Live Action Toy Story: The Full Movie

Watch the amazing live action version of Toy Story using real toys!

Remakes are always a dicey situation. They’re usually unfaithful to the original source material, trying too hard to copy it or just simply a bad idea because the new players involved just don’t cut the mustard. We’ve been subjected to countless studio magic tricks in the form of new OLD movies. I’m frankly getting sick of it. Redos are just frightful attempts at cashing in the same chip over and over again. Well, the ATM is DRY, friends. The slot machine has no more coins.

But wait…

Not so with the work done by filmmakers Jonason Pauley, 21, and Jesse Perrotta, 19 of Arizona.

They have painstakingly recreated Toy Story, a movie I have loved since it arrived in 1995, and have subsequently introduced to my son, Finn. Enduring sandstorms, monsoons, and even CHILDREN to make their live action version, they managed to achieve the impossible.

Rather than talking endlessly about this exquisite recreation, watch it for yourself. Sit back, relax and watch all 120 minutes of this bad boy. Fans of the film who know it by heart will see a picture perfect representation. It’s stunning.

So, what do you think? Pretty awesome, right?

Filmmakers Jonason Pauley (left) and Jesse Perrotta (right). Image courtesy of

Simply put, it’s one of the most ambitious things I’ve witnessed in a long time. Sure, there are the concerns with copyright and image use, but thus far Disney Pixar has been really cool about it. Pauley and Perrotta recently visited Pixar in Northern California and handed off DVDs. Disney Pixar social media outlets have, also, been very gracious about the fan flick.

Did I mention my son wanted to watch the whole thing? When it came on, he immediately knew what it was. Toy Story was the first film he watched all the way through. I know it by heart. And so does he apparently.

Are there any movies you wish you could redo yourself? Which movie(s) would you choose?

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