Kids Songs You Are Embarrassed To Love

When my kids were small, I was sure that I would be able to continue listening to the music I like, and morph their musical tastes to match my own. But now that they are old enough to have an opinion, it’s a totally different story. Our car stereo is now on continual Radio Disney rotation . . . and the sad part? I haven’t morphed their musical tastes – they’ve morphed mine.  If I’m honest, I find myself singing along to the stuff they like more often than I’d like to admit. Here are some of the kids’ songs I’ve grown to appreciate.

  • I See the Light – Tangled 1 of 22

    If this song does not make your heart flutter then maybe you don't have one.

  • My Love Is Like A Star – Demi Lovato 2 of 22

    I took my daughter to a Demi Lovato concert last year, and I downloaded the set list beforehad so she could learn the songs. It's possible that I'm still listening to the set list. Alone. In my car.

  • Rainbow Connection – Weezer 3 of 22

    Weezer covering The Rainbow Connection? Yes please.

  • Perfect – KidzBop 4 of 22

    Generally speaking, I find KidzBop intolerable, but every once in a while they cover something really well. This is one of those times. It doesn't hold a candle to Pink's version, but at least I can sing along to this one in the car.

  • Happy Working Song – Amy Adams 5 of 22

    This silly song from Enchanted is one I play for the kids when they are supposed to be cleaning. It drowns out the whining quite nicely.

  • Let It Grow – The Lorax 6 of 22

    This isn't my favorite kids movie but it's one of my favorite soundtracks. Let It Grow is a class full-out musical number that the kids and I love to sing along to.

  • What Time Is It – High School Musical 7 of 22

    I have no explanation for this one. Only shame. And jazz hands.

  • Man or Muppet – Jason Segel 8 of 22

    How can you go wrong with Flight of the Conchords, even if it was packaged for a kids' movie?

  • Muppet Theme Song – OK Go 9 of 22

    This modern spin on the Muppet Show's Theme Song by OK Go makes me happy and nostalgic at the same time.

  • Baby – Justin Bieber 10 of 22


  • Part of Your World – Little Mermaid 11 of 22

    If you ever meet my husband, you must ask him to sing this for you. He knows every word and sings with dramatic (albeit pitchy) conviction. It's the best worst thing you've ever seen.

  • Reflection – Lea Salonga 12 of 22

    Existential angst, a gorgeous melody, and a killer broadway belt. I cannot hear this song without singing along.

  • That’s How You Know – Amy Adams 13 of 22

    I think the dance sequence to That's How You Know is one of my favorite movie musical numbers, and my girls enjoy it too because LOOK! PRINCESS!

  • The Only Exception – KidzBop 14 of 22

    I know, I Know with the KidzBop again. But these kids nail this one.

  • Pop Song – Jill and Kate 15 of 22

    I love Jill and Kate, but this song is a departure from their typical folksy sound. Written as a joke/dare sing they aren't usually in the business of bubble gum pop, this song is completely addicting and a favorite of everyone in our family.

  • Thinking ‘Bout Somethin’ – Hanson 16 of 22

    I'll admit - I though Mm-Bop was a catchy tune even during the punk stage of my youth. And this song is even more fun.

  • Dig A Little Deeper – Jennifer Lewis 17 of 22

    This gospel-style song from Princess and the Frog makes me smile.

  • Kiss the Girl – Little Mermaid 18 of 22

    I love Coblie Calliait. I love Little Mermaid. I love them together even more.

  • Tip Toes – Jayme Dee 19 of 22

    This bubbly pop song from young singer-songer Jayme Dee is just so catchy you cannot not sing along. 

  • Maybe – Annie 20 of 22

    It's possible that I've been asked by my daughters to stop singing along so loudly on more than one occasion.

  • How Bad Can I Be – The Lorax 21 of 22

    Who knew Ed Helms could sing?

  • I Know It’s Today – Shrek 22 of 22

    The kids and I saw Shrek the Musical last year and I promptly downloaded this adorable song.

How about you? What are the kids’ songs you find yourself jamming to? You know you have some.

Article Posted 3 years Ago
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