how to get twice the milk for the same price


We like many families are trying to find ways to cut little costs and make economical choices.

Now I’m not totally sure WHY this never occurred to me before, but we gave it a try.

My live-in helper Jackie and I got the very scientific ingredients.

You ready?

  • gallon of whole milk
  • empty milk container
  • water

Watch this ( start at 1:25) and it talks about the accidental milk brilliance.


So, we tried it.

We took a gallon of whole milk and split it between two containers. Then we filled the remaining space with plain water from the tap. The kids drank both gallons of 2% milk without noticing the difference.

The kids that complain when we changed butters.

They noticed the swap of cheese.

They didn’t notice anything when they went through the milk.

It worked as 1:2 ratio because my kids are used to 2% milk, but I wonder if you’d get 1:3 for 1% milk.


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