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Like Mother, Like Daughter: 9 Ways My Girl Wants To Be Just Like Mommy

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My daughter Annie is at an the age where she wants to do everything that I do. If I am cooking dinner, she wants to help chop the onions. If I’m opening a box, she wants to use the scissors. You name it, she wants to do it. It’s awesome for her development and I love that she wants to be like me, but most of the time she can’t because these are dangerous grown-up things. Needless to say, this can lead to a lot of meltdowns.

Since I’m ALL ABOUT preventing the tantrums, whenever Annie wants to imitate me and it’s not something dangerous, I encourage it!

  • She dresses like me 1 of 9

    Annabel used to wear all dresses all the time, but now she picks out her clothes to match whatever I'm wearing. That means if I want her to dress casually in jeans or shorts, I have to do the same. 


    Why I love this: Someday she's going to think my clothes are totally gross, so for now I'm enjoying being her style icon!

  • She cooks with me 2 of 9
    cook with me

    Whenever I am making dinner, I have a little assistant right at my heels. I try to bargain with her by having some fun food-related things she can do with me, like making and decorating cookies. 


    Why I Love This: Sometimes I get bogged down by making dinner every night, but Annie's desire to help has made what I once considered a chore a lot more fun.

  • She shops like me 3 of 9
    shop like me

    Annabel is "too big" to ride in the cart (or so she says), and insists on pushing the mini carts that our grocery store offers. I've decided to embrace it and let her push a cart while I push her baby brother in his stroller. 


    Why I Love This: I haaaaaate grocery shopping, but having a buddy along makes it a whole lot more enjoyable.

  • She paints her nails like me 4 of 9
    painted nails

    If I have a manicure or pedicure, you'd better believe Annabel will insist on having one, too.


    Why I Love This: Annie will sometimes say, "Mommy, let's get our nails done." What's not to love?!

  • She "works" like me 5 of 9
    use a computer

    I work from home and while I'm careful to do the bulk of my work when Annie is at school or sleeping, I usually have to jump in front of my computer at least once during the day when she's around. And of course, this is met with, "Mommy, I want to be on your computer, too! Mommy, I can write your email! Mommy, what does that say?" Enter the VTech Light-Up Laptop. It's geared toward babies and toddlers, so when Annie isn't imitating me on it, she's playing with it in front of her baby brother, explaining everything that's happening. Annie loves it so much that I actually get my morning work done in less than fifteen minutes, but since she's having so much fun, I don't make her stop.


    Why I Love This: I love that she's learning, and I love that I can get my work done at the same time!

  • She drives like me 6 of 9
    drive like me

    Annie loves to sit on my lap and pretend to drive my car (when it's parked in our driveway, of course).


    Why I Love This: I used to get annoyed that she was delaying my departure until I realized there won't be many days in the future where she'll want to sit on my lap. Now I love hugging her while she hugs the curves in her imagination.

  • She puts makeup on like me 7 of 9
    wear makeup

    Annabel is very into watching me put my makeup on, and always asks if she can wear makeup, too. I have managed to convince her that it's much more fun to put makeup on Mommy, and she loves to dust powder over my face. 


    Why I Love This: Letting her do my makeup forces me to slow down, something I definitely don't do enough.

  • She wears shoes like me 8 of 9
    wear my shoes

    I can't resist letting her wear my shoes, especially when it's this cute. 


    Why I Love This: It's adorable, plus the heels slow down her constant running! 

  • She wears hats like me 9 of 9

    I like to wear a hat when I'm outside in the sun, and Annabel thinks this is the greatest thing ever. Now whenever we're in a store that sells hats, she insists on trying them on (and usually tries to convince me to buy them, too). 


    Why I Love This: Sun safety! But really, sun safety is important, and if she thinks wearing a hat is fun, that makes things a lot easier for me.

Now all I need is for Annie to start imitating me in other ways … like taking a daily nap!

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