Maternity Fashion Through the Ages


For many years maternity fashion was not really a ‘thing.’ In fact, women would even just wear an apron over their clothes to hide their growing tummies. As years passed, fashion designers started experimenting and making dresses that could work for every stage of the pregnancy. Simple changes like adding a drawstring and extra fabric may seem obvious, but they were pretty revolutionary for their time.

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  • 1500s Elizabethan England 2 of 6

    Imagine putting on layers and layers of clothes with that baby bump. Not exactly your cup of tea.
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  • 60s Maternity Wear 3 of 6

    In the 1960s it was cute and comfortable with a smock top. Love the Peter Pan collar.
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  • 1700s Maternity Dress 4 of 6

    Here is a peek at what you might wear as a pregnant woman in the 1700 hundreds.
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  • Pre-Civil War Maternity Dress 5 of 6

    A drawstring waist was a crucial part in making this a dress that could be adjusted to fit the baby bump.
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  • Colonial Williamsburg Maternity Dress 6 of 6

    A flowing dress such as this was made to be able to grow with the woman's changing body.
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