Looking For Creative Halloween Costume Ideas? Don't Look Here.

Sadie in '10 basically wearing regular clothes and Elby's tutu

I’m just going to come right out and say it: We are not really Halloween people. Yes, we’re all about candy, treat or treating and, well, candy. Oh and candy. But when it comes to being crafty, sewing our own costumes or even putting up decorations, we as a group, suck. My kids don’t suck really because if it was up to them, our yard would be full of spooky crap hanging off of trees and bushes. We’d have all that fake spiderwebby cotton every where and pumpkins with flickering eyes greeting people from every window. But my children are not going shopping for this stuff and therefore it’s up to me.

I am the one who officially sucks. I have the coupon app for Michael’s craft store but that’s as far as it goes. And as a family, we are creatures of habit when it comes to dressing up. Elby has been the same thing or nothing for years in a row and the twins have basically followed in her non-trying-new-things footsteps. But in a way I find this incredibly comforting because you know what? We are way more into Christmas! Yeah! That’s when we’re really going to go all out! We will be the talk of our neighborhood! People will drive in from other towns just to see what we’ve done with our yard and rooftop! We’ll have a big old Santa Clause pulling a bunch of reindeer, fake snow everywhere, lights circling every palm tree and possibly…some other stuff. Yeah, some other Christmasy stuff that I will research and then assemble…oh dear God who am I kidding? There will be no Christmas decor. I’m going back to bed.

But first, check out my hall of Halloween throughout the years. You’ll feel better about yourselves, trust me.

  • Elby ’07 1 of 12
    Elby '07
    So I had this bee costume from the year before when I could put her in anything. She wore it for the school party but as you'll see in the next pic, she wanted nothing more to do with it for trick or treating.
  • Elby ’07 2 of 12
    Elby '07
    The night we went door to door, she wouldn't wear the bee so to get her to leave the house I let her just put on a black shirt and pants and put some whiskers on her face. She loved it.
  • Elby ’08 3 of 12
    Elby '08
    The princess phase was in full operation so at four-years-old she went as her favorite, Ariel.
  • Elby ’09 4 of 12
    Elby '09
    And then again at five-years-old she was still Ariel. Same costume.
  • Mattie ’09 5 of 12
    Mattie '09
    Luckily Matilda was very into being a bee and we still had the costume.
  • Sadie ’09 6 of 12
    Sadie '09
    I'm not sure what was happening here. We just put a Ladainian Tomlinson jersey and called it a night.
  • Elby ’10 7 of 12
    Elby '10
    Elby finally made a switch to Spidergirl but mostly so she could wear high black boots.
  • Mattie ’10 8 of 12
    Mattie '10
    That same year Matilda pulled an Elby circa '07 and just wore a black t-shirt and black pants. I got her to wear whiskers so she could still score candy but I think the jean jacket added a "hey, don't fuck with this kitty" vibe.
  • Sadie ’11 9 of 12
    Sadie '11
    Cut to 2011. Sadie discovered princesses and also Elby's old Ariel costume which she wore the hell out of!
  • Sadie ’11 10 of 12
    Sadie '11
    As you can tell, we had to pin it up since her Halloween treat bag is almost as big as she is.
  • Mattie ’11 11 of 12
    Mattie '11
    Matilda was well into her boy thing by this time and didn't want to be Spidergirl which, dammit, we already had the costume for. She needed to be Spiderman!
  • Elby ’11 12 of 12
    Elby '11
    Elby finally broke into new territory and went as a scary witch. And sadly, nobody wants to be a witch this year so that costume will stay in the closet possibly forever or at least until 2010. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

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