Lady Gaga To Address Youth Mental Health on Tour


Little MonstersI am not a Little Monster. Mainly because I’m not quite sure what that entails, or what the requirements are to be one. However, I will give Lady Gaga major credit for taking some action — real action — after the Newtown tragedy to address mental health in young people.

Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation is partnering with the National Council for Behavioral Health to promote mental health awareness and resilience among young people. As part of a 27-city Born Brave Bus Tour hosted by the foundation in conjunction with Lady Gaga’s concert tour, staff will be on site to offer information and resources about mental health.

The Born Brave Bus Tour campaign focuses on helping young concert attendees understand that mental health problems are common and treatable and that seeking help for themselves or their friends is an act of bravery. Mental health professionals staffing the tour events will reinforce the message that young people can play an active role in caring for their own mental health and that of their friends and classmates.

They have developed three key messages:

Be brave: Know your strengths
Act brave: Share your strengths
Stay brave: Build your strengths

I love the idea of reaching kids where they are to inform them in accessible and acceptable ways about how important their mental health is, and giving them the tools needed to build resilience. We need to talk about these things in as many different ways as possible. Keep up the good work Gaga.