Kid/Pet Proof Your Well Designed Life With Flor (Fall Preview)

Our house is small (about 1100 square feet) with a wide open floor plan so the living room really does become the heart of our home. It’s our room-of-all-trades. Play room, game room, craft room, entertaining space, TV room…you get the gist. Ours is not a house with a separate room for everything.

And so, we’ve discovered over the years that your average run-of-the-mill “high traffic” area rug will not cut it. Between countless parties, a serious commitment to the game Rock Band in the late 00’s, and now a toddler and three dogs, rugs do not fare well in our home. And I do not fare well when my living room is in shambles because let’s face it, with 1100 square feet, there’s really no where to hide. And then I discovered Flor.

Okay to say I discovered Flor would be an outright lie, because I’ve been drooling over their catalogues since like 2005, but a few months ago I had just reached the end of my rope with frayed, ill-fitting, stained rugs so when Flor offered me a few squares to try out and create the perfect rug to fit my space ever-changing space? It was kind of a no-brainer. (Conveniently, I can now re-shape my rug according to my moods).

And seriously, it has been life-altering. This rug has improved our life. Spill? Yank up a square and rinse it off. Accident? Yank up a square and rinse it off. And we even have an extra square that we can rotate in while it’s drying. No pilling, no staining, no maintenance, I love this rug. Also everyone who sees it comments “oh, but it doesn’t look like separate squares.” Which just goes to show if square patterns aren’t your thing, you can still find Flor styles that feel seamless. (For the record, I like square patterns, but not as much as I liked the idea that the print we chose would totally hide any stains or paint splatters I might miss.)

Anyway, probably the worst thing about having chosen my Flor is that I no longer get to waste tons of time flipping through the catalogue and arranging Flor samples next to our furniture. And when they shared with me their new fall styles that are coming out in just a few days? I kind of wished my rug was less durable so I could start all over again. I mean seriously you can pour bleach on this thing and the color doesn’t fade. It’s kind of goes against science.

Well, I’m no longer in the market for Flor (until I get a bigger house, and then look our wallet, because I’m Flor-ing every room!) but maybe you are? And if not, their styling and photos sure are pretty. [All images provided by Flor and used with permission.]


  • My Flor 1 of 20

    We went with Vintage Vibe and added a border to compliment our wall color, but should we change our wall? We can easily change our border. (As usual, this photo taken while we're still in the process of re-doing our living room.)

  • Fall Preview: Jim Dandy Periwinkle 2 of 20

    Available early September, I love this eye-popping pattern.

  • Fall Preview: Positive Slant Black 3 of 20

    It's like create your own adventure with Flor-ing.


  • Fall Preview: Jim Dandy Slate 4 of 20

    I love how they use smaller strips and squares to disrupt the pattern. For our rug, we ordered a border that came precut. It's like DIY without the slices from carpet cutting blades.

  • Fall Preview: Jim Dandy 5 of 20

    This one runs straight through a solid black stripe.

  • Made You Look 6 of 20

    Made You Look in Black, Slate, Blue Jay and Persimmon

  • Like Minded 7 of 20

    Like Minded in Grey paired with Parallel Reality in Grey.

  • Mellow Chorus 8 of 20

    Familiar Chorus in Taupe with Mellow Mood in Taupe and Cream.  Familiar Chorus features bold and irregular bands of soft wooly tones that come together seamlessly.  

  • Stripes For Days 9 of 20

    Made You Look SU13ST FLORug. The fluctuating flow and placement of these colorful stripes lends a fun, rhythmic visual appeal to any room.

  • Vintage Vibe 10 of 20

    The pattern down the middle is the one we went with. Moroccan-inspired and modern all at once.

  • The Possibilities Are Truly Endless 11 of 20

    Chenille Charade in Persimmon and Remembrance in Fuschia (both cut diagonally) surrounded by Made You Look in Denim.

  • Custom Fit 12 of 20

    Mellow Mood in Grey.

  • Mix and Match 13 of 20

    Remembrance SU13L FLORug in Tidal.  This rug combines Remembrance in Tidal, Chenille Charade in Azure and Reoriented in Grey.

  • Pattern Revisited 14 of 20

    Pretty Promise in Black.  This organic, random pattern is easy to design with and easy to maintain.

  • Laid Back Groove 15 of 20

    Laid Back Groove in Taupe and Black.  Subtle striation creates a soft linear rhythm across a solid backdrop for a seamless look and cushiony feel underfoot.

  • Jitterbug Memories 16 of 20

    Jitterbug Memories was a close second for us.  Artfully durable and impossible to install incorrectly.  Available in Black (shown), Grey and Taupe.

  • Checkerboard This 17 of 20

    Made You Look SU13U FLORug in Multi (with colors Bone, Pearl, Beige, Fawn, Tawny, Porpoise, Pebble, Eggnog.

  • I burn. I pine. I perish. 18 of 20

    Chenille Charade in Azure

  • Still My Favorite 19 of 20

    Again, that's Vintage Vibe, our pattern of choice. I still love these inspiration shots.

  • Organic, Renewable, Sustainable 20 of 20

    And totally cruelty free.


A big thanks to Flor for providing me with that sweet Vintage Vibe rug. If you want some Flor of your own, beginning Labor Day weekend (8/31 through 9/8), all of the Wool styles of FLOR will be on sale 25% off to make room for new wool offerings. You should totally get in on that action. Styles include:  Manx, Love Ewe, and Lamb Cord.

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