In The Homework Battle: Score One For The Teacher


Facebook Like ButtonWhen I was in the seventh grade we did a book report on the “Grapes of Wrath” that made my brain slide out of my skull.

We never found parts of it.

My son has to do a history project in HIS seventh grade.

He has to build a fake Facebook page for the historical icon of his choosing.

If you aren’t familiar with Facebook it’s a social media tool so you can connect with people.  It has places for everything about you, past or present. It has….oh who am I kidding…my mom’s on Facebook, you probably are too.

So, keeping study techniques entertaining and relevant in a way that keeps the kids learning the information they might otherwise just forget is smart on the part of this teacher.

I’m very impressed with any teacher that is able to take historical facts and present it in a modern twist that get kids interested and mentally involved.

Now, if I can get this teacher to come up with a strategy to get kids to clean their room there’s a cash prize!

What methods have teachers used to keep your kids thinking?

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