Keep it Simple, Sweetie


Before you go out and buy every gift known to mankind this holiday season, remember that simple is good.

The most well loved toys in our house are simple. We love punch balloons, art supplies, figurines (we have every figurine known to mankind) and implements of destruction (light sabers, toy guns, swords, tinker toys- you catch my drift).

The best toys don’t have to be expensive, or impress the neighbors, they just have to be fun. Punch balloons and regular balloons are the top toy in our house for 13 years running. Every age, from great grandparent to preschoolers) love to play keep away or catch with balloons.

When the relatives are visiting, keep an extra supply of balloons handy and your visit will be 10x better. Santa loves to leave balloons in stockings here, I guess Santa knows the best gifts are often the easiest.

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