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Know Your Snacker! Snack Styles from Birth to Teen

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As the mom of four kids, I know first hand how much everything revolves around my kid’s stomachs.

Nothing shuts our family down faster than a hungry, grumpy kid. 

I keep a large stock of healthy snacks around at all times and I never, ever leave home without snacks. Seriously. There are granola bars stashed in my car.

Leaving the house with the whole family in tow is like a military exercise. Critical assessments must be done, pre-mission.  One must know:

  • The hunger status of all soldiers, anywhere from 1-10 on the ravenous/stuffed scale.
  • What provisions are available in the field – beyond the strip mall minefields
  • General field conditions: an ice cream truck at 4 o’clock when stomachs are growling, can be deadly
  • What portable edibles are available  back at camp
  • What style of snacker we’ll be dealing when hunger suddenly strikes.

There’s no way we’re going into battle without a plan. But our plans have varied greatly over the years.

It’s all about recognizing the different snack styles of your little soldiers, picking your battles and being prepared for the inevitable snack attack battle cry: “I’m huuuuuuungry!” 

  • Liquid Dieters 1 of 10

    These are the easiest snackers to accommodate if you are breastfeeding. You just need to be sure to pack lots of snacks for the breastfeeder!  If you are bottle feeding, you might need a cooler, and it might seem like a production, but trust me, you're going to be nostalgic for these days eventually. 

  • Wear My Snack Snackers 2 of 10

    These snackers are enjoying some new found independence. They can feed themselves and do so with gusto. Some of the snacks end up in them. More of the snacks end up on them. Consider food in squeeze pouches and/or dry snacks unless you like carrying wipes and doing lots o laundry. 

  • That’s How We Roll Snackers 3 of 10

    These kids are hungry but they are so engrossed in their activity that they might not realize how starving they are. We like to avoid road rage by hurling simple snacks in portable containers at them. 

  • The Gourmet Snacker 4 of 10

    This snacker loves trying new things and will happily travel to Paris for a proper French Baguette. Encourage him to try the snails too, as long as he's there. Good idea to pack favorite snacks for the journey. 

  • The Picky Snacker 5 of 10

    Toast again? This snacker seems to exist on the same four foods. Hopefully you can sneak in a few healthy, enticing snacks. 

  • Stealth Snackers 6 of 10

    These crafty snackers sneak up ninja style and make food disappear. It's best to leave things out that you know they want, and that you are ok with them eating, and then act surprised when the foodstuffs magically vanish. 

  • DIY Snackers 7 of 10

    The DIY snacker wants to put their own foodie flair onto their snacks. They will come up with some amazingly creative combos, and insist on the proper marshmallow roasting technique. You may need a few extra tools and supplies for this special snacker, but it's worth it in the end, especially if they are willing to share their s'mores. 

  • The Red Handed Snacker 8 of 10

    This shelfish snacker can't wait to get their hands on refreshments and doesn't pause to fetch a plate or a glass. He/she is so busted. Best to invest in single serving sized containers to keep this repeat offender from grossing the whole family out with their cooties!

  • I’ll take it all! Teen Snackers 9 of 10

    These snackers are never satisfied. They will drag you out for some snacks for them and a few friends and before you know it, you're doing a full on grocery shop. Make sure there's protein in your basket. So you don't have to do a second run for food in an hour or two. 

  • The Secret Weapon 10 of 10

    Whether you've got a stealth snacker, a teenager or a kid on the go, individually sized, portable and healthy snacks like Stonyfield's Yo Kids Pouches are a lifesaver. Stocking up on snacks like these is a good way to be prepared for snack attacks!


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