I'm About To Try Water-Boarding


I have a 13yo son.  Punished

And this son brings all kinds of interesting questions to the table.

Who would win? Zombies vs Vampire

Which James Bond was the BEST James Bond?

Are you going to finish that?

Is grounding fair when more than the wrong-doer is punished?

My son is that age where he can stay home by himself.

But it’s hard to enforce a punishment that he enjoys.  He likes time to himself.  He likes peace and quiet.

So I feel that to really make a punishment get through his titanium skull I need to be there to keep giving him things he doesn’t like doing.

Cleaning the litter box.

Folding laundry.

Raking leaves.

But there’s this feeling that I’m being punished.

Is it a side effect that I have to endure grounding with him to make it’s effective?


is it another sign that the punishment isn’t working properly?

What do you think: Is grounding still an effective punishment?

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