) Android are the best after having one I dont think I could do without.

  111. Kristin says:

    iReconcile to track my checkbook, and then all of the bank and credit card apps (ie Chase, Discover) so I can manage all of that from my phone. Not that fun, but what I use every day.

  112. Debbie says:

    Evernote – I have come to depend on it more and more

  113. Pattie says:

    I’m addicted to the PostSecret app. I check countless times a day for the latest updated secrets. It’s a great window into what goes on in the lives of others, and the wonderful support (overall) that strangers are so willing to give.

  114. Andi says:

    Don’t have a smart phone!

  115. Kim says:

    The pregnancy and breastfeeding apps are cool … on a similar note, I just love the Ovuview app I found a few months ago. It makes charting for NFP so much more convenient than the Excel sheet I used to keep! It’s a little less standardized for my method of NFP, but I just need to fiddle with it to customize. Really, though, it’s been tremendously helpful.

  116. lori t. says:

    i love my tumblr app, words with friends and my banking app! im seriously addicted to my iphone.

  117. Shani says:

    The one I use the most is Is It Gluten Free but my favorite to use is Words with Friends.

  118. Lee says:

    Muppet TapTap (because, hey, it’s the Muppets)
    Talking Carl (for the kids)
    Hungry Monster (for the kids, really great learning app)
    Maps (because I always get lost)
    Evernote (because I never know when I’m going to want to note something!)

    And finally, Twitter. I’m addicted.

  119. Katie says:

    Angry Birds, Words With Friends, Square. Not very exciting, but it works for me!

  120. bk says:

    us magazine. guilty pleasure

  121. Leah B says:

    I use my Google app the most – to look up things, read blog posts [love my google reader], and read the news. Although Facebook also gets a lot of use.

  122. Jenn says:

    Our friend created “Go Nuts”. The kids and my husband are addicted.

  123. Jennifer says:

    It’s been great to see some of the suggestions here! I love the same ones as others- Words with Friends, but also rely daily on Twitter (to keep up with my teenagers), Mobile banking (to move money to my teenagers) and Google Calendar (to schedule my teenagers). Gesture Search and Livestrong are also two I have used quite a bit.

  124. Chris says:

    My fave apps for Android are:

    Google Maps/Navigation

  125. Chrissy says:

    Vignette for Android…and the Google app for Calendar, Mail, and Maps.

  126. Pat says:

    My newest favorite app is Spotify. I love that I can create a playlist of songs I like but don’t want to buy.

  127. Michelle says:

    I just downloaded a whole mess of apps to my iPhone. My current new favorites are ones that let me check usage on my iPhone and credit cards (this coming from someone who has long hated paying bills online), and “Pottery HD” — a game that lets you create, decorate, and “sell” pottery. Longtime faves are “Words with Friends” and “Hanging with Friends.”

  128. Georgia says:

    The app that’s the most help to me is lists. To be able to write things down when I remember them and actually be able to find the list later is fantastic. ( Sadly, I make lists and tend to lose them when it’s most critical and find them once it’s too late. )

  129. Heather says:

    Wunderlist. I love it. And Mealboard is very helpful, when I remember to actually make time to use it!

  130. susan aderholdt says:

    Angry Birds is my favorite.

  131. Amanda says:

    My favorite app is the Audible app. I use it to listen to audiobooks during my looong commute!

  132. Sydney says:

    I don’t have a smartphone or a tablet. What I’ve got is a very old computer so I could really use this Dell!

  133. Brianne says:

    I have an iPhone and my top 5 for 2011 apps are as follows:
    1. MyFitnessPal: Free app to put in food for day to track calories–has barcode scanner to scan packaging and pulls calorie info right up w/serving size all figured out for you. Tracks weight and lets you know if you are eating too much sodium, etc.
    2. Buzz Feed: This one I like for my mindless reading about when I lay in bed at night before going to sleep. It brings me up to date on all the “buzz” going on in the world.
    3. Words with Friends: Just plain addictive.
    4. FX PhotoStudio: Fun to play with pictures you’ve taken. Sort of like Instagram, but not quite as cool. Just as much fun though–I think.
    5. Bloom: Check it–it’s pretty neato!

  134. erika says:

    we do not have one, but if we did i would be reall;y happy.

  135. Jennifer Blackburn says:

    I have to say angry birds is one of my fav’s as well. Me and my 5 yr old daughter like to play the pet shop one as well its pretty fun. But then again we have so many apps that we all play and enjoy its hard to just pinpoint a few because there is so many fun ones out there. There is also a kids learn to read one that is great its done so much for my daughter who recently started kindergarten this year so I would have to recommend that one to anyone with small children. Thanks for the opportunity would love to win this would be a great present for my son or daughter!

  136. Karen says:

    I don’t have a smartphone. My sister-in-law’s iPad, though, made me think that Angry Bird’s is freaking awesome.

  137. Melissa says:

    I do not have a smart phone….but I betcha we could buy one if we won this new Dell and not have to buy a new PC instead!

  138. Barbara Skinner says:

    I would like to reccommend one to you…but I use a dumb phone…so I am of no help! The new Dell would be awesome! My youngest daughter is going away to Africa – she joined the Peace Corps and since I spilled coffee on my computer and am having to borrow one now. It would be awesome to have to communicate with her.

  139. sydney says:

    I recommend words with friends and angry birds because there sooo much fun and if your bored they really pass the time away

  140. Lacey Jane says:

    I have a problem. And that problem is Words With Friends. I sometimes have 15 games going at once. I cannot handle it. I love it. I want to play it now.


    …that’s my WWF name. In case anyone wants to bring it on.

  141. Megan J. says:

    I love Shazam! Tells me the name of songs I like.

  142. Suzanne says:

    I love my Klondike app. For some reason, it seems to release stress each time I play it.

  143. Erika says:

    Around Me! All the ATMs, parking lots, restaurants, coffee shops etc around wherever you are. Use it all the time.

  144. Carrie Cain says:

    I love Shazam. I can find out who the band is playing a crazy old song that I love while I’m walking around the grocery then instantly find it on iTunes. Great for finding one hit wonder songs again.

  145. Kata says:

    I have jsut a simple touch screen (with that pencil thing), so no smart phone apps. But I LOVE the solitaire on it, it helps me fall asleep at night (so does Sudoku), and ehhmmm… I play solitaire on the loo as well… :) Someone mentioned the torch function, I use it all the time too. If i had a smart phone, I would definitely use eBook stuff on it, I love reading.
    (And plz don’t disqualify me from your game for being European, I’m still playing for my cousine in NJ!!)

  146. Amy says:

    Fruit Ninjas and Words with Friends – much needed breaks from daily stress

  147. Lila says:

    What I love:

    Google star map
    Galaxy Tarot
    GPS walk
    My days
    Out of milk

    and all the connections to Flickr, Ravelry, LibraryThing, Twitter…

    I never thought I would love a smartphone but I really do!

  148. Leslie says:

    Shazam. I find it completely amazing.

  149. Lisa Ahlstedt says:

    I really love the TuneIn Radio app. It lets me listen to radio stations from all over the world in real-time wherever I am. It’s especially appreciated since a certain satellite radio company which shall remain nameless has dropped the BBC Radio 1 station in favor of a station playing {shudder} all disco all the time.

  150. Erin J says:

    In our house it’s all about Angry Birds and other games or NFL apps. Seriously, sometimes I want to grab my husband’s phone and throw it out the window. I actually gave up my smartphone – between working full time behind a computer and caring for 2 babies, I was too connected and forgetting the simpler things.

  151. Katie says:

    I love the “From Couch to 5K” running app. It motivated me to get back in shape with just making small changes.

  152. WYNDI says:

    My phone is not that cool.

  153. Marisol says:

    Angry Birds!! My husband and I take turns playing each level every evening. Haha.

  154. Melissa says:

    I have an Android style phone and I have to say the Cozi Calendar App is AMAZING!! My husband and I are able to track both of our work calendars, our family calendar, and track my son’s schedule all on one master calendar that is color coded!! It keeps our busy family from double-booking and missing events and meetings constantly!

  155. Emily J says:

    The spotify app, Google Sky map, and color note are my 3 most-used apps. My life basically runs on Color note.

  156. Karin J says:

    Tetris – I’m addicted.

  157. bruce says:

    What’s an app?

  158. emily says:

    I couldn’t live without my Wikipedia, solitaire, Netflix, Pandora or Reddit apps!

    Can you tell I must be constantly entertained? :p

  159. Erika says:

    Ereader and my flashlight app. I use the flashlight at least 10 times a day!

  160. Didi says:

    I love Pandora! My kiddos love PocketGod!

  161. Danielle Ferguson says:

    I would love to recommend an App, but I do not have any devices that support Apps. So I would really ♥love♥ to win one!

  162. Amy says:

    Angry Birds keeps me entertained at the gym.

  163. Sarah says:

    I cannot live without my “post-it note” app, called Color Note. I can’t remember anything without alarms chiming to remind me. :-)

  164. Michelle says:

    The *only* thing that keeps my baby from screaming in his carseat after dark is the Fisher Price apps – little game and songs that keep him calm on the few (special) occasions he is out after 6.

  165. Steph says:

    i love the dropbox app!!

  166. Tané Tachyon says:

    I can’t pass on any mobile apps tips — I have multiple laptops but no phones or tablets — but I’m glad you’re finding more tools to help with work and life and all that.

  167. paula says:

    angry birds of course but I also love PBS, NPR, words with friends & pininterest!

  168. Jen M says:

    There are a few apps that I find indispensable, but I’m not sure they’d be universal since they are regional: Park Mobile to pay parking by credit card from the phone, and, because I don’t actually drive that much, Next Bus, Circulator (bus) and metro train apps (there are a bunch of options, I’m waiting for the truly one stop-shopping-transit ap for DC). I’m never left wondering if I wait for the bus or just walk or hop a train because the next one isn’t for 20 min.

  169. Carrie says:

    Boy this would be much easier if I could split it into categories. :)

    My most used apps would be: Facebook, FourSquare, All Recipes, Around Me, and The Weather Channel

    Favorite Games: Angry Birds (still) and Words with Friends (still). Got down with Where’s my Water for a bit too

    Love my Google News Reader so that I can read all of my feeds no matter where I am.

  170. Lillian says:

    I’ve been negotiating with my husband for months to get a smart phone. I’m hoping for one for Christmas.

    I will say that I wish there was a way to make people realize that the movie theatre is NOT the place to use their stinking flashlight app!

  171. Laura says:

    I don’t have a smart phone :(
    Currently unemployed and can’t afford the upgrade. But you can bet that it will be one of my first purchases once that status changes!

  172. Stephen says:

    If I’m being honest, the app I use most frequently is the one from Yahoo to manage my fantasy football team :)

  173. M.T. says:

    I use TextPlus to send free text messages – saves a bundle.

  174. Maria says:

    My (kids’) favorite app is Angry Birds! I like the educational ones like the States that quizes with a map of the US – great way to help learn the states and their capitals and it is fun, too.

  175. Stephanie Hunter says:

    I love my Windows Phone. I do love my texting abilities, and the fact that every type of internet-ish option is constantly at my fingertips…. emails, blogs, Facebook, etc…. You name it I got it!

  176. Debbie in Memphis says:

    I’ve become my dad…one of my favorite apps is accuweather, my other favorite app – pandora

  177. julie says:

    I have a phone that is just a phone, so I’m missing the app craze. I wouldn’t be surprised if my husband has one that charts my monthly cycles, however!

  178. Julie Arnold says:

    Ok, I have to admit, I really like the Nike Running GPS app. I have always wondered how far I run and this tracks everything, plus gives me motivating markers. Another one I like is Couch25K. This one walks you through training from being a couch potato to be able to run a 5K. It has a different training schedule each day and it literally tells you “run” then “walk.” As far as a personal trainer, you cannot get more literal than that! Happy Holidays!

  179. Kat says:

    Starbucks app. I love a tall breve latte and by registering my gift card and buying so many drinks I get $0.60 off my order everyday and I don’t need my wallet. All I need is my phone. Saves me money for a vice a no need to carry a purse. Bonus plus.

  180. Allie says:

    Twitter app! I always find good stuff to read

  181. Heather says:

    I use the Twitter app all day, every day. HomeRoutine is good for organizing our household chores, too.

  182. chandra says:

    Teux Deux (get it, To Do?) is a very simple but effective to do list app. :)

  183. TucsonPatty says:

    I love my friend’s smart phones because I don’t have one. I play the game with the little balls that you knock off the board. I’m so bad – I don’t even know what it is called.
    I love that folks can Google anything for me in just seconds.

  184. Alison says:

    I don’t have a smartphone, but I use Spotify on my computer, and I made my own Google Docs spreadsheet with a festive form that acts just like Christmas List. Great idea if I do say so myself. ;)

  185. Jesse B. says:

    I use my Astrid Task app the most, but its not very much fun. I love words with friends and pinterest and of course I check facebook many times during the day.

  186. Suzanne says:

    My favorite app is for Craigslist. You can scroll through the adds and see the photos without having to click on each ad, so you can skip right through the fugly stuff.

  187. another claire says:

    My favorite apps are Sudoku by finger arts and iPeriod.

  188. Ooh, wish I’d seen that Christmas list app before! My favorite is Instagram, honestly. So much fun!

  189. clearbluewater33 says:

    I mostly use facebook and twitter but I also like the gtalk app and of course Angry Birds and words with friends!

  190. Aimee says:

    It’s silly, but I love my flashlight app, use it all the time.

  191. Durwood says:

    I-books! Being able to read almost anything almost anywhere keeps me sane during travel!

  192. Daniel Swinney says:

    My favorite is Scribblenauts Remix. The game itself is far too easy but just trying to stump its “create-nearly-anything” engine is (nearly) endless entertainment.

  193. Chris says:

    I love my Whiz google reader app. It’s free and it’s a nice presentation for all of my favorite websites and bloggers.

  194. Meredith says:

    I love Fruit Ninja!

  195. Jennifer Leet says:

    My five would be: Instagram, Starbucks, Flipboard, Cooking Dash and Pintrest :)

  196. Lia Freitas says:

    My fav app is!

  197. Karly says:

    My favorite is my pinterest app. It’s buggy, but I love it anyway.

  198. Major Bedhead says:

    I love Instagram and I’m currently on a mission to find a diabetes app that will work on my iPhone as well as my daughter’s Android.

  199. Amy Merrigan says:

    no iphone but I LOVE my ipad. My favorite apps are Pandora, words with friends, you tube, facebook and Trulia

  200. DRR says:

    Instapaper is the only mobile app I regularly use, but I use it all the time.

  201. Mandy says:

    I love the Instagram app, I am so happy to see it made the list. I use it on a just about daily basis.

  202. Tara G says:

    My husband is addicted to Tiny Towers!

  203. Caitland Romer says:

    The only negative to a Windows Phone is being the last to get these awesome apps. I, very unfortunately, cannot get Spotify. My favorite game is Plants Vs. Zombies though.

  204. Michele Beck says:

    We no longer have a smart phone due to budgeting issues but the apps we used most when we did was FB (naturally *lol*), the weather app and Angry Birds (which is so highly addictive……my son misses it the most!!)

  205. Busy Mom says:

    I sure wish I’d seen the Christmas List one earlier! My go-to app is an oldie, but goodie: Around Me

  206. Stacie says:

    I don’t know any fancy apps because I am sure I am the only person 13 years old and above that doesn’t have a fancy phone… as you can see I am desperately in need of a new Dell to get me on the road to joining this Century!! Pick ME!!!

  207. Kami Wilt says:

    I think Square, where you can swipe credit cards from your smartphone, is completely brilliant.

  208. Megan says:

    I really enjoy the app! I like being able to keep track of my bank account, my credit card statements, etc. all in one place. I also really enjoy Tiny Tower, but that’s less productive. ;)

  209. Shana says:

    I love Google Maps, hands down.

  210. Caren KH says:

    I have recently fallen in love with I *love* listening to audible books; I listen when I’m cleaning, and really, the time just flies. Great for a long drive, too, either through one earpiece while the boys do their thing, or through the car’s stereo system if we’re sharing a book. It’s a VERY different experience than reading a book, and one I’m learning to treasure.

  211. Mel says:

    For me it’s all about Fruit Ninja.

  212. Embee kay says:

    My fave is words with friends currently.

  213. Robbie Trosper says:

    I like Pandora. Music is good. Well at least the music I listen to.

  214. Deanna says:

    I will have to come back and check out all these apps when I upgrade my phone soon! :-)

  215. Tracy says:

    I also love instagram and I also love the weight watchers mobile app, becaus it’s the only way I can track stuff on the go. And media apps : NY Times, NPR, the Nation.

  216. Amy Hubbard says:

    I love Pandora and GPS apps such as Hop Stop for the NYC subway system! Woot!

  217. Amy says:

    I could not function without Pocket Informant. It tells me where I need to be and where each of my kids need to be. I share appts with my husband and we all know what’s going on.

    Twitter Facebook and four square are also apps I use every day.

  218. Timi Poeppelman says:


    Thanks for your recommendation for the christmas list app–that is AWESOME!

  219. mudmama says:

    i’m insanely envious of everyone who has access to Pandora.

  220. Andrea says:

    The only person in my house who has a smart phone is the teenager! I have no idea how awesome a smart phone is and I don’t think I want to know until I can afford one for myself. :)

  221. Laura says:

    Having just acquired an Andriod phone late this year, after years of a Palm Centro, I would have to say that my favorite app to date is my Calendar. I use Google Calendar and have separate calendars for each child and each hat I wear. Being able to see my calendar in full color is amazing!

  222. Laura says:

    I use my app at LEAST once a day- someone wants to know who that actress was in that movie? Got it. What else has that actor done? Got it. Who was that director? Oh, here it is! It has become a joke among my friends- whenever someone asks a question, folks just look at me, b/c they’ll know my phone will all ready be in my hand, looking up the answer.

  223. Tim Dale says:

    My Hours — because WBIR makes me turn in my timecard two days before the time period ends, and I don’t get one until the middle of the next week. My Hours allows me to keep track of every time I’m on call or out late on a live shot. Indispensable! (iOS only, as far as I know)

  224. Elise White says:

    Words. Word. I love it. Not as much as Alec Baldwin, but….

  225. bobo says:

    I can’t wait to get one of these kinds of phones but until then I will look like a fool trying to text on this tiny thing.

  226. Michelle Becker says:

    I was at first a very reluctant person to come to the smart phone world. It took a lot to convince me. I had a Blackberry first, and decided that was way too much phone for me. Went back to my regular old flip phone that I thought did everything I needed it to do.
    Then the introduction to the Droid happened and I was hooked. I loved my Droid and really didn’t have any reason to get back on my computer very much as long as I had my phone. After that, a very good friend introduced me to the Apple Iphone and Ipad. I guess I really didn’t know what the big deal was. A smart phone is a smart phone, right? Apparently I was wrong. She upgraded her Iphone and I was fortunate enough to get hers that she wasn’t using anymore. Holy Cow do I love my new Iphone. It is by far and away the best phone out there and I can’t imagine why anyone wouldn’t want one. My next purchase will probably be some sort of tablet or touchscreen device. Maybe a Dell Inspiron for instance. =)

  227. Erica Marcoux says:

    I don’t have a smartphone and barely know what an app is. But I would love to win the Dell computer

  228. Jennifer Barnes says:

    I have to say Angry Birds is so epic! I love it.

  229. Jaycie says:

    I don’t have a smartphone YET, so I have no favorite apps. But, once I remedy that situation, I will let you know!

  230. Molly says:

    1. Photoshop Express – MUST HAVE!!
    2. Key Ring – load all the member cards you put on your key ring in your phone (grocery card, library card, etc) and free up your key ring. Also holds my coupons on my grocery card so no more fumbling thru coupons at the store.
    3. Pages – can work on any work documents from anywhere. Lifesaver.
    4. Target – love the scan feature. Use it all the time while I’m at the store.
    5. My bank institutes app (won’t name it here as that seems silly) – but I can access my info whenever needed.

  231. Jenni says:

    I have a lot of favorite apps but here’s a list of those I use on a daily basis: The Weather Channel, Bank of America, Facebook, MobileRSS, and Google.

  232. Kathy says:

    What I do not love is the 47 free apps that my 4 year old has downloaded that make a tiny, cute animal say things back to you in a squeaky voice.

    I just edited a boatload of pregnancy tips for an iphone app:

    Still free until the new year!

  233. LisaS says:

    For coolness factor, try Google Sky

  234. Cheryl Burchett says:

    I really like accessing my google calendar from my smart phone. SO much easier to have all my events connected online. I also like my fitness pal for a free app to track and look up nutritional information.

  235. Russ says:

    I’m quickly falling in love with Google Currents, which is a much more enjoyable way to read magazine and news content on a phone.

    For music, I can’t live without Rdio ($10 a month) and the Amazon MP3 app, which lets you stream music from your Amazon Cloud Drive. I love them both.

  236. Lori Wilson says:

    I love using Cozi – same app on web/tablet/phone. I’ve discovered that I can add items to my husband’s to-do list… and he does them! We use the calendar, grocery list, and to-do list. I’m starting to use the menu planner thingy. Sweet.

  237. Brooke says:

    I have an iPod touch, does everything except make phone calls. My favorite apps are Cozi calendar, Words with Friends, Facebook, Pandora, Tune in Radio, and Target.

  238. Lauren says:

    Urbanspoon, WellsFargo, and Pandora are key for me.

  239. kristina meneses says:

    For new baby my fave was Baby ESP. Now I love myConsultant for my 31 business, Netflix to entertain the toddler when I need to do something, and all financial apps for bill paying etc.

  240. Lydia W says:

    Love all camera apps.

  241. Juliet says:

    Love all these app ideas.. Pandora and Netflicks are highly used on my phone! Crossing fingers for such a great give away!

  242. Karen says:

    Angry Birds, for the win! “The birds that are not talking to the pigs, Mama. They are trying to knock down the pigs houses!”

  243. Michelle says:

    I enjoy the Facebook app, Scrabble and Adobe Ideas.

  244. Kristin Kleven says:

    I am so inspired by you and your journey…..I am amazed by your strength and courage, and know Henry is looking down and is so proud.
    Merry Christmas!

  245. spiney says:

    I’ll tell you what app I hate – Hipsteramaphoto (or whatever it’s called) and its various knockoffs, Seriously, people, there’s a reason we don’t use Super 8 and slide film anymore. Believe me, I was there.

  246. Jill P says:

    I am obsessed with my Motorola Droid 2 and have been since the day I bought it about a year ago. I’d have to say my favorite apps on the phone are Words w/Friends, Overdrive (for audio books), Amazon Cloud Player, Catch (for notes) and Tune in Radio. Those are just my top 5 anyway. :)
    Good luck to all in the Dell giveaway!!

  247. Annie says:

    I am looking forward to reading the other comments as I’m always on the lookout for new and great apps. The app I use daily is Runkeeper. It keeps track of my runs or walks. It also lets me know the pace and calories burned. Love it!

  248. Nicki says:

    map my run Love it!

  249. Holly says:

    I love my smartphone but I don’t use the apps as much as I should, particularly because I got a Droid and wish I had gotten the iPhone instead because it has better apps. The apps I DO use on my Droid, however, are the Maps (love the turn-by-turn directions, but its a battery hog!), Words with Friends and Angry Birds. I need someone to recommend some good apps for Droid that I can download!

  250. Scott says:

    Google Currents. Very slick feed organizer. You can even get Weekly World News!

  251. Susannah says:

    I know there are tons of great apps but my favorite is still Shazam. I love being able to figure out what a random song I’m hearing on the radio or on TV is without having to catch some of the lyrics and google the heck of it. I so also love the Daily Plate app from Livestrong when I remember to keep up with it. Sometimes I’m a slacker…

  252. Sam Jackson says:

    My favorite Android app, though it sounds crazy, is the Chick-Fil-A app that finds the nearest location. With a kid who’s only meat intake is chicken nuggets, that one is very important! He eats plenty of fruits and veggies, but by his choice, he will not eat any other meat!

  253. Ashley says:

    My favorite mobile app is definitely Skype. Ever since my fiancé was deployed in October for a year, it has been our only form of communication. He has 2 boys, ages 10 & 7 and it’s a lifesaver for them to get to see their dad. We miss him so much.

  254. Kenny says:

    For little ones, Peekaboo Barn is fun and easy.

  255. Valerie says:

    Would love to win the computer!

  256. Old Hoya says:

    Audubon Birds is something I wished I had for the last 20 years of birdwatching. The visual and sound references, life lists and comprehensive info is indispensable.

  257. Dan Anderson says:

    When I get a smart phone
    I’ll definitely get me some apps.
    I love me some apps.

  258. Norm says:

    For me, it’s the Amazon Kindle App. Most used app of all I have.

  259. Chris Steinmayer says:

    I am a lover of Google Sky, Kindle, and EasyMoney.

  260. Meryl Keegan says:

    Kindle for when I forget my Kindle and Audible for when I’m driving and can’t read my Kindle. I also love the This American Life app so I can listen to all of the podcasts. I spend a lot of time on the road and couldn’t do without these or my Sirius!

  261. Joe says:

    I STILL don’t have a smartphone. I’m very leery of becoming one of those people always walking around with his head down over his phone! But my phone does have a calendar on it that I use a lot. I’m intrigued by the Siri business with the new iPhone. I’ve got to admit that sounds kind of cool!

  262. Howard says:

    Could really use that Inspiron.

  263. Doug says:

    Angry Birds, Foursquare, Facebook, Gmail, and Sudoku do it for me.

  264. Tolmour Burton says:

    I have an Ipod Touch, but no smart phone as yet. I can still use some of the Iphone apps. I recently started using Ibooks, which has been a huge help in getting to the reading I never seem to have the time for.

  265. David Rosier says:

    Tend to agree great Apps

  266. Dustin says:

    Have to pick the skyview app for my iphone. Great locator for finding planets, stars, the space station and hubble telescope.

  267. Colin Thornton says:

    This would be cool!

  268. Christine says:

    Echofon, BlogPres for mobile blogging, MyFitnessPal for keeping up with my diet, Pinterest, JustWink for sending fun greeting cards, Amazon, and Instagram.

  269. Barb says:

    I use my Weight Watcher app a LOT and I WROTE the Essential Charlotte app, so I love love LOVE that. Of course.

  270. David says:

    Time sink: CrossFingers

  271. Michael says:

    I do alot of travel, so TurboScan is essential for me. I can scan all of my receipts and other important travel documents to make my expense report a breeze. Even better, it saves these documents as a .pdf, which makes them easier to read, print, and store.

  272. Nick says:

    Still could really use this computer…

  273. William M. Dix says:

    Hmmm of the list the super 8 app was the one that pretty much well caught my attention. Then since I’m very much into photography that is a given.

  274. Alisun Thompson says:

    Sadly, no smartphone for me yet, but having this computer would be super-sweet!

  275. tom says:

    My Droid X loves its Kindle app and the Maps

  276. Ross K. Wolfe says:

    Plants Vs. Zombies. Gotta go with PvZ.

  277. Daniel says:

    Just got an Evo 3D, but I don’t really have any favorite apps yet. Or rather, I haven’t had it long enough to find a favorite. I’ll have to check these out.

  278. Mark says:

    My favorite app is FaceBook. Everything else is crap!

  279. MarkT says:

    Angry Birds. It’s addictive & fun! Crazy addictive.

  280. Mary Beth says:

    I love the App Store! It is fun to browse the Apps..

  281. DT says:

    My family is also hooked on Angry Birds. Some Christmas presents may give us more opportunity to explore mobile apps and come up with new favorites.

  282. Paul says:

    I have an iPhone and Reeder is my go to app for all of the feeds I follow. Great stuff.

  283. Sonya (Penny Pinching Parent) says:

    I don’t currently have a smartphone or a tablet… so behind the times and living in the dark ages. I have seen some amazing learning apps though and would love to have something that my kiddo could do for a second while I am getting dinner on. Something that I wouldn’t feel too guilty about using a digital babysitter for!!

  284. Jennifer says:

    LiveStrong has been very helpful, but I have to say as useful as it is, I actually spend more time playing Fruit Ninja!

  285. Rob Romano says:

    My most used app is YELP because I can find decent food even in horrible neighborhoods where I would never know to look for good eats. I use Handcent for my SMS, Google Music to stream my entire mp3 collection to my phone, and Netflix on my droid to keep up with whatever I am watching no matter where I am.

  286. Cath Young says:

    The best deal on a smartphone is the lg Optimus V that Virgin has. For those on a budget, that is the way to go. As my plan expires, I am going that route myself, and for my young adult kids on tight budgets, it is the only way they can afford a smart phone.

  287. Ettanin says:

    You’re not using your gadgets to their full potential unless you have game apps.

  288. Steve Feldman says:

    I’m just entering a random drawing…


  289. Jon Baer says:

    My car is a 1984 Volvo.
    My phone is a Pay-As-You-Go Verizon, hardly a Smart Phone, but it has great reception/signal out in the boonies where I reside.
    My computer is a 6 or 7 year old iMac on its last legs.
    Sure would enjoy a new computer!

  290. Erin says:

    GPS nav is my fav, kids love angry birds. Didn’t know about tetris, now I have to go download it!

  291. Jessica Weiss says:

    I don’t have a smartphone. I wish that I did so that I could use some of the super neat apps.

  292. Andrea says:

    I love the Yelp app, especially when I’m walking around in an unfamiliar neighborhood looking for a place to eat.

  293. Beto Cumming says:

    I really like Dropbox which also has an app for your mobile devices. It’s free. You can automatically sync your files between you various computers and mobile devices. It’s also easy to use and set up.

  294. Nick says:

    Ditto on Spotify! Great new service. Good to see the music industry evolving to embrace the web.

  295. Lord Nazh says:

    Is there a blogger app for the Droid? (shameless comment for free comp)

  296. Michael E. Lopez says:

    No one cares what apps I like or dislike. I’m running WIndows Mobile 6 on a TREO PRO… major dinosaur tech these days.

    But I’ll take the computer. :)

  297. Jeff says:

    Hey, I’m all in favor of fruit ninja. Second choice is something actually useful like gas buddy. Typing on a smartphone must be a genetic trait.

  298. Jonathan Huth says:

    Go Tebow!

  299. Toby Applegste says:

    I am going with Google Currents.

  300. Rob says:

    blackberry user with a weakness for apps like the wsj

  301. Russ Sanders says:

    The Chase banking app is a handy tool.

  302. John Fairley says:

    My must have app is… The web browser. Use it every day.

  303. Cliff says:

    My Fitness Pal app and web site. Sure, Angry Birds is fun, but does it help you lose weight?

  304. Caroline says:

    I really love the weather app. I have to make decisions on when my horse will wear his blanket, and with this app, I can check the weather forecast from anywhere.

  305. Steve says:

    Cardcam is great for organizing contacts.

  306. Crystal says:

    My favorite mobile app is the one for Rush Limbaugh. Now I don’t have to hook my iPhone up to my computer and download his podcasts everyday. It’s like magic.

  307. Paul Duffau says:

    Well, I didn’t have time to peruse all the comments but I’m partial to the Pandora app and Audible. Of course, I’m a newcomer to the app world and have it on my Kindle Fire. My phone is a bit old school in that it makes calls well but little else. My wife’s phone, newer that it is, does everything else but doesn’t make calls worth a darn.

  308. Jacki Willard says:

    Overdrive Media Console
    Google Music
    Google Goggles
    TuneIn Radio

  309. David H says:

    Americans are celebrating religious freedom daily as our allies rely on our strength on a moments notice! Merry Christmas

  310. Jenny says:

    Camera+ and Awesome Note.

  311. Tessa McCoy says:

    I have a couple of favorite apps! My newest one is the Couch to 5K app. It’s pretty awesome. I can NOT live with out my LOL pics, FML, FailBlog, Parentstext. They are the best ones to either say to your self “Seriously there are people out there like that?!?!” or just make you chuckle to yourself. LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!!!

  312. CJ says:

    Baby Piano. My infant can take my phone and hammer away on the “keys” for literal minutes of entertainment!

  313. Isaac says:

    The best apps hands down are the ones that you use to root your smart phone. They take a semi-powerful machine and put all the control into your hands to do with them what you will.

    I got a boring old free Lg Optimus S by renewing my phone contract. After rooting it, I can tether and have complete control over my battery life etc.

  314. Grant Walker says:

    I would definitely recommend “MyFitnessPal” to anyone who is on a diet or looking to track their weight. For those with young children nothing keeps my 2 year old’s attention better than “Live ABC”, an very cute learning AP.

    Merry XMAS to all…

  315. Bryan Cobb says:

    I don’t own a smartphone — I’m too cheap — but if I had one, my primary app would be the browser, since I’m a web addict.

  316. Larry Burtness says:

    I’m developing an app for Quileute language, to accompany instructional materials for members of the Quileute tribe and others who are interested in the language.

  317. midwest mama says:

    Smartphone, schmartphone. I’m barely texting.

  318. Tom in SFCA says:

    Merry Christmas, Katie.

  319. Mlihouse says:

    Would you believe I’m still using my Palm Treo, which by modern standards is not a smart phone it’s a very dumb phone with no “apps” at all?

  320. John Runion says:

    I am addicted to Words with Friends & FourSquare

  321. Steve says:

    I don’t or ever owned a cellphone or smartphone or tablets or any Apple devices so I can only read what others say about apps. This article made interesting read for me. Thanks. (yes, I’m commenting to enter the Dell drawing:) )

  322. Dennis Davis says:

    What makes me crazy is that cell phones have buttons on the side that I find impossible not to accidentally press when I pick one up to answer the phone. I hold it to my ear and after some lapse of time realize I have thrown the darned thing into camera mode, or pressed mute. Arrrrg! These things are just not made for large, clumsy hands like mine. It is crazy making.


  323. Glen says:

    Walkmeter – it keeps track of my walks and tells me how far I’ve gone, my pace per mile, how many calories I’ve burned and a few other things. Well worth the price of (as I remember) $4.99.

  324. Raylee says:

    OOHHHHH, so wish I had seen the Christmas list app sooner!! I love Instagram, Mint, Words with Friends, and Camera+. I love lists like this too, so I can find all sorts of new apps!
    Thanks Katie!

  325. Greg says:

    Lose It! is my favorite for counting my calories and letting me know when to cut myself off…

  326. Kristen says:

    Oh, gosh, this will give me away as a total word nerd. My favorite are Word Solitaire: Aurora and Spell Tower.

  327. Jenny White says:

    Merry Christmas Katie!

  328. Doug says:

    iHeartRadio because it gives me access to KOGA in Ogallala, Nebraska, and TuneIn Radio, because it gives me access to KAHM in Prescott, Arizona. Those are two exceptional stations for easy listening (plus you get the morning hog reports on KOGA; heh).

  329. dave says:

    Well timed, I upgraded my phone, but none of my contacts or apps transferred over. I am back at square one, adding apps all weekend,

  330. Deedi Phillips says:

    I have two favorites and both are for my granddaughter. I use Amazon free app of the day and downloaded Drawing Pad and Super Why. Drawing pad allows her to be creative. She can choose different colored and/or patterned paper. She has a choice between colored pencil, markers, paints, & crayons. She can erase at the touch of a button and everything can be saved in an album. She just turned four and can spend an hour at a time creating. Super Why teaches her to read, to recognize letters, to follow a story line, and form letters. It’s very educational and fun too!

  331. Harry Pendergrass says:

    I use Twitbird a lot on my phone. But I get more out of apps on the iPad, where my favorites are Animoog, NanoStudio, Sunrizer Synth, Addictive Synth, and IMS-20. Music production is a great way to spend my 40 minute train commute each way.

  332. Dawnsfire says:

    I don’t have a smartphone but I’m glad you like yours.

  333. Holly says:

    The things I like on my smart phone are my ringtones maker and my photo editing software.

  334. Bill Sluis says:

    Gawd!! My phone is a piece of Sh*t!! I can’t use the new Apps that everyone else has, although my wife’s phone has a matching game and Angry birds. Gotta be honest, angry birds reminds me of the early nintendo shoot-em ups that I played as a kid.
    please give me a new computer, I have three kids.

  335. Joe McDermott says:

    Angry Birds like everyone else. I also like CamCard. I only have the free version, but it loads business card info into my contacts like mad.

  336. Crystal Sloan says:

    I wish I could pick a favorite! Out here in the boonies we are “Left Behind”–no cell service, no wi-fi, no cable, no DSL, not even any broadcast TV or radio.

  337. Alan Brandt says:

    I don’t have money for a tablet or smartphone.

  338. Zainuddin says:


  339. David Lintz says:

    An app I discovered just this year was Trip Adviser. We were in Key West on vacation and used it to find just about anything we wanted, whether it was a restaurant, a deep sea fishing boat or finding the right local night life spot. I didn’t disappoint. An old stand by, and my favorite, is Pandora. Hook my droid to a nice speaker system and I’m happy.

  340. Justin says:

    Flipbook is amazing!

  341. Will Cate says:

    GarageBand for iPad.

  342. aretae says:

    Killer App:

    Yelp. If you travel at all, it’s a lifesaver.

  343. Thomas Loughran says:

    angry birds FTW. EPIC

  344. Janet says:

    bubble birds-
    I have played and won this a million times while breastfeeding.
    best time killer while still brainless app EVER!

  345. Carmen says:

    I LOVE my Pandora app. That and Facebook are my two top uses.

  346. Troy Hinrichs says:

    My favorite app has been the Amazon mobile app… boring but there it is. :-)

  347. Elizabeth says:

    The wordpress mobile app sounds great.

    I wanted to try Spotify, but I didn’t like at all that they forced you to register through Facebook. Because I know Facebook then lets friends know what others are listening to at that moment on Spotify, which I find bizarre and intrusive. I prefer Pandora.

  348. Warren says:

    Lose It! is the best free calorie tracker out there. You can scan pretty much any food and it does it auto-magically. Shazaam is nice to have as well when you can’t ID that song on the radio.

  349. kate says:

    The apps I (think) I couldn’t live without are the Facebook app, Pinterest (keeps me entertained while I’m waiting somewhere) and Hipstamatic. I need/want to figure out Instagram because I love your photos, Katie!

  350. Andy Wilson says:

    The Animoog synthesizer for iPad (Moog Music) is a stellar little music app. It has hooks into MIDI, the sounds in it are great fun, the interface is beautiful, and even if you can’t “play” an instrument, it’s still a great way to waste some time.

  351. Deborah Platt says:

    On the Android platform I have sets of apps that I like that really work well together. On twitter I follow a large number of sources that provide links to news and political commentary. Here’s a nice group of twitter related apps:

    * Tweetcaster Pro (mobile client for Twitter)
    * InstaFetch (mobile client for Instapaper)
    * URLy (a configurable, link-shorening service)

    So I’ll be reading tweets on Tweetcaster, then when I want to follow a link to a news source, I am given a choice of either opening the link with my browser or sending the article to my Instapaper account. I typically send the articles to Instapaper. Then when I’ve collected a dozen or so articles, I open up InstaFetch which syncs to my Instapaper account. I can either read the articles using InstaFetch, or if I’m commuting or walking the dog, I can listen to them using the same app’s text-to-speech feature. Going the other direction, if I want to share a news or analysis article with my followers, I’ll “share” the article from my web browser with URLy. Once I’ve shortened the URL, I’ll “share” the result with Tweetcaster Pro.

    Another great group of apps for web browsing is:

    * KeePassDroid, which saves my passwords in encrypted form (and has desktop versions for Windows, Mac and Linux)
    * Dropbox, which allows me to store and access encrypted file in the Cloud

    I entered all my passwords on the desktop app, and now I can access/modify these passwords anywhere using my mobile device.

  352. Mark B. says:

    I can’t believe I can watch streaming movies and tv (netflix and hulu) on my phone… what an age! Still waiting for my flying car, though.

  353. Beth Souders says:

    Thanks for the WordPress & CHristmas List App suggestions. They have been great!

    My favorite apps for my kiddo are Scoops, Glow Draw, Spanish Flash Cards and of course Angry Birds.

    My favorite apps for myself are PaperToss, Textropolis and Pandora.

  354. Mike H says:

    All I want for Christmas is a Dell!

  355. Allan E. says:

    I just have a plain Jane cell phone as I do not do a lot of calling. Watching my friends use all their apps on their much fancier phones is tempting me though. I already spend way too much time on my laptop. I am afraid if I got a smart phone I would never get anything else done.

  356. Andrew Herman says:

    I can’t really use any apps, I got an android and everytime I try to download something it says I am out of memory, but there doesn’t seem to be a function to move programs to my SD card.So I don’t know :P

  357. TxDan says:

    My favorite iPhone apps are:
    Wunderlist – Getting Things Done list manager
    Pro HDR – a High Dynamic Range photo application
    TweetDeck – social media manager

  358. Adrian Alejandro says:

    Evernote is tops, Picsin is great for editing and dressing up pics, comes with pro level effects.

  359. Kevin D Fox says:

    I’m a big fan of the Carcassonne game app, and it just got updated, too!

  360. Eileen says:

    No smartphone here–they all look fun!

  361. Joan of Argghh! says:

    True confession: I’ve never downloaded an app for anything except WordPress.

    Have I missed something?

  362. Joe Thomas says:

    IMDB. I can’t count the times I’ve accessed it to find out “Who is that?” and “What else have they been in?”

  363. Beth in IA says:

    Barcode Scanner and the companion! Helps me get the best price always.

  364. Rachel says:

    I love my white noise app from IpnosSoft.

  365. Scott Pierce says:

    I have gone Android this year and am not going back. Love it. But I like to tinker so maybe not for everyone.

  366. Rusty Owens says:

    Dear Santa:

    I’ve been very tired this year, primarily due to the issues with the work and that thing that happened with the sickness. Given the long year I’ve had, I hope you’ll consider my special gift requests.

    I’d really love it if you would bring me an oversized pillow topped off with some rest. I could definitely use a few meals, and please don’t forget how much I enjoy movies. I definitely never get enough cash, so if you want to bring me some money to help with that shortfall, I’d be most appreciative. Of course, I always love surprises, but just to give you a little guidance, I prefer that my surprises be of the techy variety, and please don’t forget to add in at least a couple of surprises for good measure.

  367. Ellen Satter says:

    don’t have a smartphone; I haven’t yet been convinced I need to get a data plan!

  368. RobbieC says:

    I tried the WordPress app, but really hate trying to use that tiny little keyboard to write blog posts.

    Might have better luck with it on m y new Galaxy Tab that I’m hoping to get for Xmas.

  369. Jenna Clark says:

    I love Yelp, and my employer uses NetSuite, so the NS mobile app keeps me connected 24/7. Nothing like getting some business kicked out while you are in line at the grocery store….

  370. Big Boss Ogg says:

    For the Apple platform, the two apps I need most are Leap2, a search engine par excellence, and Zombie Gunship, which promises ( and delivers!) Zombie Gunship™ puts you in the gunner seat of a heavily-armed AC-130 ground attack aircraft. Strategically fire your powerful guns, high cyclic 25mm cannon, 5 shot BOFORS gun & a 105 mm ground pounder, to slay endless waves of zombies and protect the remaining survivors of the zombie apocalypse!
    3..apps…including AppAdvice, which has the cleanest referral interface of any app finder on the planet, and it’s free…

  371. David Olive says:

    I like Dropbox and KeePass.

  372. Greg Charles says:

    Bloons Tower Defense #5 is finally out. More wasted time is on its way.

  373. Steve K. says:

    I’m the sort of terrible friend who only comments on your blog when he wants to win a prize.

  374. Doug S says:

    I like Angry Birds and Four Square.

  375. Aj says:

    Oooh oooh pick me!

  376. Valerie says:

    Thanks for the low-down on these great apps!

  377. Pan Walker says:

    I might have to try the WordPress app again.

  378. Jim Carroll says:

    By far and away my wife’s favorite APP is the bank APP allowing us to deposit checks with the IPhone!!!

  379. james says:

    So many I use every day – Sonos for whole house stereo, Google translate, and Lookout to find my lost phone!

  380. Kevin says:

    I particularly like Intune internet radio. We’ve been playing christmas music at our house non-stop on our new little Kindle.

  381. Josh W says:

    Well, I came over just to enter, but actually found the article enjoyable. I, too, am dependent on my phone. Good read.

  382. Don says:

    Thanks for the article and the entry

  383. nlynch says:

    I love the Kindle app!

  384. Steven Call says:

    All I want for Christmas is World Peace… Oh and a new Dell!!!

  385. KP Stewart says:

    I can’t live without my USA Today app. Best cure for boredom in any waiting situation.

  386. Southern Man says:

    I will admit to a brief (OK, not so brief) Angry Birds phase. But now it’s Jumbline 2 all the way. Which would look oh so much better on a new Dell. Just sayin’…

  387. leftbrainfemale says:

    I just discovered the Evernote Food app – it’s so cool – a great social app to remember those wonderful meals shared with family and friends.

  388. David says:

    App? It has to be my iPhone Obama Clock. It has his approval rating. the weekly price of gasoline, housing prices, the unemployment rate, and my FAVORITE, the total public debt of $15,!098,098,486,788. All are updated daily or weekly.

    For those who are interested Barack Hussein Obama has 400 days, 18 hours, 52 minutes, and 45 seconds remaining until he is gone.

  389. Bill Mulligan says:

    Don;t have a smartphone yet. Keep losing the not so smart phones I have.

  390. Carol says:

    I am going to be checking out some of these apps. I have had my smart phone for a few months and I haven’t really ventured beyond Words With Friends and Retro Camera.

  391. Robert says:

    graffiti – as a former palm user with big hands, this app lets me use the palm stroke based method for text input. No more tiny keyboards!!!!

    gasbuddy – finds the lowest gas price in your area
    sudoku daily – to keep the mind limber
    3G watchdog – keeps me from going over my data limit.
    google tasks – task organizer thats automatically backed up on my google account

  392. Uncle Pinky says:

    Get some good use out of my app, but I so rarely carry my phone it seems kind of pointless to load it up.

  393. Rob Turner says:

    I love the spotify app and I’ll have to check out the super 8

  394. Mern says:

    Great apps, just need a smart phone I guess

  395. huggybear says:

    Angry birds still has a firm grip on my soul!

  396. joe in houston says:

    my mom wants me to win a ‘puter. well that and she wants to get out of hospital.

  397. Charlie Abernathy says:

    NPR News, Twitter, and Sleep Machine (noise machine for sleep). All great apps…and quite indispensable.

  398. Trace says:

    For Android:
    The Adirondacks app – its regional but lists all the cool events going on in my area.

    Kindle – Doctor’s waiting rooms made better!

    Congress – ok, I am a dork, but its a fun way to keep up with what the govt is doing and see my own legislators

    Google Reader

    maps, office suite, calendar, notes…..

  399. Leigh Harris says:

    The facebook app is the worst thing I could have added to my phone…utterly addictive!

  400. Robert Philips says:

    My favorite for my Blackberry storm is the Blackberry ScoreMobile (followed very closely by the ControlBBanel app)

  401. Dustwun says:

    Along with Maps and Navigation, I find Radar Now helpful when traveling. Gives a quick view of current weather and trends,

    Then there is Scanner now that you can monitor various radio bands, like the police, fire and emergency.

    And, Gas Buddy, to give you an idea where the best gas prices are. I hate to pull in to the first exit in a town and get gas to find out that it is way less expensive at a station at the NEXT exit!

  402. Celia says:

    Pandora, definitely. I also like Angry Birds because it’ll keep my kids occupied (quietly!) at the doctor’s office for a few minutes.

  403. Kelly @ JourneysAndDetours says:

    I don’t have a smart phone, and to be honest, the whole “app” thing mystifies me. Someone needs to explain it so it makes sense to us non-techy types.

  404. Danielle H says:

    My smart phone is dumb since I am too cheap to get a data plan, but my husband and I are always dreaming up what kind of apps we would use if we used them.

  405. fred stearns says:

    I have the old iphone. It works well for me. (AT&T less so) Why should I change? Better photos maybe?

  406. James Jones says:

    Five favorites… hmmm. Facebook, Pandora, Foodspotting, Tunein Radio…. and flashlight. Flashlight has saved my bacon more times than I care to think!

  407. Donna B. says:

    Flashlight! The day I got my smartphone, we were without power for 8 hours. My kids told me how to get a flashlight app and it was very handy.

  408. D Sasman says:

    I am a fan of yelp

  409. Anne Marie says:

    Hi Katie! Thanks for offering this amazing giveaway! My kids (especially my homeschooled son) would love a new computer. They are often bickering over the one old, crappy one they share.
    My favorite apps are craigslist Pro, facebook, Pinterest, maps, Safari, IMDB, Hipstamatic, and a bunch of word games like Scramble, Wordsworth, wurdle, Words with Friends.

  410. Pam says:

    The “Places” app on my android is one I use constantly. It’s such a time saver!

  411. Kim says:

    Pandora, Facebook and Scrabble are my favorite iPhone apps

  412. Laura says:

    As proof of how badly I need to win this Dell contest, I have a little pay-as-you-go cell phone and have never used an app of any kind! That I know of. Anyway, I’d love to find out what all the buzz is about :)

  413. Me says:

    I’ve got a Blackberry (via work), but I haven’t really bothered to get any apps for it…

  414. David says:

    The Apps that my little heart cannot live without fall into the ones that keep me sane by occupying my children

    Toca Doctor, Plants vs. Zombies, and Cut the Rope

    and the ones that keep me sane:

    Pandora, My Kindle app, ESPN (all of them), and Angry Birds Seasons

  415. Dr. Mark says:

    No smart phone, no tablet…

    I’m not just a historian….I’m in the technological dark ages.

  416. Amy says:


    Indecisive Husband loves it because a) it decides for us, and b) I can give up my control freak nature.

  417. patrick says:

    Barcode scanner!

  418. Bill Roper says:

    My favorite mobile app is the WGN Weather app, because — although it gives the forecast for Chicago (where I *do* live) — you can get the resizable radar map for the entire country.

  419. Jay says:

    If you have an android, I like the Amazon Marketplace. They have free apps every day.


  420. David Aitken says:

    I don’t have a smart phone. I have a prepaid cell phone, which is all I need.

  421. Tiny Blue Lines says:

    I don’t have a smartphone, but I do have a Nook. The kids love playing with the drawing app and reading books on it. I must say, they can work it better than I…I’d love an app for saving money though, if I was cool enough for a smartphone!

  422. Bryn says:

    I love the knitting apps I have on my iPhone: Yarn U for inspiration, Vogue Knitting for keeping track of all of my projects and progress, Knitting Help when I need a visual reminder how something is done.

    Good Guide helps me figure out which products are ethically produced by socially responsible, environmentally conscious companies. I also use the Human Rights Campaign’s Buying for Workplace Equality app to find out which companies support LGBT equality and non-discrimination.

    And did you know there was an Etsy app? And Pinterest? ‘Nuff said.

  423. mo from ne says:

    I use my Facebook, Google mail, and maps.

  424. Randall Gremillion says:

    Scrabble is my favorite play app – the rest of the time its either mail or the browser

  425. MagisterGreen says:

    The LiveStrong App is fantastic. Track your meals, calories, all that, and it really helps you lose weight.

  426. amanda c says:

    I have no smart phone. Or cell phone. Although, I think an app that tells people about charities that line up with their interests, and also tells them how to donate, would be cool.

  427. Linda W says:

    Strangely enough, I was really impressed with the flashlight APP when we were at the lake without a “real” flashlight. It helped to find a dropped key and it lit the path from the boat to the house. It also made me think we should have been better prepared lake goers. lol

  428. marie says:

    Pandora and Scrabble. I love them both.

  429. Deacon JT says:

    Most used – and favorite app – is iBreviary TS!

  430. Chris Kidd says:

    The spotify app is the one app I love the most, I pick a theme and let the music flow. I even hear some artists that I haven’t heard in a while and some I have never heard of. Better than an ipod to me because I don’t have to pick a playlist the app is the playlist.

  431. brio says:

    Friends call me a contrarian, but I see myself as a free thinker. Most of the US is moving over to cell phones. I don’t own a cell phone or a land line. I guess my reluctance to get a cell phone is that I see them as pacifiers. I work at a university and between the faculty and students, it seems everyone is more focused on their phones that on one-to-one contact. Cell phones are like a baby’s pacifier–take it away the child (or adult) starts crying. Apps? I don’t need no stinkin’ apps.

  432. D Weidendorf says:

    I rely on Epocrates for my daily work activities. Lets me adjust doses, figure out what, exactly my patient is on from his half-remembered med list, and tells me whether their insurance will cover the meds. Truly a life-saver.

  433. geri a says:

    Words with friends, hands down.

  434. Linda R says:

    My cell phone is a work phone, so my apps are very limited. I do like foursquare though.

  435. Linda R says:

    Oh, does FaceBook count? I love FaceBook. It is my pacifier…lol

  436. eric wilson says:


  437. Michael_Haz says:

    There are many apps on my iPhone, but the three I use most are:

    Tweetbot to keep in touch with twitter friends

    The online banking app for my bank. Checkbook? Who needs a checkbook?

    iTriage. I don’t use it very often, but when I need some quick medical or first aid knowledge, it’s worth its weight in app gold!

  438. Bobby Joe says:

    I’m completely off the grid.

    Good post though. I guess I would use the xmas list app.

    I could use any app to help get myself organized.

  439. NP says:

    I like my mobile google reader app a whole lot

  440. Karen Wente says:

    IMDB for my iPhone. I always have to figure out what movies or tv shows actors have been in.

  441. Christy Garcia says:

    I have seen this weather radar app that I would love to have on a smartphone…someday…when a smartphone and data plan are in the budget…when the last one in through school, maybe….

  442. Mike Cohen says:

    I have to admit I love the mobile Comcast/xfinity app that lets me program the DVR from anywhere, or watch stuff on my iPad.

  443. Jen (yup, another one) says:

    Hmm. I’ve only had my iPhone for a couple of weeks but so far, I’d say KeyRing, which has freed me from lugging around all those ridiculous store loyalty cards; Red Laser, which allows me to scan barcodes and get an immediate price check of local and online stores; Facebook; and Pandora, Pandora, Pandora. Spotify is great but Pandora is FREEEEEEEEE!

  444. Robin says:

    I don’t use many apps, so don’t have any great suggestions for you. I’m still stuck behind technologically. Though a brand new computer would certainly help me get ahead!

  445. Tiffiany says:

    Loving all the fine motor apps for my daughters iPad. It also has opened up the world to let her do her worksheets with scan to pdf & pdf filler

  446. Amy says:

    Chicktionary! I can play that little game for hours.

  447. Loretta Weaver says:

    I have had a “smart phone” for nearly a year and have no clue about “apps”. My son had to show me the basics and I haven’t learned anything other than the texting and calling. I have so much to learn!

  448. Bohemian says:

    Rush ap, word with friends and coast to coast

  449. Jason D says:

    Wish I would have known about the christmas list sooner…could have come in handy…maybe use it next year. Thanks

  450. Megan says:

    I love my smartphone. Love Camera+

  451. Bob says:

    What do I know about smartphones- I’ve got a Blackberry.

  452. Julie says:

    My favorite app for iphone or ipad is netflix. Nothing better than watching a movie or TV show whenever, wherever.

  453. Thad says:

    Lots of great suggestions in the comments. I am going to pull up several of them to try.

  454. Roy says:

    I love Words with Friends myself. Maybe I will go all Alec Baldwin on a plane someday.

  455. Kevin says:

    Favorite Apps:

    1. Cut the Rope – cool physics of motion and my son will clean his room to play it for 30 min.

    2. CNN Live – great quality live streaming on ipad . . .

    3. Food Network – In the kitchen .. . . .

    Happy Holidays

  456. Rick Lawson says:

    I love Opera Mini for its bandwidth saving browsing capabilities.

  457. Shannon says:

    I completely agree about Spotify, but for my list making, I’ll stick with Remember the Milk. It synchs across all my devices and is tops in my book for list making/organizing.

  458. Jen Deshaies says:

    Oh I wish I had a smartphone:( Instead I just had to downgrade to a basic phone- at least I still have texting though!

  459. Corbyn Hightower says:

    Needless to say, I’m a happy and obsessive user of the Facebook app. Also addicted to many of the photography ones. I think I use my phone as a camera more than anything else.

  460. Howell says:

    getting ready to get a brand new smart phone. They are more powerfull than my first computer an IBM XT.

  461. Adiah says:

    No smartphone, and no tablet, yet.

    I could really use one. Uses would include access to our Cozi calendar schedule, to-do-lists, various bits homeschooling info, ability to update the Netflix queue, games to keep the kids occupied in the van, Google Maps and local traffic reports…the list goes on.

  462. St. B t says:

    hands down: “I’ma Unicorn”. Every photo I have now has a unicorn horn! That alone makes me cool and respectable to young and old alike.
    But I also like Colors and Layers. Seems like these tablet/phone things are most suited for drawing and writing stuff.

  463. Bianca Wooden says:

    I feel like I need a “App Coach” to help me determine what apps I would enjoy and would improve my life. The only Apps on my phone are one to check the weather and facebook.

  464. Shari says:

    It is alarming how quickly and thoroughly one becomes dependent on apps! I check the weather and news from several newspapers, the BBC, AP, etc., every day… Plus I am fully addicted to playing scrabble and words with friends. Terrible, terrible…

  465. Mr Munchie says:

    I frequent discussion forums that focus on my interests, and appreciate those that have developed free apps for their easy use with smartphones. I wish all web forums would do this. They will, won’t they?

  466. Howard Cohen says:

    I still am without a smart phone, and feel really out of the loop. I have also noticed that it is getting harder to buy “used” CDs.

  467. Fredrik Nyman says:

    Angry Birds. So addictive.

  468. Ray says:

    Actually I have a Windows Phone 7 and really don’t need any apps. It’s got most everything built-in.

  469. Patrick says:

    Evernote, OmniFocus and Keynote are essential apps for me.

  470. amy says:

    Instagram sounds fun, wonder if they have it for droid

  471. allen krasnasky says:

    Opera mini is my favorite.

  472. Robin says:

    Gotta admit I swear by Angry Birds. Perfect for dealing with the unexpected wait, downtime as a carpool rider trapped in traffic yet NOT in control of the radio or breaks, and for kids at their sibling’s basketball game. Other one I love is the STEREO Solar 3-D view of the sun in near-real-time. Somehow, its fascinating. But…I saw in the comments there’s Tetris out there somewhere…I, too, am new to the smart phone world and hadn’t realized that. Gotta run download that…appreciate the column with the great ideas!

  473. K. D. Johnson says:

    My fiancee came home from her office as a high school counselor here in New Jersey two nights ago and told me she had a student who was struggling very hard. He is being raised by his grandparents who have little or no money. The school expects the boy to access his teachers’ webpages to keep up with his class assignments. When my fiancee told him to follow those instructions, he was embarrassed to confess there is no computer in his home and no funds to buy one. We’re arranging for him to have a part-time job to pay for internet access.

    If I could win this Dell computer, he’ll have one.

  474. Sharon says:

    White pages
    Weather channel

  475. W. T. says:

    “Must have?” Well, there are these niche apps that I really, really like. A couple of them hardly anyone else will need, but:

    iPhone, iPod Touch: Woodworkers Fraction Calculator – it’s a calculator that does arithmetic in fractions, just like they’re read off the tape measure. I’m not a professional carpenter, but I find myself doing fixit and home projects just often enough to make this worthwhile, and not often enough to do fraction arithmetic in my head very quickly. So I really like this one.

    iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad: Distant Suns – I have finally begun to seriously watch the stars and not just learn the names of the constellations, but recognize them in the sky.

    Chief complaint: the new Reminders app on their new IOS won’t sync with the ToDo’s, now renamed Reminders, on OS X Lion.

  476. j. fox says:

    Dog Whistle is interesting. That app and a piece of cheese can train your dog!!

    j. fox

  477. Lilian says:

    I don’t have a smart phone, so no apps to suggest, but we do have an iPad an my son has downloaded tons of apps. I like the star gazing one (don’t remember the name). Well… I’m keeping my fingers crossed that maybe I can win the Dell!

  478. physics geek says:

    My phone sends and receives phone calls. It’s the Amish cell phone, so to speak. However, my phone bill is miniscule, so I’m okay with it.

  479. Curt says:

    I love music, so Pandora and TuneIn Radio are used a lot. Just learning to play guitar in my spare time and GuiTune Lite does a surprisingly good — to my ear at least — job of helping me tune my hand-me-down third-hand guitar.

  480. Gary D says:

    I wouldn’t want to be without my slacker or google music apps.

  481. randy says:

    my google maps apps as the bing maps on my windows 7 phone always sends me to the wrong direction. solataire for mndless fun. amazon apps and chuck norris facts for my son

  482. Kelly says:

    A testament to how popular an app is angry birds is its sheer ubiquity. One need not even have a smart phone. It can be played on the computer and I believe, on Facebook. Talk about demand! And I am addicted along with the rest. The app stays alive and maintains its relevance because of it’s frequent updates of new levels – for no extra charge. Talk about a good deal!

  483. Jimmie says:

    Instapaper, the Blogsy blogging app, Dropbox, and the Kindle reader app. I use them all often and my iPad wouldn’t be nearly as useful without them.

  484. Ruthie says:

    I can’t live without Craigslist pro!!! How did I ever shop before it??

  485. rajee says:

    I must have Blogsy blogging app

  486. LJ Taylor says:

    Titanium Backup Pro and Angry Birds are my two favorite apps…can’t live without ‘em…;)

  487. Amber W. says:

    No fair, I don’t know any apps! I have a very basic (and old) mobile calling device…I don’t think I can even call it a “phone” with how multi-tasking phones are now. All it does is call; I don’t even have texting! I like it that way though!

  488. Steven L. says:

    Chess for Friends.


    Opera Mini also was nicer than expected; Googlemaps has been handy; iHandy level (hanging pictures).

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