Making Graphics: How to Pair Messages with Backgrounds


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Guess what? I love my iPhone!

And photography!

And making graphics!

And being productive!

And sharing awesome tips!

Okay, you all knew that about me already.

But what is new today is that I have all of those wrapped up into one fun little bundle. I’m sharing with you how I pick backgrounds on Wordswag, one of my favorite iPhone photography apps, to make graphics. It comes preloaded with a huge variety of backgrounds…so many so that it can be overwhelming at first trying to figure out which to pick. While there is no science to this, there is a method to my madness.

Bonus- graphics are fun to make and can be used in social media or on your websites. Productivity touchdown!

  • This cork-board look is neutral enough that it is a great background choice for just about anything. 1 of 12
  • Bright lights, big words. 2 of 12
    design (5)

    Have something BIG to say? This will certainly highlight it!

  • This is just bubbling over with glee. 3 of 12
    design (6)

    I love this type of background for a lighthearted message.

  • The faded brocade look lends gravitas to a heady missive. 4 of 12
    design (2)

    It's like history in a background. 

  • Sure, this choice is a bit literal. 5 of 12

    Turbulent times, turbulent water. But sometimes being literal is what's in order.

  • There’s a soft femininity to this that lends itself to uplifting messages. 6 of 12
    design (1)

    I don't usually lean towards a "stamp" background...but rules are meant to be broken occasionally, right? When it works, it works!

  • A little humor goes a long way. 7 of 12
    design (8)

    The scratchy look just speaks to a good belly laugh.

  • Sky’s the limit! 8 of 12

    There's always something about clouds, huh?

  • Rustic backgrounds set the tone… 9 of 12
    design (11)

    ...for those words passed down from generation to generation.

  • Have something that people should reflect upon? 10 of 12

    Big words + graphic backgrounds = unforgettable.

  • One word? 11 of 12

    A dynamic, busy background can grab the eye.

  • Offering some gritty urban witticisms? 12 of 12

    Why not "graffiti" it with a fun graphic?

What’s your favorite way to make graphics? Share in comments!

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