How to Be More Grateful in Five Simple (Daily) Steps

Every day, I think about gratitude and about how I should try to be more grateful in my life. And every day, it’s a struggle.

When there are so many reasons to want more, it’s hard to be happy for what we already have. Here are five ways to help you do just that — be happy for what you do have, even if life doesn’t always seem so wonderful at all times.

Do you do any of these to become more grateful? If not, what do you do?

  • Stop And Smell the Roses 1 of 5
    Stop And Smell the Roses
    Okay, so they don't have to be roses. But they should be flowers. Stopping to smell a flower is one of the simplest, most basic things we can do to tap into our inner gratitude. Our sense of smell is powerful, and combining that with a moment of pause is - truly - revolutionary.
  • Look At the Clouds 2 of 5
    Look At the Clouds
    Being grateful is about taking time to stop and pause. Looking at the clouds is a perfect way to do just that. It may sound silly -- a bit childish, no doubt - but take a moment and lie down on a spot of grass. Look up, and see what you see around you. Whether you try to find hidden shapes in the blue or just drift away, the act of taking this moment is important to create more gratitude.
  • Look At the Small Things 3 of 5
    Look At the Small Things
    A lot of being more grateful is in taking time to see things around you, and small things are better than anything else at making this happen. Take a ladybug, say. A small, tiny thing we often ignore. See it. Now really LOOK at it. You'll be more grateful.
  • Take Time With Those You Love 4 of 5
    Take Time With Those You Love
    It may seem obvious, but that doesn't mean you're remembering to do it. When our lives are busy as busy can be, we often neglect the most powerful asset we have to feeling better on a daily basis - our family and friends. Take time with someone you love today.
  • Don’t Forget the Furry Friends 5 of 5
    Don't Forget the Furry Friends
    If you have pets, you likely already know how important they are to your well-being. Remind yourself of this when you're not feeling as grateful as you could be, and take time to spend with one of your furry friends. If you don't have a pet, that's okay. Pet a dog you see in passing in your building. Snuggle with one in the park. Be near an animal to be more grateful of our world.

Article Posted 3 years Ago
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