"I'd Rather...": The Lengths That Mothers Will Go To Avoid Their Worst Nightmares

"I'd rather smoke crack than eat cheese from can." GWYNETH PALTROW


Every so often we write a post that really hits a nerve with our readers. A post that opens up the flood gates and acts as a cathartic lightening rod for MOMS EVERYWHERE to just LET LOOSE on those deep dark feelings that they have been carrying around for months, maybe years.

We  are so thrilled that we’ve created a safe place for you to FINALLY let the world know how you really feel about Jersey Shore, serial killer clowns and eating your family pet.

These are the moments that make us proud.

xoxox Sam and Allana

p.s: Any opportunity to post a picture of a dog in a bun is a home run for us.

Some of our favourite “I’d Rather” comments (add yours below):

  • “I’d Rather… 1 of 9
    "I'd Rather...
    ...have 24 hours of intestine-destroying, hallucination-inducing food poisoning than attend a child's birthday party at Chuck E Cheese." SUSANNE
  • “I’d Rather… 2 of 9
    "I'd Rather...
    ...give my dead mother's ashes to a serial killer clown than go through labor without an epidural. (My mother is not dead, and I do not know any serial killer clowns - that I know of)." ELLEN
  • “I’d Rather… 3 of 9
    "I'd Rather...
    ...force my kid to eat the family pet before I would feed him Chicken McNuggets.
 (No animals were harmed during the making of this comment.)" ABIGAIL
  • “I’d Rather… 4 of 9
    "I'd Rather... Toopy and Binoo for 2 full hours than watch any Jersey Shore, ever." TIA
  • “I’d Rather… 5 of 9
    "I'd Rather... daughter live in a world where Snooki won't get hired for "public speaking" at UNIVERSITIES for 30k (THIRTY THOUSAND???!!) for public speaking !!!!!!!!??? At a UNIVERSITY???(Oh, wait wasn't there supposed to be a second part to that?)" GABY
  • “I’d Rather… 6 of 9
    "I'd Rather...
    ...lick a petri dish full of chicken pox then hear the ‘Potty Dance' ad again. Because it sticks in there & you can't get it out. Like that ‘Wrath of Khan' earworm thingy." PRETTY MUCH
  • “I’d Rather… 7 of 9
    "I'd Rather...
    ...pull each of eyelashes out, one by one, than watch anything Kardashian." AMY
  • “I’d Rather… 8 of 9
    "I'd Rather...
    ...supervise your kids with multiple dietary restrictions on a week-long trip to Disney during peak season than go through labor again." LINDSAY-JEAN
  • “I’d Rather… 9 of 9
    "I'd Rather...
    ...have my gall bladder removed through my nostril than have to spend time with someone who doesn't hold doors for strollers." (Seriously, I could do this all day…) ALLANA

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