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Oz Spies lives, works and writes in Denver, Colorado. She has over 15 years' experience working in the nonprofit sector; 10 of those in philanthropy. She and her firefighter husband have three children, and way too much sports equipment.

So Long, Farewell

In the last four years, I’ve written about morning sickness, miscarriage, two baby bundles of joy, and tantrums galore.  My boys have gone from six pounds and change to twenty pounds plus.  I’ve gotten loads of good advice on everything from handling motion sickness to getting babies to sleep through the night.   It’s been a fantastic MORE »


No Gifts Birthday Parties

Next month, my baby’s turning two.  I can hardly believe it.  Yesterday, he was waking up every two hours for more milk and another round of lullabies; now, he’s singing the lullabies himself, belting out the Cliff Notes version of You Are My Sunshine – Sunshine, sunshine, happy, dear, love you, sunshine away. For Jonas’ MORE »


Sleep Styles

One of my favorite things about little people is the many ways that they sleep. There’s the fly catcher:  head back, mouth gaping open in the summer sun while driving down the road post-day at the pool.  There’s the spread eagle: sprawled out flat on the back, arms and legs wide as a jumping jack, MORE »


Golden Parenting Moments

This past week, I’ve been blessed with a few golden parenting moments – you know, those times when you’re flooded with love for your children, a feeling that all is right the world, and a desire to figure out how to bottle the moment — and then to patent that ability to finance college for MORE »



On our recent trip to the East Coast, I impressed my big brother with my patience.  This, as any tempestuous younger sibling who threw things at an older sibling’s head knows, is a pretty big deal.  In our sibling relationship, it’s a milestone that’s almost as big as the time I learned to blow a bubble MORE »


Motion Sickness and Summer Vacations

After a half a dozen car and plane puke fests, it’s become clear that Jonas is very, very, very prone to motion sickness, the poor kid. We just returned from a trip out to the East Coast to visit family, and on the way out, he turned the plane and our rental car into his MORE »


Professional Sporting Events and Toddlers

This past spring, Axel played rugrat soccer.  Playing isn’t quite an adequate description of what he did- more like joyful running after his friends (some of whom were running after the ball), seeing who he could crack up with his exaggerated trip-fall-roll-wiggle maneuver (his mother, for one), and asking every five minutes if it was time for MORE »


Sand and Water Play

This weekend, my husband looked at an empty corner spot in our yard – one that used to house a mutant evergreen tree –  and decided that it needed to be filled, so he made the boys a sandbox in two hours flat.  I’m not quite sure how he did it all so fast, but that’s because I can’t use a hammer without MORE »


Parenting Super Powers

Jonas has discovered my parenting superpower: changing diapers. It’s not exactly something that I’ve dreamed about.  I’d rather have eyes in the back of my head, the ability to create a protective anti-germ shrink wrap around my boys, a magical power that compels 12 uninterrupted hours of sleep, or a voice so powerful that they MORE »


Bye Bye, Baby

Mama heartbreak of the week: Jonas refuses to be called a baby.  It’s not only the name calling sense that he objects to – I’m not so cruel as to call my 22 month old a big baby when he’s sobbing over the dog eating the Cheerios he threw onto the floor — but also MORE »

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