Is Facebook Envy Worse For Parents?

Last week, a study was released that suggested that Facebook is making many of us miserable.

Ironically, at the time of the release of this article, I was locked out of my Facebook account due to an error on their part. They thought I was 12 – I took it as a compliment.

After the intial 8 hours of panic over not being able to check my home feed, and nervous, repeated home buttonpushing on my iPhone, strangely, I started to relax. It was actually a relief. A relief to not face the constant barrage of awesome going on with all my friends. A relief not to feel like at any moment I’d have to share the awful truth. I was still in my pajamas at 2 pm. It left me free to accept the lack of anything in the fridge for dinner and that the house was a mess. Who cares!? Who was there to judge me? I was OFFLINE.

A wise friend once told me that Facebook is where everyone posts their highlight reel. Real life is the bloopers. I’ve always agreed, and really considered myself a little above it all. I know I’m not perfect and I don’t pretend to be. I’m happy when my friends have great stuff going on in their lives.

But given the amount of relief I experienced, it is a wee bit possible that I am infected with this now named disease of Facebook Envy. Turns out I’m not immune. I, like most parents, want the best for myself and my kids and sometimes, on the worst of days, it can seem like the best is happening in every one else’s feed.

Good thing I have plenty of friends who also keep it real, and provide balance!

What sort of posts trigger the green monster for you? I’ve got a few examples, as well as a dose of Facebook Envy prevention to share. Scroll through to the end!


  • Family Vacation Envy 1 of 14
    Family Vacation Envy
    This usually strikes mid winter break when we have had a staycation in our jammies, and everyone is sick of being home.
  • Prepared Parent Envy 2 of 14
    Prepared Parent Envy
    Brought to you by your child's most OCD Kindergarten room mom.
  • Perfect Husband Envy 3 of 14
    Perfect Husband Envy
    If your husband is passed out on the couch snoring while you deal with dishes, this kind of stuff always pops up in your feed.
  • Weight Loss after Pregnancy Envy 4 of 14
    Weight Loss after Pregnancy Envy
    Just un-friend this person. She's not nice.
  • Soooper Genius Envy 5 of 14
    Soooper Genius Envy
    This will show up in your feed the day your kid fakes sick to get out of going to school because they did not do their homework. Again.
  • Sleeping Baby Envy 6 of 14
    Sleeping Baby Envy
    This is probably the same "friend" who posted about the weight loss. No wonder she has time to exercise.
  • Birthday Party Envy 7 of 14
    Birthday Party Envy
    When we were kids we got a cake (Carvel if you were lucky) and a couple balloons. Painted ponies? Seriously?
  • Gourmet Envy 8 of 14
    Gourmet Envy
    If you wanted to order a lunchbox like this, you'd have to pay $40. But it was EASY? Of course it's all organic. Make sure your kids never see stuff like this. They might get ideas.
  • Having it All Envy 9 of 14
    Having it All Envy
    Highlight reel... has to be!
  • Weather Envy 10 of 14
    Weather Envy
    Brrrrr. That's cold!
  • Gorgeous Baby Envy 11 of 14
    Gorgeous Baby Envy
    No baby acne, drool, or awkward teeth loss phases here...
  • New Car Envy 12 of 14
    New Car Envy
    Ever wonder if some of these status updates are sponsored? I do...
  • Friend/Me Time Envy 13 of 14
    Friend/Me Time Envy
    Comment to leave: Can I come next time? Please?
  • Un-Envy… the REAL Deal 14 of 14
    Un-Envy... the REAL Deal
    Thank goodness there are plenty of parents on Facebook keeping it real. These are your REAL Facebook Friends.

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Article Posted 3 years Ago
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