How To: Twist Your Way To Great Holiday Hair

Great Vacation Hair

Am I a stylist? No. Have I tried EVERYTHING in the book when it comes to managing my hair in the hot African heat? YES. A few months ago the production company that shot Long Miles Coffee Project asked us to watch the episodes and give them our feedback. The first thing that I noticed while watching the episodes is that my hair often looks like one big FRIZZ-BOMB on camera. I gulped back tears about the fact that I will NEVER look like the Kardashians on camera, and then decided to swallow my pride and embrace authenticity.

The show was shot almost a year ago, in conjunction with our move to Burundi, and since then I have completely changed my hair regime… making it less frizzy and a whole lot easier to manage. This method is especially useful when vacationing internationally somewhere warm and when tragedies like Hurricane Sandy hit. Not that I am suggesting you should be worried about your hair during a hurricane (prayers still going your way, NYC). What I am saying is that this method doesn’t require any electrical power or conversion plugs which makes it really useful when you are traveling outside your home country or when you are without electricity. I use this method all the time, no travel excuse needed.

{see the how-to slideshow after the jump}

You will need:

Aveda Be Curly

Aveda Confixor

Moroccan Oil

  • Twist that Hair. 1 of 16
    Twist that Hair.
    Begin with wet hair, or if you have electricity and access to a blow dryer, dry your hair until it's about half dry and then begin.
  • The Tools. 2 of 16
    The Tools.
    Be Curly and Confixor, both by Aveda and Moroccan Oil light. These three products last me AT LEAST 6 months, often a year, and they are all you need to smooth out the frizz and hold your waves.
  • Be Curly by Aveda. 3 of 16
    Be Curly by Aveda.
    Just a smidge.
  • Get it in there. 4 of 16
    Get it in there.
    From the mid-shaft down.
  • Round 2. 5 of 16
    Round 2.
    Next, put just a smidge of the confixor and a pump or two of Moroccan Oil in your palms, mix them together and run them through your hair from the mid-shaft down.
  • Don’t forget! 6 of 16
    Don't forget!
    Coat your ends too!
  • It’s time to Twist. 7 of 16
    It's time to Twist.
    Divide your hair (this does not need to be a perfect part) and begin twisting it counter clockwise, away from your face.
  • Hold it! 8 of 16
    Hold it!
    Once you have a nice twist (not too tight, or your hair will take a decade to dry) you are ready for the next step.
  • Twist Again. 9 of 16
    Twist Again.
    Bring your hair up off your neck and twist the two twists into one (not too tight) twist.
  • Another View. 10 of 16
    Another View.
    Let's call this "the double twist."
  • Bun it. 11 of 16
    Bun it.
    Once this twist is together, begin to wrap the twist in a circular motion (like a bun) near the base of your head.
  • Secure it. 12 of 16
    Secure it.
    I use pony tail bands (wrapped two or three times over different parts of the twist) to secure my buns. Opps, BUN. You could pin this if you would rather.
  • All done! 13 of 16
    All done!
    Here's what it looks like all rolled up. It's not perfect, but good enough.
  • Drying. 14 of 16
    Twiddling thumbs while I wait for my buns... opps, BUN to dry (Does making a bad joke twice magically make it good? Probably not). Actually, I was having coffee with friends and then doing the school pick up.
  • All dry! 15 of 16
    All dry!
    If you want to leave your twisted bun like this overnight, feel free. I've done that plenty of times. Mine was dry by lunchtime (I started it out completely wet, not half dry).
  • Ta-Dah! 16 of 16
    The final product, easy frizz-less waves... even in the African heat. Depending on your hair type, you might want to add an extra pump of Moroccan oil (from the mid-shalf down). I've never had any problems applying it to dry hair, if it's just a smidgen.

I realize there are a million and one different hair types out there in the world… take what’s useful for your hair type and leave the rest. Let me know how it goes after you try it out! Love yah, peace out. Yep, I just said peace out.

Read more from Kristy at Long Miles Coffee Project . For daily updates of her adventures in Africa, be sure to follow her on Facebook, Twitter and especially Instagram. 

Article Posted 3 years Ago
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