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I Need a Chiropractor To Screw My Head Back On Straight


I Need a Chiropractor To Take a Load Off My Neck #MLTV

My head is not screwed on straight. No, really, my head is not screwed on straight and it is making me older, more tired, and even sicker. No, I don’t need a psychiatrist, I need a chiropractor.

I was born with a birth defect, a congenital hip disorder called hip dysplasia. As such, I have had to live with many aches and pains in my hip sockets my whole life. However, the last year and half I have been experiencing ever increasing pain that ultimately has kept me from working out, dancing full out in my own concerts, and to some degree walking around anywhere for long periods of time with my kids. This summer I was managing a bit better because I was visiting a chiropractor about two times a week. By the time school started back I was actually feeling relatively human. That’s when my budget took a serious hit. Since I was feeling better, I thought I would be okay to cut down my visits to save money. Well, I didn’t just cut down I ended up cutting chiro out, completely, and that cut my health off at the knees, (or more accurately, at the hips). Lately I have felt like someone is cutting me in half with a chain saw. (“On a scale of 1-10 what is your pain?” Is 11 an option?) The pain got so bad I knew that budget or not I had to do something and fast. So, I bought a chiropractor package from Groupon. Why didn’t I go back to my other chiropractor straight away? Because the Groupon package included x-rays. I felt it was time I had a clearer picture of the degeneration of my hips. I mean, an orthopedist did tell me after I had my first child 15 years ago that I would probably have to replace my hips before I turned 50. At 43 my warranty is running out. And since I don’t have healthcare still, Groupon was my best option.

I went to the office and had the films taken, and they did a physical exam. I came back the next day to hear the verdict, fully prepared to begin a countdown to hip replacement surgery. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Turns out my hips aren’t the problem, it’s my spine.  My spine is curved and torqued, the discs are starting to bulge, and the cushions are wearing away. I’m hunching forward. I’m losing range of motion. And, dear me, I’m even getting shorter. WHAT!!! I mean, I knew that I wasn’t in the shape of my 20s but I can still kick high, do a double pirouette, bend over and touch the floor with my palms with my legs straight, how could I possibly be in such a horrible state? I really thought my posture was awesome too! Although, I wasn’t basing that off of what I saw in the mirror, I was basing it off of what I felt from the inside out. That’s what is cruelest of all. My body was not only failing me it was deceiving me. Betrayal! (Deep breath.)

I Need a healthy Spine. I Need a Chiropractor #MLTV

As startling a piece of news this was there was some good to be acknowledged as soon as the shock wore off. For one thing, I don’t need hip replacement surgery. WOOT! That’s worth a celebration. Plus, my spine issues aren’t so bad that they can’t be reversed. It will take some serious work, but it is doable. And best of all, by fixing my spine I may finally get relief from a number of other ailments I have been suffering from like acne, asthma, allergies, insomnia, weight gain, incontinence, and even depression. What does my spine have to do with al of that? Everything. Absolutely everything. We really take our spines for granted. But a large part of our nervous systems pass through our spines. Each nerves that passes through a vertebra is directly related to some organ, system, muscle or joint in our bodies. And when our spine is out of alignment our nerves are affected, and some form or function suffers.

Even though I still don’t have my health insurance in place I am heading back to my chiropractor immediately. He is analyzing my x-rays and plotting a course to get me back to wellness. I am ready to make the journey. I am choosing to make my health a priority. I am choosing to no longer live in pain. I am choosing to live my life to the fullest not just survive.  Hey, sounds like I am well on my way to getting my head screwed back on straight already. Nice.


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