I'm skipping Thanksgiving this year


spamOvenroastedturkeyI give birth to our second child next week. We moved into a new house two weeks ago. The house is still disorganized and feels unfamiliar but I’m too pregnant and sluggish to do much about it.  Half the house is unheated. We have an ant problem.  My car just died, compelling us to buy a new one. After a torrential rain fall a few nights ago, I noticed the water coming out of all the faucets and toilets was a sludgy, dirty brown.

Call me crazy, but I’m not in the mood to do Thanksgiving this year.  The thought of whipping up a big turkey or even driving for hours to visit family feels like work (I’m  afraid the baby might decide to make her debut during such a road trip). All I want to do is sit on the couch, watch DVDs and eat cold Spam with Jake. Now that sounds like a festive holiday.

Usually, I’m not such a kill joy, but this year is a special circumstance. I’ve never skipped Thanksgiving before. I’ve always rallied in some form or fashion, whether going to visit friends, or roasting a small bird (even if it’s a chicken). It almost feels transgressive to avoid the whole spectacle. We weren’t even invited anywhere this year (other than by the in-laws), which is sort of unusual. Jake volunteered to roast a big, beautiful heritage turkey for tonight’s feast, but I told him that defeats the purpose of bypassing the holiday. If we’re going to skip it, let’s be rebels and skip it totally and completely. No turkey, no gravy, no bean casserole with those weird petrified onions on top…not even that crappy cranberry jelly in the shape of a can. Unfortunately (or fortunately?), my husband couldn’t resist paying homage to the day so he and June made a chocolate cream pie which we’ll all scarf down on tonight. At least it’s not pumpkin. For tonight’s “feast,” I made pork tacos, which was about the most non Thanksgiving meal I could come up with without having to go to grocery store.

Despite thumbing my nose at T Day this year, I know I have a lot to be thankful for: good health, an easy pregnancy, a great marriage, great family, a new home, a wonderful little girl with another on the way. What more do I need? Still, I’m glad we’re taking a breather from the festivities this year. It feels good to settle into the stillness of my new home and carve out a sacred space for my own little family.

I might even do something else that’s totally out of character for someone like me on this big holiday weekend: Hit the stores. I never shop on Black Friday — or Black Saturday, Black Sunday or even Cyber Monday — because I can’t stand crowds and am not convinced the savings are even that great, but this year I might make an exception. You know, just to stick with the whole transgressive theme.

I’m such a rebel.

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