Man of Steel Movie Opens but it is Just the Beginning

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Did you hear, the Man of Steel movie opens this weekend. Well it opened yesterday. Yeah, you would have to have been living under a rock of Kryptonite not to know that. Ever since I saw the first trailer a few months ago I have been chomping at the bit to see this movie. I tried to get my son to go with me at noon yesterday, but he was on the hunt for a ticket to see the Spring Awakening Concert with some GIRRRRL. Go figure. My eldest daughter could barely hold a text conversation with me she was too anxious to get out of her exams and into the sun. So, I turned to my youngest daughter, Jaedyn. After giving her my best puppy dog face, (and the promise of an Icee), she agreed to accompany me to the 4:30pm showing at Webster Place. (Woo Hoo!) On the way there Jaedyn was perusing my latest US Magazine that had just come in the mail, (don’t judge), and she happened upon a review of Man of Steel. As she began reading the lump in my throat started growing. 2 out of 4 stars? Noooooooooo!!!!!!  They dissected the movie, though they claimed there wasn’t a lot worth dissecting. AGONY! I asked my daughter if she wanted to skip the flick after reading the review and she responded, “Of course not Mom. We have to go see for ourselves.” (Smack!)

The price of admission to see Man of Steel at Webster Place

We were very excited to discover that our showing was in 3D, and better yet the glasses were BLUE! That was worth the $15 price of admission right there. (Well, not really, but oh well.) I’m not going to spoil anything for you by telling you that Superman prevails an he gets the girl. (What?!!) But I will tell you the US Magazine review was right…mostly. The movie is a loooooonnnngggg string of B minus CGI explosions and alien brawls. Not to mention a few glaringly campy lines like;

Lois Lane: “They say everything goes downhill after the first kiss.”

Superman:”I think that only applies if you are kissing a human.”

It almost felt as if the director was’t quite sure how to end it. There were some seriously baffling cuts like the one from the army interrogation room to the desert, and Grand Central Station to the desert. (Maybe it was the desert’s fault.) The movie clocked in at 2 hours and 23 minutes. My guess is it started at 4 hours and the eitors had to keep snipping away to get it under 2 and a half. However, I think there was a very good reason. This movie wasn’t about just this moment, it was about establishing a foundation for future movies in the franchise. I mean, you don’t hire Laurence Fishburne only to play a few scenes, even for a Summer blockbuster. Not to mention Harry Lennix too! (Let me just say, two black men in pivital roles, in a blockbuster movie, and neither of them gets killed off is better than Cheerios!) And as the bad guy says in the movie, “You have to build on a foundation.” Or something to that effect. (Don’t hate, I was taking notes in the dark.) So cut the movie some slack because judging from the “LEXCORP” signs on some tankers and buildings, and Lois Lane’s “Welcome to the Planet” intro to the newly bespeckled Clark Kent, there is clearly more to come. And if that is not enough then seeing Henry Cavill’s body in shirtless action, (that’s from me), and the piercing blue eyes of the young Clark Kent, (that’s from my 10 year old daughter not me), should do it. (Just sayin’!)

I think a quote from the movie is most apropos here;

“Sometimes you have to take a leap of faith first. The trust comes later.”

Miss Lori is doing the Clark Kent in Man of Steel 3D Glasses


Miss Lori


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