Backyard Homespun Christmas Tree Adventures


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 For weeks I have been contemplating just how we would decorate for Christmas this year. Firstly, WHAT exactly would we decorate? With no pine trees or even fake pine trees in sight, I felt stumped by exactly how we would pull off creating something that looked even remotely like a Christmas tree. We have squirreled away one strand of Christmas lights from our past life, and four ornaments recently arrived via suitcase from my mother in-law. That, my friends, is the extent of our Christmas “gear.” In our past life, the one BEFORE our giant move to the middle of Africa, we had one big Christmas bin and when it was opened every year we all knew Christmas had ARRIVED. With no such Christmas bin to our names, no trees to be found (and not enough books to make that crazy book Christmas tree I recently saw on Pinterest) we did the only thing any sane person would do.

We took a kitchen knife to our backyard lime tree and sawed ourselves a Merry-little-Christmas.

Luckily, we have our good friends visiting us from the States. They assisted with the whole sha-bang and were in full support of “Christmasing” among limes. We stuck our freshly sawed lime branches into a bucket, filled the bucket with steadying rocks, and hauled the whole contraption into our living room. I have never seen four 30-something-adults so delighted with themselves!  My friend Abby and I decorated the tree in our flip flops with paper and string and (you guessed it) more limes while sweating from the heat and listening to “White Christmas.” I knew that there was no way I would be creating anything that even slightly resembled a Winter Wonderland, but I have to say I am proud of us for making a plan and creating something beautiful with barely any supplies. And hey, it’s summer-time during Christmas in many parts of the world…Winter Wonderlands are over-rated!

how to decorate with fruit, homemade Christmas tree, homemade fruit ornaments, homemade ornaments,

Here’s a closer look at our backyard homespun Christmas tree adventures…

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    Chop, chop.
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    Limes, beautiful limes!
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    Getting the "tree" ready.
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    Decorating time.
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    Making ornaments out of anything we can find.
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    Doilies reinvented.
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    Limes, wine corks and butchers twine are all you need.
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    We got the glitter out. It was bound to happen!
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    Some of our decorations.
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    More ornaments being made, this time incorporating some African beads.
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    She's finally trimmed... it might be a white Christmas after all (or maybe just a really hot one).

In case that slideshow is just too much clicking, here’s a Pinterest ready collage for you.

how to decorate with fruit, homemade Christmas tree, homemade fruit ornaments, homemade ornaments,

Happy Christmas-ing! I hope your tree is beautifully trimmed, but more importantly my hope for you this year is that your heart abounds in courage, love and the TRUTH of Christmas!

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