How do kids do it?


Yesterday I was lying on the sofa watching Noah play on the rug, building a glorious tower with his building blocks. Exhaustion began pulling on my eyelids. I closed my eyes for a moment with no intention of sleeping.

kid-blocksI woke up no more than 20 minutes later to a very different scene. Every toy had been pulled from the toy bin. I got up and went to find Noah. Toys spotted the kitchen floor. His bedroom had gone from mostly clean to a disaster zone. The cushions were all pulled from the couch and stacked along with several blankets that had been pulled out to make a fort. The Lincoln Logs had been dumped and spread. I grumbled and made my way into the kitchen where a box of crackers sat open in the middle of the hardwood floors. How did he do it, and how did he do it all so fast? I thought to myself.

I finally found Noah pumping soap into a now full sink of water in the bathroom. Water covered the counters and floors. “Daddy, I’m giving Buzz a bath,” he said pulling a little buzz lightyear action figure from below the surface of the suds.

Seriously. How do kids do it? How do kids create an hour of clean-up in less than five minutes? How do they pull out (and somehow play with) every toy in the house in less than twenty minutes?

It wasn’t the first time he’d accomplished so much in such a short span either. There was a reason I had no intention of falling asleep when I closed my eyes that day.

Are you as amazed by this phenomenon as I constantly am? Have you ever accidentally (or purposefully) dozed off and woken up to such shenanigans? What’s the craziest thing your kids have “accomplished” in an unrealistically short amount of time?

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing