Laughing Until You Snort is the Best Medicine

How can you not be happy when you see this picture?

When all the boys are together something strange happens. If one is happy, they all cheer up. If one is mad, they all start grumbling. If one is sad, they all fall apart. It’s called emotional contagion and it is powerful. Oddly enough my commands of, “Stop fussing. Can’t you all just be happy? There are real problems in the world,” just never worked to make them happier.

I don’t mean to sound heartless, but the boys have relatively easy lives and need to learn to snap out of momentary fussiness, especially when there is nothing wrong.

Now sure, we could all sit around and explore theories of what makes us happy, but I prefer the path of less resistance. Sometimes the boys, and their overly stressed mom, just need a mood lifter. Something that makes everyone laugh and forget whatever petty offense made them crabby. Are you ready for my secret? It’s the world of LOLs.

Don’t judge me, you high-minded hipsters, sometimes you just need everyone to laugh until they snort or pee their pants. Remember in my 35 for 35, I said you should try to have more fun?

Here are some of my family’s favorites-

Best Funny pictures for kids
Can you hear my Sargent voice in your head? :)


When the boys are all getting grumpy I put on my Sargent voice and yell, “Boys! Put on your WAR faces!” They can’t help but giggle!


Funny pictures for kids
I love that little girl!

















You haven’t lived until you wake up to a three year old sitting on your chest yelling, “AT DAWN WE RIDE!”
funny pictures for kids
Can't. Stop. Laughing.












Yes, I know it’s sad, but you laughed didn’t you? Classic faceplant is always funny.
Especially when it is not your kiddo.
funny kid pictures
We feel your deep pain, Little Dude.











This baby gets us giggling every single time.
Ever have an awkward moment at the dinner table and need to lighten the mood. You guessed it, a well timed fist shake accompanied with an very serious, “I hate sandcastles” works every time.
Funny kid pictures
I threw up a little in my mouth, then I laughed until I cried.










I’m not proud that this is a favorite, but it is what it is.
My boys think this picture is the funniest, most brilliant picture on the Internet.


I don’t let my kids online except certain approved websites, many of the funny picture sites have content that is inappropriate for kids. To bypass the downside of the sites, I have saved many of my favorites.  I will share our favorites with you here. Just bookmark this page and you’ll have an easy way to share funny pictures with your grumpy kids for an instant mood lifter.

After you bookmark, you must tell me which one was your favorite. And admit it, you laughed at the face plant one, didn’t you?

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Article Posted 4 years Ago
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