How Single Parents Can Get the Most Out of their Smart Phones

I’m going to try something different here on Danoah Unleashed this month. I’m going to focus the entire month’s posts (4 total) all on the same topic. This month: different aspects of single parenting.

How Single Parents Can Get the Most Out of their Smart Phones

As a single parent, life can be beyond tricky to juggle. But most of us also have these little tiny computers in our pockets (our smart phones) that can make life as a single parent so much easier. Here are some of the ways I use mine, and I’d love to hear how some of you use yours.

1) I use my phone as a babysitter. Yep, I said it. Sometimes single parents have to take their kids places they don’t want to. Appointments. Haircuts. You name it. I rarely ever let my kid play on my phone so that playing on my phone is a real treat for him. And, when I need him to sit quietly while I take care of other things, I let him know that he can play it as long as he does just that. Works like a charm and it helps the time fly by for him.

2) Pizza apps. Yep, I order gooey, hot, drippy, unhealthy pizza sometimes for me and my kid, and smart phones have made it easier than ever. Just download the Pizza Hut app, or the Dominos app, or the Papa Johns app (I use all three), and then have fun with your child dragging toppings onto your pizza, scrolling the desserts, and whatever else. Of course non-single parents can do this too, but as a single parent who is in charge of everything, it makes things all that much easier.

3) Pandora. If you have a smart phone and are a parent, Pandora will quickly become one of your best friends. Turn on the toddler station or the kid’s music station and have confidence that your kid will get the best, clean, classy music made for kids just his age. This is really handy when you need your kid to help you clean, on long drives, and while you’re both cooking together.

4) Cameras and camcorders and photo apps. Single parents have plenty of complicated things to worry about, documenting their kids lives shouldn’t be one of them. Smart phones nowadays have incredible cameras and camcorders built in, but they also have really cool apps that let you basically scrapbook on the fly. I really like Pic Jointer and Snapseed on the iPhone.

5) Dating Apps. Almost every major dating website has a pretty dang good app available for its members. Single parents can answer emails, flirt, and do all sorts of things while they wait for their kid to poop, sit on the side of the swimming pool during swim lessons, or sit outside of school waiting for the bell to ring. My favorite two apps are and OKCupid.

6) Photo sharing. Single parents usually love to see what’s going on when their kids are at their other parent’s house. With many smartphones now, you can share photos or folders of photos automatically with whomever you like. This makes sharing pictures of your kid simple and automatic.

7) Sex Offender Locator Apps. All parents can benefit from this. There are apps that will show you on a map where registered sex offenders live. You can choose the best routes for your child to walk to and from school, make sure no precautions need to be taken where you live, etc.

8) Netflix. Most smart phones have a Netflix app, and if you have an account, sometimes it’s just really nice to crawl into your child’s bed with him, away from the big TV, and watch a show or a movie on your phone… on your child’s turf.

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