Infinite Imagination: Kids Review Disney Infinity

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“WHOOSH! Take that!” yells my daughter as she plays in the yard, wielding a stick like a sword. “Ahoy!” She dances around, giving the hydrangea bushes a solid whack. “Um, Tori?” I ask, “What are you doing?” She responds, “I’m being a pirate!”

I know we worry about kids and screen time these days there’s no doubt that my daughter looks at some sort of digital screen far more than I did as a kid growing up in a house without a television but I believe her screen time is doing her well. She plays games that help her build worlds, practice basic programming, and encourage exploration and imagination and sometimes the on screen play tumbles off the screen and into the physical world.

She’s very enthusiastic about playing pirate right now because she’s madly in love with Disney Infinity and Captain Jack Sparrow (her mom is fond of Captain Jack Sparrow as well: JOHNNY DEPP SWOON). I was chatting with her about her love of the game, and asked her to give me a few quotes about playing it. It went so well that I decided to reach out to some other bloggers to ask what their kids love about the game as well.

Here’s what they had to say!

  • They love it! 1 of 7

    Find out why kids LOVE Disney Infinity:

  • Atticus and Zane 2 of 7

    Clearly, my daughter would get along wonderfully with these two! Whit, their father, sent along these quotes from these two cuties.

    "Disney Infinity is the best game in the world." - Zane, 7

    "Correction, Disney Infinity is the best game in the world. EVER." - Atticus, 10
  • OMG It’s the best game ever! 3 of 7

    My daughter, Tori, is seven years old and an avid gamer. She was completely obsessed only with Minecraft until Disney Infinity came into our house; now it is definitely her preferred game of choice. When I started taking photographs of her talking about the game, she got so animated I could barely keep her in focus. While I love the way it incorporates problem and puzzle solving and reinforces memory, she says, "I love the Monsters University part because you get to scream at people and scare them."

  • Stock the pantry! 4 of 7

    When I asked Ciaran about her kids and Disney Infinity, she said, "What springs to mind is "stock the pantry!!" Apparently, this game has made her house very popular. "Ever since we got Disney Infinity my house has become the neighborhood hub. My kids are almost too popular! I'm snack mom to the masses."

    Pardon me while I go mourn the lack of children my daughter's age in our neighborhood...

  • Let Me Tell You About The Toybox 5 of 7

    When I asked Tori about the different elements of the game, she gave me a twenty minute explanation about the ToyBox and how it lets her build things and customize the game the way she wants and then I zoned out and I don't remember because if it's not Candy Crush, it's beyond my gaming bandwidth. 

    All I know is she loves it. Her shirt says it all.

  • Causing trouble — digitally 6 of 7

    When I asked Tracey about her daughter's thoughts on Disney Infinity, she said, "My 10-year-old daughter got to test out Disney Infinity at the D23 Expo, before it hit the streets." So what did she think? "When I asked her what she liked best about it she responded enthusiastically, "Toilet papering the trees of Monsters University. Um, OK, I guess I've got lots to look forward to come Middle School and beyond."

    Oh, Tracey, I am right there with you. Tori LOVES doing that. See ya in court.

  • The pirate is my favorite, Mom 7 of 7

    My daughter just loves Captain Jack Sparrow the best in Disney Infinity. But she is nudging me hard to buy her a character that is a girl, so I have to get her Violet and Mrs. Incredible as soon as I can. I wonder if they give Mrs. Incredible the power to stretch in the game? Because that would be COOL and might be enough to get me to play the game too. I love me Mrs. Incredible.

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