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Lamar and Ronnie Tyler have used social media to build an online movement around promoting healthy families and marriages. By following their passion, they have stumbled into their purpose. From blogging to speaking to creating films with sold-out screenings across the country, the Tylers are loving life and each other along the way. You can find out more about the Atlanta based couple and their four kids on their personal blog

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6 Signs You Wasted Your Money on Christmas Gifts

It’s been almost a month since Christmas, so I asked my kids (as I do every year) which of their Christmas gifts they are still playing with. I turned to face them as they were sitting in the back seat of the car. And my youngest daughter took a brief moment to think about this MORE »


5 Ways to Tell If Your Heart Is in Your Marriage

A lot of people say that they want their marriages to be better. But, I can tell that they don’t want it bad enough.  I can tell that their heart isn’t in it.  When your heart is in something, it is a central part of who you are. When your heart is in something, your MORE »

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It’s Time to Grow Up: 20 Mistakes to Avoid After a Break-up

Don’t let your past relationships ruin your future relationships.  Let me rephrase it and say it again … Don’t let one failed relationship keep you from having successful relationships in the future.  There are a lot of things that you can not control in life (such as your ex.)  But the one thing you can MORE »


10 Ways I’m Working on Being a Better Wife in 2014

Because of the work that we do, Lamar and I have been able to talk to hundreds (if not thousands) of couples about their marriages. And the one thing that we have found is that those couples that consider themselves to be “happily married” are intentional about making their marriages work.  This means that they MORE »

VIDEO: Should You Feel Alone In Your Marriage?

VIDEO: Should You Feel Alone In Your Marriage?

We recently received a question from one of our readers asking if you should ever feel alone in your marriage. For some that may sound like an odd question, but it is one that we’ve heard before. When we initially think of marriage, many of us think of a partnership and the focus on spending MORE »

How Do You Prepare For Marriage

VIDEO: How Do You Prepare for Marriage?

Over the years we’ve received lots of questions, some of which come from our single readers. One of the questions that our single readers often ask is, how do you prepare for marriage? In this week’s episode of The Husband Wife Life web series we give you our quick tips on how you can prepare MORE »


No More Excuses: 25 Ways to Improve Your Marriage in 2014

“You can’t have a maximum marriage with a minimum effort!”  That’s a quote from my husband, Lamar, and it’s basically a mantra for our website. If you want the best out of your marriage, then you have to put your best effort in it.  If you want things to change in your marriage, then you MORE »

10 Reasons You're Trying To Run From a Good Woman

10 Reasons You’re Trying to Run From a Good Woman

This week Ronnie and I are teaming up to help singles around the globe… or at least the block! We’ve worked together to create two lists that will hopefully help you find the love that you need and the love that you deserve. Despite what some people say about wanting to find “the one” to MORE »

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