How to Give a Gift That Will Blow Someone’s Mind

So, we gave some really great gifts this year, but none of them can compare to this one.

Getting an iPad would be great, but the care and detail that went into this gift is sure to make it something this guy’s girlfriend will never forget.

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  • Everyone wants an iPad right? 1 of 16
    Everyone wants an iPad right?
    Well, this isn't any ordinary iPad...
  • Pink Foam 2 of 16
    Pink Foam
    Congratulations, here's some pink foam. JUST KIDDING! Keep going.
  • Designing the ruse! 3 of 16
    Designing the ruse!
    Have to do some blueprints and cut some aluminum.
  • Wireframe 4 of 16
    It's getting all technical now. COMPUTER LANGUAGE. BEEPBOOPBOOPBEEP.
  • Filling it in… 5 of 16
    Filling it in...
    Getting the picture yet? This is no ordinary iPad box.
  • Computer! 6 of 16
    This is the coding that tells the machine how to cut the fake iPad up.
  • Code = Work 7 of 16
    Code = Work
    Then, the code does this!
  • Cutting away! 8 of 16
    Cutting away!
    That is a scary machine.
  • Finished cut 9 of 16
    Finished cut
    This is the opening, can you guess what the final product will be?
  • Blaster! 10 of 16
    Giving the gift a better finish.
  • Afterblast 11 of 16
    We've got a finished cut. Now, to finish it up.
  • Edgy gift! 12 of 16
    Edgy gift!
    Adding chamfers to all the edges just like a real iPad. Now, this guy is just showing off.
  • Tool for the job. 13 of 16
    Tool for the job.
    This tool is how he did the lettering.
  • With letters! 14 of 16
    With letters!
    Now with letters that make words!
  • Snug as bug 15 of 16
    Snug as bug
    It fits right in the box. That pink foam fits right in the opening. And now for the final touch.
  • BOOM! 16 of 16
    Do you think she said yes? ;)

Images by RADROB 

Spectacular, right? In a followup post, this metal cutting gentleman said that the jig was almost up. Several times.

For weeks before, people on Facebook were posting about his plans. He just crossed his fingers and hoped that she wouldn’t find out. On Christmas Eve morning, he had all of their family over to their house to open some presents. The family members were all in on it. She opened her gift first and that was that. The next moments were a blur, but he remembers crying and hugs.

She said yes.

Congratulations to you both!

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