It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's an Ichthyosaurus!


Over the years, I’ve showcase artwork my kids have created on my blog.  Then I’ve made fun of it.  In a good-natured way, of course.  I love kid’s artwork!  There was Art 101 and An Author Gets her Start among others.  I have a big box of saved work for each of my kids and I enjoy pulling it out to look at it now and then.

But here’s a piece from yours truly. I’m not sure how old I was when I drew it, but I’m hoping I was only 5 or so.

It’s either the worst drawing of a bird I’ve ever seen, or I had the idea that dolphins (or prehistoric aquatic creatures) could fly.  And clearly I didn’t understand the concept of spatial relations as the Ichthyosaurus seems to be on the inside of my window.

I’m so glad my parents kept a box of my school work!  Do you keep stuff from your kids?  If so, what?  Do you keep everything?  A few select items?  (I keep most artwork and all writing assignments.  For the most part, the plethera of worksheets that comes home daily gets tossed.)

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