Just Being Myself: Sharing Lessons in Parenting, Sports, and Life

CannonballI have been a Babble fan for a long time.  Many of my friends have contributed, and so this a proud day for me. I finally have a Babble Voice. In life, I have a few major skills I can fall back on.  Swimming is the obvious, but my true skills are a) the ability to detect the presence of any pool within 1000 yards — I am like a beagle on a chicken bone when it comes to the scent of chlorine.  For most of my life, it was my perfume whether I liked it or not — And b) my experiences and the many people I’ve met along this journey we call life that have shared their knowledge with me. My wealth of knowledge isn’t all that astounding, but I have learned a lot about sports, parenting, healthy living, and  life and continue to learn more everyday! And that is why I am so proud to be contributing to Babble.

Now, let’s lay this thing out.  I plan on writing about things I know, things I think I know, things I know I need help with (with a little help from my expert friends), and things that I find so hilarious, they just have to be shared.  Here is how it will break down…find the beat…

  • Healthy Living-Everything In Moderation
  • Organization- Simplifying Chaos
  • Parenting- Authentic and Imperfect
  • Sporting Life- Mama loves her football and running, and watching the kiddos play.

But most importantly, each of these lessons will come from a genuine authentic place.  The best advice I ever received after winning my medals at the 1992 Olympic Game was to  “just be yourself.”  I digested those words at the wise age of 19 and thought, “That’s silly,  of course I will be myself. To play someone else would be so much more complicated.” So there it is, I am just me.  A semi-chlorinated working mom of two, a wife, and a girlfriend, who just happens to have a few Olympic medals tucked away in her sock drawer.  Not because I don’t love my medals, but because when they are rolled up in their cute little pouches, they look like a pair of socks. That’s just me my friends.

More About Me

  • My DVR’s schedule includes “Game of Thrones”, “Breaking Bad”, “NFL Live” and “Modern Family” for my husband and I to watch together; and then “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Parenthood” just for me.  I am easily sucked into reality shows, but never have the time so rarely DVR them.
  • My husband is a three-time Olympic skier, so the question we get most often is, “So are your kids going to be skiers or swimmers?” To which we reply, “We just want them to be happy. But if they get my speed and my husbands endurance, they better take up another hobby.”  Truthfully, I want my kids to play sports because the life lessons you can learn through sports are amazing and much less harsh.
  • I still love to swim and live for the Olympic Games, but I find true joy in running and being a parent.
  • My parenting life includes swimming, skiing, a taste of gymnastics, lots of Martial Arts, bedtime routine battles, and iPad security, as well as the things that I believe to be the most important: good food, great friends, family, and awesome conversation.

Hopefully my life will sound a bit like yours and together we can understand the comedy of life a little better together. If there are topics you wish for me to tackle, let me know. I love the challenge. Thank you for reading. I am looking forward to this journey.

(PS – There is a fly buzzing by my computer right now, and it is driving me crazy. I have actually been trying to catch it “Mr. Miyagi” style but I am very slow. Do I leave it be or keep trying….. Just one more of life’s complicated questions.)

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Article Posted 3 years Ago
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