Inside Friendship

Inside jokes punctuate friendships.

Sure you can like someone without sharing one. You can respect a colleague or love someone’s work. You can share common interests.  But until you have an inside joke, you’re not really friends.

The more you have, the closer you are.

You know that time when you spit laughed so hard you hit the person behind you with the coke you were drinking?  You know that ridiculous hairstyle you rocked in the eighth grade that they still remind you of?


The more your stomach hurts from laughing, and the less you’d want the world to know why, the tighter the friendship.

We aren’t over simplifying years of having someone’s back, or knowing someone so well you can tell how they’re feeling three texts into the morning we’re saying that laughter, and inside jokes especially, are the stuff friendships stands on.  We are defined in friendship by those shared stories, between those who truly know us, and want to hang out with us any way.

We’d take it even further and say that in fact, the difference between a friend and a best friend, is that they think you’re awesome because of this very stuff.  They wouldn’t change a thing and are right there beside you, ready to take on the world one misstep at a time.  This is the stuff that makes life easier, that make the person you lean on when everything else is hard, a safe place to fall.

This blog is about best friendship, the inside joke kind.  But we promise it isn’t going to be one long inside joke – it’s just going to start with one.  Consider it our way of starting our friendship with you.

Alison: The first inside joke we ever had actually started with the first thing we ever said to each other.  Which kind of made us fast friends, I think.

Scott was tweeting to someone, as he does, and used a quote “Some, call me Tim” and asked in the tweet if maybe the quote itself was a little too obscure…

Now, if you know where it comes from, then we think you’re awesome (+5 Scott and Alison points for you!).

So being someone who watches waaay too many movies and has a pretty boring life in general, I knew it was a Monty Python quote right away.  I totally interrupted the tweet, jumped it and said something terribly witty like “duh, Monty Python. What do I win? ;)”

And that was it.   That was how we became friends.

Tim went on to become my first nickname for Scott.  It punctuated the beginning of our friendship and became our first inside joke.

Scott: You know, it’s really the worst nickname of all time.

Alison: No, it’s not.  It’s awesome.

Scott: It’s NOT awesome.  Skippy would have been a better nickname.  Calling someone by the wrong name is a horrible nickname.

Alison: silence…

Scott: Every time you say it, I get messages asking me to explain it.  People think you’ve just got my name wrong.  It’s a horrible nickname.  No one knows the movie reference and so no one knows it’s a nickname.  All my followers named Tim tweet at me when you do it….

Alison: I think that makes it funnier.  Which is why it’s the perfect inside joke.  And, if you keep calling it the worse nickname ever, I’m gonna call you Tim every day.

Tim: ….Oh, I see what you did there.

Alison: I’m totally going to name this blog Tim.

We know what you’re thinking.  You think inside jokes are oversimplifying it, right?  Isn’t it really trust, or mutual respect that define friendship?  The thing is, you can have those things with people you don’t really like.

Your best friend is not just someone who you respect.  It’s someone who once saw you in the middle of a breakfast, smiling with strawberries all over your teeth and called you a fruity hobo.  Changing the words strawberry, fruity and hobo into the funniest three words of all time.

And who even after that ridiculousness, still likes having breakfast with you.

Scott: Not that that ever happened to us.  Or is one of our inside jokes…

Alison: Shhhhh. I swear if you show them that picture of me with my strawberry teeth…

This blog is going to be about a lot of things. Kind of like we are.  We’re going to write about being friends and what that means in a whole bunch of ways to both of us.  We often work together on stuff, are both parents and own our own businesses.  We travel lots and one of us is wicked at air drumming and a killer dancer.

The other one of us is a girl.

There may be times when we aren’t too sure what to write about and we just post screen shots of Alison beating Scott at a variety of video games.

Scott: or vice versa

Alison: Sure Tim, whatever you say.

Scott: Can we write about how you want to get an electric car, but never remember to charge your Blackberry?

Alison: No. No we can’t.

We are very excited to be working on the blog together and hanging out on here with all of you.

What do you think? Do inside jokes define friendship?

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