Introducing Boheme Shalom & Reverie Lux


I realize many of you already read Girl’s Gone Child (or maybe you don’t? but if you do!) I apologize for being redundant but I’d feel odd not announcing the birth of my girls, last Tuesday September 13th. Boheme came first at 8:44 am, weighing 5lbs, 12 oz and Reverie came one minute later, 5lbs 3 oz.


Boheme on the left, Reverie on the right

The girls are doing incredibly well, although, still in the NICU dealing with common preemie feeding issues.We’re hopeful they’ll be out soon we can all be together at home, as a family of six. In the meantime, I’ve been spending much time with my babies in the hospital, loving on them as much as I can. Oh! And filming them sleep… because, HELLO… they’re THE CUTEST THINGS EVER I JUST DIE OMGxinfinity.

Here’s Reverie at two days old, being VERY dreamy:

And here’s Bo, four days old being VERY … emotional?

I was trying to explain what it feels like to have twins… to look down into the faces of TWO BABIES together, to know that not two weeks ago you carried them around in your body and they’re HERE NOW HOLY SHIT HOW IS IT EVEN POSSIBLE?

After some thought I realized it’s kind of like celebrating a birthday on Christmas. Except multiply that by a billion.


Now to get them home…