Join us in supporting JCPenny and The Ellen Show


I’m against anything full of hate.

I’m sickened by something that calls itself the “Million Moms”, as if it represents me as a parent.

“Million Moms” has launched a campaign against JCPenny using Ellen DeGeneres – a frankly gay woman – as their spokeswoman.

I’m a mom.


So, I missed the “Shop-In” that was supposed to be on Sunday 12th. Where you could post pics of yourself at JCPenny with the hashtag #jcpshopin.

I’m declaring that you may have missed the shop-in, but you haven’t missed your chance to show Ellen and JCPenny that you support their stand against bigotry and hatred.

  • Take a picture of yourself with a sign that says “I support you, Ellen & JCPenny”
  • post it on twitter/facebook/blog
  • add @TheEllenShow

It’s a great opportunity to teach your children that you won’t let ANYONE use your voice without your permission.

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