me, but better


Rachael My 10yo daughter has been called my “reflection” and my “mini-me”.

Going through old photos, she is. She’s built the same as me. She looks like I used to. Her weaknesses and strengths are the same as mine. Her temperament is mine. HER TEMPER IS MINE. Her deep belly laugh is also mine. From tip to toe, THIS IS MY CHILD.

But she will grow up in a different generation. I’m a much different mother than mine ever dreamed of being. While I grew up in a small town and grew my dreams, my daughter’s aspirations have always been limitless.

When I was a child, the voice whispered, “The sky’s the limit.” Rachael’s voice says, “There is no limit.”

I wonder if this is what every parent feels. You have a chance to raise yourself, but better.

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