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Laura Mayes is an Emmy-winning writer, a founder of the Mom 2.0 Summit, Camp Mighty, Go Mighty, Kirtsy and her personal blog, Blog con Queso.

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I’m a Christian Who Digs Tradition and I’m Tired of People Speaking for Me About Things That Have Nothing to Do with Me or with Christianity. (AKA: Why I’m Shopping at JCPenney This Weekend)

By Laura Mayes |

I’m a Christian, and more than half of the people related to me are Christians. My other relatives are Jewish, or Agnostic, or obsessed with football, or all of the above. I live in a giant Red State…and my family has for nine generations. My family is also super into that fact. And the NRA. And Jesus.

We’re what They call “Traditional.” We are all married to people of the opposite sex (In fact, I’m the first person in my family to ever get divorced). We hold jobs. We pay taxes. We are civic leaders. We serve snacks at Vacation Bible School. We host community picnics and organize park clean ups. We even tithe. In other words, I come from a long line of  tradition loving, law abiding, Sunday School going, Red State Election voting, Christian, married, white people. It doesn’t come much more “Traditional” than that … in fact, don’t even get my mom started  about traditions (no seriously, please, don’t get her started).

And I am sick to death of people I don’t know dragging me into their who-knows-why arguments about all kinds of things that have nothing to do with any of the traditions I or my people value.

So let me be clear, Million Moms, this traditional mom does not agree with you. At all. So stop implying that I do.

For starters, if you are using Bible verses as your main means of arguing a point, you have already lost. If you are using them to get someone fired, you need to go outside and take a walk. Or volunteer somewhere.

In other words, shut up and work on living.

And with that, I’m going to shut up and work on living.

And then I’m going shopping at JCPenney on Sunday. We don’t need anything, but my parents’ church is taking donations for a women’s shelter. And from how I understand my Traditional God, He would be super into that.


*This post was brought to you by my annoyance of being lumped into a general traditional label (that I identify with) that was being used as a weapon of mass meanness to get someone fired for being herself. I’m not cool with that. Or with bullies. You can watch the whole thing here. I join with Ellen in honoring honesty, equality, kindness, compassion, of treating people the way you want to be treated, and helping those in need.  That’s what I traditionally value and believe.

**Want to know more? Here’s more. They say: “We believe that love and acceptance are family values — not hate and bigotry — and so we’re very proud of JCPenney for standing up to One Million Moms and retaining Ellen DeGeneres as its spokesperson. And we’re going to put our money where our mouths are by organizing a ‘Shop-In’ on Sunday, February 12.” I’m with them. And I agree with this group 100%.

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Laura Mayes

Laura Mayes is an Emmy-winning writer, a founder of the Mom 2.0 Summit, Camp Mighty, Go Mighty, Kirtsy and her personal blog, Blog con Queso. Read bio and latest posts → Read Laura's latest posts →

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27 thoughts on “I’m a Christian Who Digs Tradition and I’m Tired of People Speaking for Me About Things That Have Nothing to Do with Me or with Christianity. (AKA: Why I’m Shopping at JCPenney This Weekend)

  1. Bev says:

    Amen. Love your traditions. XO Bev

  2. Kat says:

    One word. LOVE

  3. Suebob says:

    I think Jesus would be ok with that. He wasn’t a terribly wordy guy and it seems like he enjoyed doing more than yakking.

  4. {sue} says:

    Amen, Laura. Me too.

  5. Robin Plemmons says:

    Well said. Thanks, Laura.

  6. Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah says:

    I love to hear this.

  7. Ris says:

    LIKE. Well said, and thank you.

  8. Julie Marsh says:

    This is why I don’t dig lumping believers together, and why I don’t dig being lumped in with other heathens. So well said, Laura.

  9. EdT. says:

    AMEN! Also, TESTIFY!


  10. victoria says:

    exactly. their is no love in so much hate. you go girl! you said it perfectly.

  11. Sherry Carr-Smith says:

    Yep. I’ll be at JC Penney’s on Sunday. And I’ll have to drive all the way into town to do it.

  12. Padrino says:

    Thanks LaHa.

  13. Catherine Connors says:

    Brilliantly, beautifully said. xoxo

  14. According to Lara says:


  15. Yalith says:

    I am not a christian, nor do I necessarily always value what most people consider traditional. It is always refreshing to see a ‘traditional christian’ practicing what they preach instead of trying to make everyone else do it. I have nothing but respect for people of faith who choose to follow a loving path. Bravo and kudos to you ma’am!

  16. [...] may have already heard all about this in from Tracey and Katie and Laura and many others, so I’ll spare you the re-hash. The good news is that despite the warblings [...]

  17. Sue says:

    I am so shocked that people that call themselves “Christians” would go along with the homosexual agenda! The article says if I stand on Gods’ word or use Bible scriptures then I have already lost… That is NOT true!!!! Gods’ word is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow and it says that that lifestyle is an abomination! He gives people living that lifestyle a chance to change and when they don’t they are turned over to a reprobate mind. You are all believing the lie that Satan is telling you! If you think it is so great why not ask my little grandaughter how she feels about it.. Her mother is gay and when this little girl was 18 months old she raped her using her mouth, fingers and a vibrator! The child is now six and continally lives in fear of that person coming back and taking her with her. She has been in therepy for 3 years and is still having nightmares and afraid of every sound she hears outside. If someone knocks on the door she runs screaming down the hallway and takes a nosedive behind my bed where no one can see her. Do any of you remember what Satan told Eve in the Garden of Eden? The great lie! And now YOU are falling for one of his lies! You had better get your Bible out and READ what GOD SAYS ABOUT HOMOSEXUALITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Laura Mayes says:

      Sue, I want to reply to you because it sounds like you and your grandaughter have had to deal with a lot of unimaginably terrible things. I hate everything about that. Also, what you’ve described sounds like something not related to sexual orientation but rather an intense abuse situation. I am so sorry that your family is having to deal with that kind of abuse.

      I am a Christian. And the agenda I support is one of equality. And love. Almost all of the rest is arguments, interpretations and semantics.

      As I said, I do not want to get into a biblical argument because I’m not interested in doing that (I leave that to my very smart brother-in-law working on his PhD and 3rd dissertation on biblical studies…my family is a riot at the dinner table…) and also because I don’t want to get into arguing other biblical references that state slavery is good, stoning people to death is encouraged, and eating shrimp cocktail is a sin. Because that’s all in there too.

      The point is, we’ve been given this one life to connect with and encourage each other. And that’s where I want to put my energy.


  18. Jessica Grimes says:

    I am a Christian I do not agree with some things about million moms- but I don’t see anything wrong with them wanting to exercise their rights to boycott a store they feel is going against what they believe it. I think they are on to something when our media and culture prop up things that go against biblical teaching ( sex before marriage, lust, homosexuality, divorce ( outside of abuse or abandonment) etc ) and its OK that they want to do all that they can to help swing the pendulum back to the center. Just like the people that demanded that Komen fire its VP or that they reverse their decision about PP.

    Now – how they targeted Ellen was distasteful to say the least. But a general boycott of Pennys without targeting Ellen and calling for her to be fired would have been fine with me. Thats the American way! We gather together in our lil group and try to change the world for the better ( or at least what we think would be better in our own lil minds)

    I also think its imperative that we do not forget ALL of what Jesus taught. He is LOVE and GRACE!

    He also told those that were in sin to GO and SIN NO MORE. He did not just go– you’re ok, Im ok, we are all ok. Dont worry…. it will all be Ok.

    It will ONLY all be OK when you turn towards the Lord- confess with your mouth that HE is the only way and run to Him- running AWAY from your sin. Homosexuality IS a sin- not a bigger or worse sin- but a sin none the less. We should love people and help them fight the good fight against their sin ( be it homosexuality, anger, pride, adultery etc).

    Let us not cheapen Jesus’s full teachings in order to make nice with todays pop culture. Even Jesus said we would be persecuted because of our faith. Some people will not like us because of what we say. Thats ok. If its said in love- its Ok. You cannot change that.

    In the end – being “liked” by this world will get you no where. Holding fast to Jesus ( and ALL that he taught) will get you ever where.

  19. Monica says:

    Thank you, Jessica. Well-written and I couldn’t agree with you more.

  20. CK says:

    AMEN. I completely agree with the author. I, too, am a Christian mom who believes that we should love one another and learn to celebrate our differences and promote equality in our society. Ellen, as far as I can tell, is a lovely, honest woman and an excellent choice for a spokesperson.

    (@Sue–I am so glad you are able to intervene on behalf of your granddaughter, who, like all children, deserves a loving, safe home. However, your situation really does sound like one defined by abuse and is not indicative of her sexual orientation, but some sort of mental illness. I suspect that the vast majority of gay people (parents or not) would be shocked and appalled by this behavior and would applaud your efforts to remove her from the abusive parent immediately.)

  21. Laura Mayes says:

    Jessica, I totally agree in standing up for what you believe in, for sure, and of course. And I, like you, don’t agree with the bullying method they elected to engage in. That’s what I reacted to. Also, as I stated, I consider myself a Christian and from a traditional family, and I didn’t like being spoken for on this matter. As far as being liked, I think the best way to do that is to not stand up for anything at all. And I’m not wired that way. I was inspired to write about this because I’ve grown tired of being lumped in with people’s agendas. I think no one likes that. Faith is a complex thing, and I truly respect individuals’ beliefs involving such sacred turf…and I want to be able to stand up for my own as well. I’m thankful we all have that privilege.

  22. Glenda Simpson says:

    I am so disappointed in JC Penneys. There are so many fine non homosexual women they could hire to represent them instead of Ellen. Homosexuality is a sin according to God’s word, the holy bible, and those who don’t believe this will find out when they face their maker!! Yes, I will stop shopping at Penneys even tho it is one of my favorite stores. Maybe they will change their minds if enough people boycott them. Christians have to stand up for their beliefs in this world, too.

  23. Jessica says:

    It all comes down to Jesus….Seek Him, and He will direct your path! As far as that monster, “mom” who raped her daughter. She should be stoned for destroying innocence, not for being gay.

  24. BTS says:

    It would be a laugh if God said Ok, I made gay people to test you all out, to see if you could accept them as individuals in their own right & not ridicule or worse demonise them, then sent all those that did straight to hell.
    It’s said large communities need a sizeable minority (about 10%) to be the fall guys, the scapegoats, the ones to blame all society’s ills on.
    It’s also said that we ridicule & want to exclude people we don’t understand because they’re different & that frightens us.
    Gays are about 10% of any population.
    I say being gay is not a choice. Just imagine the agonies a gay teenager has to go through coming to terms with the fact they’re different to most of their peers. Imagine having to accept they’ll probably never have a settled family life with kids of their own. What teenager would make that choice freely? No, it’s IMPOSED on them (by whatever cause, genetic, psychological, God), but they have no choice in it themselves. They know gay means living on the edge of society, & they have an idea how awkward that is long before puberty confirms them one way or the other. They know it’s a deviation from the norm.
    OK, they have the choice of celibacy, but celibacy means denying their true nature, no, instead they have to go through what may be agonies of torment coming to terms with it.
    We used to bully left handed people into writing with their right hands, & OK, maybe some could do so with super effort, but they always knew they just weren’t made to function that way. It’s the same for gay people. Yes, in the old days, when reproduction was crucial to a nomadic tribe’s strength, it could have been justified excluding gays for being non-productive, but that’s hardly an issue now in our era of overpopulation. Nowadays no one gives a toss if you’re right or left handed, & that’s right, that’s how it should be, because it really doesn’t matter.
    It also used to be felt that black people were inferior to white. They were treated awfully as slaves or as second class citizens. What the hell for? They had no choice in the colour of their skin. But they were different & they were a minority, so we might have been afraid of them so let’s bully them, let’s intimidate them, let’s show them they’re not welcome. Thank God that evil unforgivable attitude is changing.
    Well it’s the same for gays. We might be scared of them because of what they do in the bedroom. But they don’t hurt anyone else, so what they do privately is no one else’s business. They were made that way so who are we to say they’re wrong. Did they have any more control over their condition than downs syndrome people have over theirs? Too damn right they didn’t. So let’s stop being so primative in judging them. The only one to do the judging is God. Let God say I saw how you treated these, my creations, your fellow human beings, let your treatment in the afterlife be based on the compassion you showed them when you had the chance.

  25. Mkat says:

    Sue, that is a sexual predator and has NOTHING to do with adult sexuality. Please read more, and take her to a professional therapist, so you can better help your poor granddaughter. It wasn’t gayness that hurt her, but a sick adult who needs to be in jail.

    To those who use the Bible to keep up your anti-gay message, READ IT and please tell me where Jesus spoke about this. In fact, please tell me where Jesus disparaged anyone at all. If you are a Christian, then you follow Christ.

    You don’t cherry pick out of the Old Testament otherwise there a LOT of rules you should be following that I’m pretty sure you aren’t (stoning people in the streets anyone? No? How interesting.) Follow Christ if that’s what you want to call yourself (a CHRIST-ian) and stop being a hypocrite.

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