#ifihadglass: Id Fly to Africa, Hop on a Camels Back, and See Where It Takes Me


glass1You know those things that you always say you’re going to do but never get around to? Yeah, we all have them. For me it’s visiting Africa. For you, maybe it’s taking a cross-country road trip or going skydiving. So what’s stopping you? After you check out Google’s groundbreaking Project Glass — nothing will be.

These high-tech glasses are like a hands-free smartphone for your eyes, allowing you to surf the web, send a text message, call your friends, and even take photographs and videos — all with simple voice commands. Don’t believe us? Check it out for yourself:


I’m sure by now you’ve probably thought of a thousand things you’d do if you had Glass — be it recording your kid’s dance performances, getting driving directions to new soccer fields, or pulling up instructions when doing … er, I mean helping … your kids with their science projects.

So how can you get your eyes on this piece of history? Google’s running a new Twitter campaign asking people to get creative and think about what they’d do if they had Glass. Share your idea using up to 50 words on Google+ or Twitter including the hashtag #ifihadglass. (Up to 5 photos and a 60-second video can be included with your entry.) Come up with an awesome idea, and you might be one of the lucky Explorers chosen to try out this new technology. The campaign ends next Wednesday, February 27th, so be sure to share your idea in time! Good luck! –By Jennifer Gimbel

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