Interracial Cheerios Ad and Brown People Are Here To Stay

Miss Lori is a proud daughter of a mixed race couple

Once upon a time there was a Mommy and there was a Daddy, and they had a little girl, and she liked Cheerios. The end. Oh wait, I forgot to mention the Mommy was white, the Daddy was black and the daughter was so cute she belonged in a commercial. ROLL TAPE!

In case you didn’t know, I am of mixed race. That means it took more than one color of person to make me. My mother is white and my father was black. (Well, that’s at least some of what he was. It’s pretty obvious that there are some additional ethnic influences in my make up.) Uh, but I am adopted. Completely by chance my mother is white and my father is black. The adopted ones. Oh, and I have been in commercials and TV shows. Not with them, my parents, either set. But their presence is kind of implied because of my curly hair, cafe au lait skin and big full-lipped smile. I didn’t just make myself. Ergo, if people don’t mind seeing my face on TV pitching a brand, supporting a campaign or guiding children, what the heck is all of the hub bub about the Cheerios ad? There are mixed race people all over ads and entertainment. Did you, (the “you’s” who left so many negative comments about the interracial Cheerios ad above that they had to turn off the comments on Youtube), think the brown people on TV were dropped out of the sky by a stork? (Wait, you didn’t really did you? Because then I will have to post a whole ‘nother story about how babies are made.) If they, mixed race people, are okay on their own what problem could anyone possibly have with seeing their entire family unit? Are brown people okay only as long as you don’t have to think about mixed race couples having sex to make them? (Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!) Ohhhhhh, so this is really about sex. All of you negative comment posting people prefer your brown people on TV to be like Denzel Washington in the movie Much Ado About Nothing. (I swear he was the only person of a color other than white, pink or peach in the entire movie.) Is that what you would prefer, that brown people are just peppered ever so slightly on the TV for flavor, but not originate from or be attached to anyone else?? Yeah…too bad. Cheerios isn’t pulling the ad and we, the brown people, are going to continue to show off our white and black parents, (on TV and in real life), PROUDLY!

Miss Lori and her Mamacita


Miss Lori


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