It Tastes Like Zombie


Let’s talk about eggnog.

My opinion about eggnog is this: I will obligingly have one very small glass during the holiday season, served ICE cold, and I do mean ICE cold with a splash of whiskey. After that I do not want another glass until the following year, when Christmas tradition dictates that I drink it. In fact, I don’t really want to be in the same room with eggnog after my token glass. Just watching others drink it and seeing the thick remnants on the glass makes me feel a little sick on the inside.

My husband on the other hand would swim laps in eggnog if I allowed it. He guzzles glass after glass, practically tonguing the glass to get every.last.drop. (That last sentence isn’t entirely true. He actually stands at the refrigerator and tongues it straight from the carton. *shudder*)

I just cannot imagine! The thickness! The richness! The word “nog.” It’s too much, I say! It’s too much! Blech.

My son found our carton of eggnog in the refrigerator and asked to try some.  We’ve been working on his manners, so he took a sip, then politely placed the still full glass next to the sink.

“Didn’t like it, huh?” I asked.

“It tastes like zombie.”

Where do you stand on this most important of holiday issues? Eggnog yay or nay?

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